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Freedom is on the other side of fear.

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Living, being and doing fully aligned with the truth within you, the truth that resonates, vibrates and permeates the entire universe is the most freeing and liberating thing you will ever experience.

Not only that.

It is also the most fulfilling and satisfying way of life because you’ll life in a perpetual state of grace and flow.

Not without challenges and tribulations.

But in flow.

Because you have freed and are continually freeing yourself of any fears and restraints. Any limiting beliefs or self sabotage. Recognising your fears as soft veils to be lifted, rather than brick walls to be scaled or broken down. Fully entering the state of divine grace and gratitude.

When I first began my awakening journey, which “funnily” enough coincided with my entrepreneurial entry this was not my state.

Scared Shitless

When my calling first began stirring within the depths of my heart it scared me shitless.


Of almost anything and all things.

And for a long time, while I worked my way through, that was my state.

Because what wouldn’t people think if they knew the depth of my cray?

What wouldn’t they say?
What price would I pay?

But most of all I was scared of not finding my way home to the place I had never left.

– and I’m not the only one.

Free yourself

You being here, reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve felt the fear too.

When I say that freedom is on the other side of fear I mean it literally.

Not in the bungee jumping, swimming with sharks or out the back of a plane kind of way, although if that floats your boat, by all means do it. (the shark one is one my list)

No, I mean in the way that if:

You’re scared of taking up too much space on social media, go ahead and schedule out daily posts. You can start with the next 7 days as I had one client do. And notice the difference.

You’re afraid of loosing clients if you’re not present for them all the time, but having them constantly nag you at all hours of the day is slowly killing you. Set boundaries. You can choose to let them know that moving forward, in order to ensure the quality of your work, you will only be responding to emails at certain times.

You’ve got this big project or new business that is scaring the shit out of you, block out time in your calendar for it. Maybe you’ll be taking Fridays off to sole work on it, or get up an hour earlier every morning. Whatever works.

You’re afraid people from your old line of work will “find out” what you’re doing, tell them. Those who love you will love you even harder and those that don’t, well won’t – ever.

What you will find – and this stems from pure experience, both personally and from the many clients I’m blessed to hold space for…

The more you share yourself and show up be it on social media or other places, the more people will know who you are, what you stand for and be drawn to you.

Will there be people who won’t like you or what you do?

Absolutely. But the love from those who do will far outweigh it.

The stronger and clearer boundaries you set, the stronger and clearer you will get.

Will you loose clients who do not like this?

Absolutely. But instead you will gain amazing new clients respecting you, your work and time.

The more you give space to the big project that is calling you, the more your level of satisfaction, joy and fulfilment deepens.

Will there be people who won’t like your project?

Absolutely. Those are not your clients. Those who do, are.

There more you let go of the fear of “people finding out” by simply telling them, letting them know, the stronger your true purpose grows.

Will there be people who will think you cray or weird because you are “straying” from the path you have followed for decades, not understanding your decision?

Absolutely. But then there will be those who will love you even harder and see just how divinely guided your journey through life has been.

Because, it is.

Divinely guided

Divinely guided.

Not a single event, challenge, tribulation, occurrence, happening or fear has been out of place.

Everything has been divinely inspired and guided – to bring you to this very moment.

How do I know?

You are reading this.

And ultimately – and most importantly you must to ask yourself the question of “who am I living for?”

Myself or others?

I think we both know the answer to that one right…

You know without a shadow of a doubt that you came here with a purpose.

You are here to transform the world. Support it in it awakening, healing and transformation. That work is done through you.

Through your being and doing.

Whether you are…

The list goes on and on so insert your own path and transition here…

You Radiant One – are here because the way of the heart is your way.


One Important thing

Please please please also note the following, very important thing…

Once you’ve lifted the veil that hindered your sight it will seem like no biggie at all and soon you’ll not only forget it, but most likely laugh at it. But before you leave it in the dust, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for your effort.

You are the one that lifted the veil, you unshackled yourself and stepped out into freedom.


So, Radiant One, having read this far it’s time for you to share with me, in the comments below, What scares you? Let it out loosening its grip on you.

Freedom, elation, happiness, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment is on the other side of fear and I hope you’ll join me.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Energy Alignment Method® Mentor

ps. if you would like my personal and dedicated support as you transition, as you expand and grow, breathe life into your calling, bring your dream to life apply for your free spiritual business coaching discovery session here. You do not have to do it alone.

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