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The choice for love is so simple that most discard it and thus unconsciously do not.

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I remember when external resistance equalled internal resistance for me.

Meaning if things didn’t go my way, if my income wasn’t what I wanted it to be, or meetings got cancelled or the bus was late, then my Ego and thousands of fear thoughts would run amok with me.

I figured it meant that I was horrible and used that to continually beat myself up. Oh boy, have I spent much time and effort threatening the higher powers, commanding them to do my will.

As in… if A, B or C happened then, THEN I would throw in the towel, find myself a 9-5 job and quit doing all of this “from fear to love”-crap!

You know, if someone passed me on the freeway, or if people didn’t sign up for my courses, listened to my teachings or purchased 1:1 coaching.

Today I have a hard time not smiling about it. Try to imagine a rebellious 4-year-old WANTING a certain thing and thus throwing a tantrum.

Yup, that 4-year old was me.

And recently she re-appeared. I started laughing SO hard when I heard her going off.

Because I will never.ever.stop.
I will never ever stop guiding people from fear to love, I won’t ever stop preaching love, I won’t ever stop choosing love – every.single.day.

Because it’s not only what I do, it’s who I AM.

I’ve committed my life to Love. Every single day that’s what’s permeating my life. Living consciously from the space of Love.

The framework’s irrelevant.

Of course I still have my own desires, dreams and goals, but ultimately I’m cannot force a certain result.

What I can do, and will always do, is my very best.

In that lies the ultimate freedom.

You not depending on external factors to define yourself as valuable, successful or whatever you choose to call it.

That my dear is the result of the conscious inner work I’ve done of the many past years.

– and if I can, so can you.

You are a product of what you continually do, whatever you choose.
Each and every day as I come out of my morning meditation I say this prayer:

“Holy Spirit, I give you permission to interfere and intervene with anything and all things in my life. My choice is Love, today and always.”

It’s my way of reaffirming my choice of living my life from the space of Love.

Things being easy is a feeling I’ve had to get used to and honestly I’m still working on it. After years of fighting for things, busting my a**, struggling to “make it” and thinking things needed to be hard or tough in order to matter, it’s quite surreal surrendering. Have you made the choice?, Mariaestela, Spiritual, Coach, transformation

Letting go and then have all of the dreams you never knew you had come true is a feeling so deeply satisfying it’s hard to put it into words.

It is however something I know is possible for all of us, and yes, for you too.

“You can destroy your medium of communication, but not your potential. You did not create yourself.”

– A Course in Miracles

Much Love & Light,

6 tips to use love in your business, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, A Course in Miracles, ACIM
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