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Rarely have I had so many butterflies in my stomach, such a large smile on my face or have been more excited about entering a new year!

Honestly, that hasn’t been the case in the past few years – and 2015 certainly wasn’t an “easy” year for me. However, even though it in many ways was a brutal year, then it’s become crystal clear to me, that it’s been exactly the way it was supposed to.

and there’s SUCH a relief in surrendering all of our ideas about the way things are “supposed to be” and instead let ourselves be guided by the Divine Source we’re all a part of.

When we stand on the threshold of a New Year it’s very common to review the past year – something I highly encourage doing with every bit of love you have inside you. 

Meaning that you take an honest look at what went right and what didn’t, but you do it factually. You see it’s WAY to easy for your Ego to pull you down into a deep, dark pit about everything that went wrong if you do not shine a light upon it.

Now, shining a light does not mean that you cover up shit with honey and try to swallow. It means that you actively choose to look at everything, and that you choose to use it CONSTRUCTIVELY moving forward. If you don’t, you’re just feeding the Ego more ammo – and you know, just between you and me… our Ego doesn’t really need more ammo, does it? Or maybe that’s just me, but for me the Ego used to be world champion in beating myself up before I chose Love as my way.

If you find that you’ve entered 2016 without really reviewing 2015 here’s a simple way for you to close out 2015 with love.

Start by stilling your mind and becoming quiet. Place your hand on your heart and take 5-10 deep breaths while you call in the Divine Source we’re all a part of. Ask that it be with you throughout this ritual.

Then ask yourself these questions and write down the answers…

  1. What has been the best about 2015?
  2. What has been the worst about 2015?
  3. What have I learned from both the best and the worst parts?
  4. Who have been invaluable for me?
  5. Whom have I been invaluable for?
  6. What have my experiences in 2015 given me?
  7. What do I wish do bring with me into 2016?
  8. What do I choose to let go off?

Write it all down. Burn what you choose to let go off and close the ritual by giving thanks for everything that’s come up during this sacred time you’ve spent on closing 2015.

That way you’re ready to open up for the flow of all the amazing (and sometimes crazy frustrating) stuff 2016 will bring you.

Thank you

Thank you for a, for me brutal 2015 – may you have an indescribably beautiful 2016.

Much Love & Light,

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