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Harvest the lessons of your 2016

Happy New Year you Radiant One!

I hope you had a soft and wonderful landing into the year 2017. May it be yet another blessed year for you and your loved ones.

Personally Spirit led me into a far deeper investigation of what I learned in 2016 than I had planned.

Initially I thought I was going to do a few simple and easy questions, but once I had written them on a piece of paper other and deeper questions started appearing within my consciousness.

Questions like:


Not exactly questions I wanted to answer! Especially not with the 2016 I had. I was ready to be done with 2016 as soon as possible!

But as you’ll hear me say often:

“Only that which you bring to light, can you dissolve.”

Rather than simply putting a lid on 2016, never ever to return to it again I decided to follow Spirit into the unknown.

What initially seemed like a walk in the dark soon became journey of light. A journey of compassion, of love and care. So beautiful.

Harvest the lessons of 2016, A Course in Miracles, ACIM, A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
As I began answering the questions I was flooded with the deepest sense of peace, joy and satisfaction with tears streaming down my cheeks at times.

I felt so blessed being given the ability and opportunity to shine a light on those dark spots hiding within and I felt the truth of this A Course in Miracles quote resonate deeply with me:

“All things are lessons God would have you learn.”


All you need is your willingness, a piece of paper and a pencil.

You can also, if you prefer, buy the 35+ page e-book where I’ve gathered all of the questions for you plus an in-depth guide taking you through each question AND I share some of what came up for me. The e-book is 11$ and you can buy it here.

Now, you might be thinking it’s too late to harvest the lessons learned in 2016, but it never will be. Time is an illusion and if you feel pulled to do this work, I invite you to release whatever’s holding you back, let in the love and do it.

What I thought was going to be me answering a few questions over the span of a few hours ended in me being deep with Spirit for hours over the course of a 6-8 days. A deeply healing process that led me to the kind of peace you only find within.

But that’s me. As always tune into your own inner teacher and do it the way that feels right for you.Sending you Love & Light.

xo, Mariaestela

Taking this journey? I’d love if you’d leave me a comment to let me know what it brought about.

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Harvest the lessons of 2016, A Course in Miracles, ACIM, A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

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