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Radiant One,

A million thank you’s for taking the time to evaluate our time together, for giving feedback and for writing your testimonial. It means the world to me.

I know this form is fudging long – by now you know I’m nothing if not thorough – so breathe deeply, connect and let whatever surfaces pour forth.

There’s 3 ways you can provide the feedback and testimonial:

    1. Fill out the form.
    2. Shoot me a voice note on Telegram reading out and replying to the q’s.
    3. Record a video of yourself reading out and replying to the q’s – then send it to me.

Your words, might appear on my site or in my communication with the world.

If you would like to remain anonymous check the box at the very bottom. I will always honour your wish.

Unless you want to remain anonymous please upload a high-res photo of you. If you’ve got any issues you can also email it to me.

Big hugs & Lots of Love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

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