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Focus – You don’t have to do it all at once…

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There seems to be this notion that unless you’ve got a million things on your to-do list, always running from one thing to the next, you’re not really “doing it”. You’re not going to “make it” or ever amount to anything. Let alone be successful with that crazy business idea of yours.

Which is a beautifully constructed lie formed by the ego and supported by the patriarchal and ever increasing Shadow Masculine’s sphere we’ve been living in for decades.

It seems to live a secret life within us, until you are ready to heal it, that is.

Then it veers it’s ugly head and often times seduces you for the longest time, because with the ears of this world it seems right. Right?

unfulfilled, unsatisfied, discontent

Wherever you look competition is looming and so you must run faster, do more, sleep less and have a least 4-5 projects you’re focused on. Shifting from one to the next without ever getting really deep into one, because as soon as you do, you realise that you’re neglecting the other 4 projects, filling you with panic and terror so you shift, and try to put out fires making sure there’s at least SOME progression on everything, however small it might be.

This all leaves you unfulfilled, unsatisfied, discontent and worst of all questioning whether the crystal clear, deep calling that you’ve been following all along has been nothing but a sirens call, determined to have you crash against the rocks of the closest shore.

It’s not.

Master of your ship – one destination

But you have to learn that you are the master of your ship, the captain of your faith, and it is for you to set the course. Decide what destination you will aim for first. Which one to do next, and after that the next.

Just like you wouldn’t board a ship without knowing its destination, you do not set sails in your business without an idea of where you want to go. And just like a ship cannot sail to many destinations at once, neither can you.

Stop shifting

If you keep changing the course of your ship you will not only never reach land, you will, eventually run out of supplies.

There will be no more fresh water, no food to eat, you’ll grow tired of seeing nothing but water, and your crew, if you have any, will start to annoy the hell out of you.

If you instead keep paddling towards your destination, one paddle at a time, you will eventually get there. Once there you are then able to sell the tremendous treasures you have in your cargo, re-stock, refill and replenish preparing yourself to set out for new destination.

Not about sailing

When I began writing this I hadn’t intended for it to be a story about sailing, especially since I get seasick from sitting in a waterbed (if you don’t know what waterbeds are, consider yourself lucky – they were the “thing” of the 80’ties. If you don’t trust me, google it.)

Also, and you the smart one knows this, it is not really about sailing. It is about your business, your products and your services and how you, in order to experience the deep satisfaction, content and fulfilment that comes from allowing your calling to sustain you on all levels, have to finish one thing at a time.

Getting a lot done

Which, and I hope this has been made clear with all of the sailing analogies that else will have been for nothing, do not mean that you do not get to finish other things. In fact quite the opposite.

Because, to go back to the sailing analogies… as you work to reach your destination, you become a better and better captain. You become better at setting the course, knowing when to set sails and when not to. You become stronger and more adept, more intuitive and more trusting, more flexible and resilient.

– and this is what I can help you with.

The business part – not the sailing…

Last week I received this message as part of an update email from a client…

“I feel everything is under control and I don’t stress at all. So nice – it’s thanks to you I feel this way, because I focus now only on one thing.”

focus - It's ok to not do it all at once, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst, Facilitator, Spiritual Business Coach
It made my heart flutter with joy because it’s taken quite some work from this Radiant One to get to this point.

Week after week, month after month, she’s worked on releasing the limiting beliefs that held her back, thinking that she HAD to have a million projects going at once, leaving her frustrated and unfulfilled.

What’s more incredible about the above statement is that it came while she was smack in the middle of launching the betaversion of her new online program. Imagine being filled with this kind of presence, focus and calm while launching…

Overwhelmed at first

When she and I first began joining in session she was overwhelmed with amazing ideas and at first didn’t want to focus on just one thing, thinking it meant that she would somehow loose out.
Instead now, through the work that we’ve done, she not only sees but experiences the results of divine clarity, focus and inspired action.

Letting go is not easy

Letting go of having multiple projects running all at once can be extremely difficult if its been your operating mode for years, which is why having someone like me by your side is crucial to support you in focusing on what will serve you the most. Allowing you to reap the benefits of everything you sow.
– and do not be mistaken.

Setting your sails for one destination does not mean, that there is no work to do.
Launching the betaversion of her first online course this Radiant One has been busting her butt doing webinars, making videos, setting up sales pages and creating the course.
The only difference between before and now is that she also allows herself to experience the deep seated peace and satisfaction that stems from actually seeing the fruits of your hard labour.
Our sessions and her dedicated effort made it happen.

Still growing and expanding, but with joy

Her list of projects have not gotten smaller. There are still a million and one things she wants to and will be doing, but the list no longer stresses her, it excites her knowing she gets to fully embody the expression of her souls purpose. Be and do what she came here for. Supporting those who she entered contracts with long before coming here. Complete and utter embodiment.

Focus – simple trick

If you want to experience the deep seated peace, satisfaction, fulfilment and content that I am talking about, try focussing on just one thing for the next 30 days.

Just one thing.

Which completely bypasses your ego with “it’s just 30 days” and “who can’t do 30 days?”.

This is a simple yet extremely effective trick allowing you to connect with your Source and Gnosis of your Divine Feminine Essence and marry her with your Divine Masculine Essence of creation and doing.

Focus on one thing and notice what happens, not only with your level of creation, but with you level of satisfaction as well – then come back and leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear about your progress.


If you want to experience growth and expansion from within, in both your life and business and are ready for a deep commitment I also invite you to check out my Spiritual Business Mentoring Services here.

You don’t have to journey alone.

xo, Mariaestela

ps. please note that whenever I share client stories, excerpts or testimonials I do so with expressed permission from those I am honoured to hold sacred space for.

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