Gene Key Immersion


Radiant One,


I’m excited to have you join me in this Gene Key 52 Immersion Beta test and look forward to welcoming you on the other side.

xo, M

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Radiant One,

During my Winter Solstice Hibernation here in the Northern Hemisphere I was called to dive deeper into Human Design and was led to the work Richard Rudd is doing with the Gene Keys – what in Human Design terms are called Gates.

As I read and explored the notion of releasing, clearing and cleansing kept being repeated, as it so often does with different systems only this time it was different for me.

Having The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM®) I was able to move through several keys and had some beautiful experiences while releasing and aligning. At times I could literally feel my cells buzzing and fizzing with energy moving through them.

I’ve since shared flowsheets with people in my inner circle and everyone’s been astounded by the depth of this work.

I’m now ready to share it with a broader audience and I’m starting with Gene Key 52 – The Stillpoint in this Immersion Beta test.

Why GK 52 you ask?

Honestly there’s SO many I could’ve picked and when the final product is ready I’m expecting it will include all of them.

However I chose 52 because when I recently dove into it, it seemed like the answer to much of the funk I and others have been experiencing over the past 1-2 months so I’d love to test what effects this would have for you as well.

If you’re feeling the call I’d love to have you be part of this beta test immersion.

Couple of important points…

I suggest joining only if you have at least a basic understanding of your chart and it’s gates/keys. However this is seriously tugging your heartstrings please feel free to join us as well. I will share some of my favourite resources before we begin so you can get yourself acquainted with Human Design and the Gene Keys/Gates.

You do not have to have GK 52 active in your chart in order to participate. I’m wanting to see the effects for those who do and those who don’t equally.

This is a super practical hands-on, experience based approach with you doing the work. I won’t be teaching you about the Gene Keys or Human Design but rather guiding you. So if you’re wanting to actually learn about the Gene Keys or Human Design, this is not it.

Here’s what you get when you join this 5-Day Immersion diving deep into Gene Key 52 – The Stillpoint…

  • Live Zoom kickoff call* Monday June 28th. to walk you through and get you comfortable with the 5 steps of The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM®) that we’ll be using as the releasing and alignment tool.
  • Do the work Zoom call* Thursday July 1st. where you can come and get support as you move through your releasing and alignment.
  • Flowsheet with releasing statements for GK 52 including journalling prompts for deeper exploration, releasing, revelations and alignment.
  • Alignment activation audio file.
  • Popup Telegram chat to ask any questions and receive guidance throughout the Immersion week.

*Both calls are recorded and replay will be made available shortly after.


​Your investment is two-fold.

I expect you to:

  • Fill out a short form before and after the 5 days which I’ll be sending to you.
  • Complete the work to the best of your ability during the 5 days.

Also, if you feel it’s served you I’d love a testimonial from you – this can be in the format that best suits you – written, video or audio.

Monetary Cost is $33 USD

​Depending on your familiarity with EAM® I estimate that you’ll be spending a total of 2-3 hrs releasing and aligning. This can be broken down into smaller sessions with yourself if you prefer.


​The Immersion will run from Monday June 28th. – Friday July 2nd. With calls on Monday June 28th and Thursday July 1st. @ 7 PM CEST / 6 PM UK / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST. Both these calls will be recorded and replay made available shortly after.