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Hello, Radiant One, and a very big and a very warm welcome into this episode.

It has been a while since my last one, and one of the things that I’ve been sitting with was whether or not The Golden Frequency was asking for different seasons, as I’ve done with both The Magdalene Voices and The Spiritual Business podcast that has had kind of like seasons.

But what has come through is that there is no… There doesn’t seem to be wanting to be any seasons in terms of these episodes. It’s simply just a matter of them coming out when they want to. And hopefully now more consistently, because I have been going through a another significant period of growth and expansion, much of which I’m going to share with you in this episode, which is why I’m so excited that you’re here.


Like I said, this episode is really… There’s like there’s a couple of intention’s with me sharing this episode. Number one is I want to… Inspire you and also empower you by sharing how expansion is messy… there’s a couple of different subtitles that this episode can have, and one of them was the messy truth about expansion or the non-linear path of expansion. Or even the stages of expansion. And I don’t know which one of those it’s going to be, if any of those, but I just know that that I want to bring forth the the not even the notion.

Messy & Non-linear Expansion

I want to bring forth that the truth, as I see it, or as I experience it, in terms of expansion and how it is both messy and non-linear. There’s there’s really no straight forward path, at least in my experience. And based on what I see with my clients and with what I see with friends and colleagues, it’s always… There’s always going to be ups and downs. There’s always going to be mess and chaos and then the structure and organization. And so that’s that’s what I want to share with this episode, is that if you’re someone who has something that is asking to be born through you, but you don’t see the clear path or you don’t see the all of the steps know that that is perfectly fine, it’s not necessarily for you to know. And even at times when you think you do know, you might be set on a different path further down the road. At least that’s what was my experience, especially with what I am about to share with you in terms of my own personal expansion when it comes to my business. And and so if… Yeah. So if you’re in that spot, whether it be you’re already far along or whether you have expanded or whether you’re just about to hope that this will serve you. Now, one of the things that I should maybe preface this with is that.

Fairly Organized

Today, I am someone who would consider myself fairly organized and structured. It’s always been a… It’s always been one of my superpowers, at least when it came to my clients. But just because I was able to share with my clients and also just because I was able to be, it didn’t necessarily mean that I felt it or saw it that way. It’s only been in the recent years that I’ve truly come to recognize how I actually am very structured and very organized. Despite it having been like a superpower of mine for years, it’s the recognition of it for me personally. That acknowledgment of it for me personally has only come in recent years. And so if you had told me years ago that you would have considered me organized, I probably would have revolted against that. Which would have been laughable now me looking back, I can see that I’ve always been in that and and I guess I attribute that to I have a Virgo moon. So apparently within astrology, us Virgos were very organized. And so that’s that’s where I see it now. But it’s taken quite a while for me to recognize that that’s what happened. However, whenever I start a new project, whether it be an episode, whether it be a new program, whether it be a new service, whether it be anything, everything is to me very disorganized. And honestly, that’s something that I have at times in the past struggled with because I have that organized part, part of myself that wants everything to be structured and organized, especially when I’m talking about structured and organized I talk about… Like I see my Dropbox folders and I remember someone once saw the structure of my Dropbox folders and were like woah… And that’s was one of the reasons why I realized, oh, maybe I am more organized that I give myself credit for. But whenever I start a new project, everything just gets put into one… My brain can’t organize it, and and truth be told, that was something that I was annoyed by until I realized why it is and how that is actually the the the quote unquote, what I consider to be the natural rhythm of the organization.

Chaos is a Part of The Natural Rhythm of Organization

The universe is literally in sync with everything that is. And that’s because if you look at it, when something is seeded or sprouted in the universe, it comes within the realm of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is usually, quote unquote, a dark place. And I don’t mean dark in the sense of shadow, even though that that’s in it as well. But it’s in a… or on disorganized, sometimes chaotic looking space. But that’s the like. If you look at seeds being sprouted in the ground, like that’s how they’re nourished, that’s how they’re finding their roots, that’s how they’re growing and then coming out into the light.

Expansion of The Divine Feminine Through The Divine Masculine – Human Design & The Gene Keys

And so that is part of… Now, I recognize that as part of the structure. And one of the things that I’ve been studying or reading about looking into over the almost seven, what are we August? Eight months, eight, nine months has been The Gene Keys. And when I look at The Gene Keys, like recently, I’ve been looking at The Gene Keys 1 and 2, which is Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. And they literally speak to it. So it’s like, oh, it makes total sense for that and then once you have it, once you’ve given that place to just be, grow, be nourished. Then comes the the expansion, the expansion being the Divine Masculine, the expansion into the world, which is literally an expansion of the Divine Feminine through the Divine Masculine into the world. And so and I also see it… So I see that in my projects, everything gets thrown into a Dropbox folder to kind of give it some kind of make it more practical for you. It’s like everything gets thrown into a Dropbox folder, all the files that I’m creating or a note like if I have if I’m creating notes, everything gets thrown and I create a folder for my notes and then everything just gets thrown in there. And afterwards it then gets organized. Then once that phase of Divine Masculine or explosion of the creative, if you want to call it that, the downloads, all of that. Once that is, I don’t want to say done, because the inspiration continues. But once that initial burst is done, then I start to organize things. Then I start to create folders in in my Dropbox. Then I start to organize my notes. Then I start to organize things so that I have a better overview of them.

Natural Process occuring everywhere

And as I was preparing for this episode, I realized that that also happens with my client notes. Whenever I’m in session with a client, there is such a sacred space where I’m just like immediately focused on and being present in that moment with the client. And I do mind maps. And so if someone from the outside or and even my clients, if they see my notes, you’ll look at these notes and you’ll think that they’re completely I don’t want to say messed up, but they’re very… they probably for someone who’s outside, they look very disorganized and all over the place. But for me, there is a very clear method to it, of course, as well. But I also use colors and such. However, the final notes that I sent to the client, to my clients on paper or not paper. Sorry. But in my emails, they are very organized. So I have taken what was, quote unquote messy, and I’ve added like an organized structure to it. So that’s like that’s what happens. And that’s I don’t think that you can have one without the other. At least I can’t. I have to be in that messy, chaotic space in order for creativity to allow to be moving through me to then move into that phase of organization.

All part of the process

And that really… What I want you to take away from this is it with whatever project that you’re working on or with, whether it be your holistic, you know, spiritual souldriven, heartbased entrepreneur, holistic business owner, whether you’re someone who works nine to five like that, is that’s for me at least seems to be the process.

Why Move Beyond Your Comfortzone?

Things are even that chaotic, juicy, vibrant space. And then they can begin to become more, quote unquote, linear. And then one of the things that I’ve recently noticed is once the expansion has happened, once the expansion, because you move into that place and I’ve talked about this many, many times, there can be no expansion without feeling constrained or restricted or discomfort, because when we are moving beyond our current limits or boundaries… I know people talk about comfort zones, I’m not someone who’s like necessarily you just have to push through your comfort zone, even though at times that can be very powerful. But when we’re like whenever we’re coming up against that thing, we then become uncomfortable. Like if you look at a caterpillar and that’s the thing that I’ve mentioned before, if you look at a butterfly that goes from Caterpillar into butterfly, it literally has to go through that restraint of the cocoon. And in the act of that… Happens, what I found out is that when the butterfly goes through the process of moving out of the cocoon, that’s when the because of the restraints, that’s when the fluids are then pressed out into its wings so that it is able to fly. And I love that. I love that how powerful that is that we cannot without… Without that this without that pressure, it wouldn’t be able to fly. I’ve told the story before. If you try to cut it open, it won’t be able to fly because it doesn’t have that pressure that then where it’s fluid gets into its wing. And for me, I said that that is the same thing as with any like if you’re starting a new project or new service or new product or something, there is going to be that restraint of I am moving into a new area. It’s going to be uncomfortable. I recently had the ask the question of like “why do I have to like just push beyond my comfort zone?” And the truth is, you don’t have to. But very often you cannot but help. Like there comes a time when we can do as much as we want and we can move like I like moving in increments and so that you expand gently.But then at some point, there just comes a time when you have to move through it. And that sometimes is can be really uncomfortable. But I also found that once you’re on that, once you’ve expanded into that new place, like you don’t really you don’t understand why it was that you were so resistant or what it was you’re so against on the other side. So that I wanted to share with you.

The Vacuum

Then something that I’ve recently discovered is that once you’ve and I’ve noticed this before, but I wasn’t until this recent project that I’ve just launched that I’m excited to tell you about that where I discovered it. So once we’ve moved beyond what was once we’ve expanded, I realized that there is a time where there is a vacuum after. And again, in preparation for this episode, I was thinking about like, again, if a… when a flower breaks through, it shall to bloom or sprout breaks through shell to sprout. Then the shell where it was contained will then be, quote unquote, empty, and there will be space. Same goes with a cocoon from a butterfly. There will be that space in it. And I had this moment, which was actually one or two days, where I felt empty because this baby and I guess, you know, if you’re giving birth to a child, it’s the same thing. Like once the child leaves, leaves the womb, the womb will then be empty. And the and the… like… The place where you have held that baby for so long will automatically feel empty despite the child now being living in the world. And when I say child, I mean, you know, if you’re talking about business, your… the product or the service or the whatever it is that you’re you’re here to serve the world with. Of course, there’s going to be that time of emptiness.

I no longer ignore it

And in the past, I think that I have probably moved through it and I have ignored it because I didn’t want to feel that emptiness. But as I was doing this, I sat with it and I honored it. And it was such a beautiful space to be in a state of really nothingness, a feeling empty and nothingness. And so… know that if you’re again, if you’re someone who’s put something into the world and all of a sudden you feel this empty feeling. That’s to me seems like very normal in the process of expansion because you’ve expanded beyond what you were. And so you abandon or leave behind what was and that can bring it about, that emptiness I find. Now, I have shared this before. You take whatever serves you, then leave the rest.

Follow Your Internal Guidance

My deepest and most important advice is always to follow your inner guidance. What I share with you is my truth. However, I would love for you to like check in and see and follow your inner guidance. What I share may not be right for you or may be, and that’s why you’re here. But always, ever check in with your inner guidance on what your internal guidance is saying. Never blindly follow anyone just because they seem to be the expert or seem to know more than you do, quote unquote. I’m making earmarks, quote unquote. Because the knowing the truth lies within you. Now, as I mentioned, this episode is inspired by equal, actually equal measures, to be honest, equal measures of failure and desire to do things in a new way that I haven’t done before.

Guidance Years Ago

It’s. Something that. I had a reading, a hand reading by, I call her, Helen Hands I will share… I did an episode with her on, I think, The Spiritual Business podcast, which was brilliant. Where she was very honest in terms of her journey as a spiritual business owner and holistic business owner and how…. Yeah… Things are not linear, how expansion is messy and how…. How it’s you know, what we see on the outside is not necessarily what goes on on the inside. I’ll share the link in the show notes for that so you can check her out. It was brilliant. But she’s a brilliant, she’s a hand expert.

Holding Space for Groups

And she did a reading for me, I think, about two years ago, probably two almost two years ago. And in it, what one of the things she saw was me leading groups, and it’s something that has called me in the past. But truth be told, I’ve never really found the same kind of success with it as I have with 1:1’s. And so I guess I’ve been kind of frustrated with the Universe. I’ve been like, y’all, if y’all want this like ya’ll. But but what I hadn’t contemplated was that the way that I’ve been putting it out might not have been in the right way. And so that has been like my big epiphany this year is that I’ve had to re… re-think or re-do or re-listen, re-imagine, re re all of the re’s in terms of the way that I put this forth into the world, and again, when it comes to the title of this episode, in terms of expansion, that path has not been linear.

Release and Align

I’ve had to release a lot of limiting beliefs about how I can do this and can I do this in this way that I want to do it. And in the end, I’ve had to say, fuck it, I’m just going to do it because like I haven’t seen anyone do it the way that I do it. And so maybe there is maybe there isn’t. That’s not really what’s important. What’s important is this is a way that I am now trying out because I… I want to… Uhm… My intentions..

Affordable, Optional Support & Availability

Maybe I should share my intentions. My intentions has been I want to provide people with affordable programs that can support your expansion and growth that then in turn serves the elevation of the frequency and the vibration of our planet as a whole, because as you rise, we all rise. So I wanted to bring that about. And truth be told, I am… I’ve been tired of the programs that it’s like it’s eight weeks, it’s 2000 dollars, and it’s a five thousand dollar upgrade. And then you can like whatever… And I’m tired of it. I’m just tired of it. I shared it about, you know, lovebased marketing. I’ll leave a link to that episode as well. But like the whole way and this seems to just also be regurgitated, like this is the way you want to do it. And then there’s the whole and.. Sorry… I’m going off on a rant. So I wanted to have affordable programs and I wanted to have support options that you choose that you can go through, like you can choose your level of support. Maybe you’re someone who does not want a whole bunch of support. Maybe you’re someone who prefers to do things on your own and just do it on your own, which is totally fine. So what I’ve done is I have created three levels of support. So there’s this self study option. There is a group support option, and then there is a one on one support option as well, so that you choose whatever level of support you want. And I wanted to have it be available to you whenever it is that you are ready for it so that it’s not necessarily only coming out once every year or every, you know, when there’s two Mondays on a whatever. And again, and this is completely honest, I completely re-imagine this… like I have no idea what I am doing right now, whether or not that will work or not in the way that I intended to. I am hoping that it will, and I have a notion that it will. But I’m also open to being wrong, like I’m open to this might not working the way that… I’m open to putting the pieces together in a different way. So I may be doing launches in the future. Right now… I don’t see myself necessarily doing that, but I may do that in the future. The prices may go up in the future. The options for packages or for support may change in the future. I don’t know, but this is what I know is calling me right at this moment and have been for quite some time. So the way that so what I did… maybe I should tell you what I do. So what I did is I… I snuck in last week, and that’s where the vacuum that I was talking about came in.

Programs are flowing in

What I did is I snuck in my programs page on my website. Maybe you’ve already seen it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, you can go to mariasaraphina.com/programs. And what I have there is I have the first one that’s come out is a Human Design and Gene Keys program that takes you through. Eventually it’ll be all of the 64 keys. But they are coming out as I download more information and as I get all the flowsheet and the activation done. You can go check that out. Then the next one is going to be The 7 Initiations, which is one of my like true babies that’s been inside of me for such a long time. And I’m so excited to be putting that out there because I truly feel it. That’s like that should be like a requirement if you’re a souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur or holistic business owner, because there’s these 7 Initiations that sorry… these 7 Initiations that we all go through. And I, I just want to bring this information into the hands of as many people as possible. And I’m doing that in combination with energy medicine, with vibrational medicine, because I have discovered for myself and experienced with my clients how powerful it is when you combine those two things. And so that’s what I’ve done. And as I said, I’ve created three levels of support. So there is a self study option. Every program will have a self study option. So you can just buy the program. You can get started right this moment and everything will be accessible at the time where you enter. No time releasing… You get to decide, you choose because for me, you’re the one who knows your truth.

The Radiant Community

Then you also have the option to join The Radiant Community, which I am hoping is going to be such a beautiful, powerful, inspiring community for souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur words and holistic business owners. I want to share as much as possible with you. And so it’s both serving as a hub for those… For like when you buy a program, it’s serving as a hub for any question you may have about the program that you’ve purchased. But it’s also meant to be a space where you can literally ask me anything and I will do my very best to share with you as much as possible as I can, because I know that the world is a better place when you grow and expand and when we grow and expand. And so that is that’s my thing. And then finally, you have an option also to join the one on one where I’m giving you an opportunity to do something that I’ve actually only done with my former clients, is that is and that is having the one on one option as well, where you have a session with me every month as well. And so that’s what I’ve done.

Messy and beautiful process

And… This has been, like I said, it’s been a messy process. It’s been a beautiful process, and it wouldn’t have been the process the way that it has if I had not had the The Energy Alignment Method® that… You will hear me shout this from the rooftops over and over again. There are many, many different tools out there. And you may have one that works for you. Brilliant. If you don’t, or if you want something that is I don’t want to say new, but if you want something, you have something but you’re you’re curious about what The Energy Alignment Method® is. I created a free guide for you. You probably heard in the intro, but go to mariasaraphina.com/eam. And then if you’re one of the things that I have done with projects is now I release… Like I release and align in terms of past experiences. I’ve released thoughts, limiting beliefs, outer limits, upper limits. Self-sabotage, emotions, that’s been coming up. Victim mode. Like all of these things that come up that I can release and align with every day. It is just such a brilliant tool. You use it everywhere or anywhere. That is what I wanted to share with you.

Let Us Hear From You

Finally, The thing that I would love to hear from you is what is your experience of expansion? Do you have the heavens open and the path is clear and you go straight forward? Or do you have the same experience of messiness and “disorganizedness”? I know that’s not a word. As I do and as others do. Whichever it is.

Please leave a comment and let us hear from you, because I want as many people as possible to share their experiences so that we can all see that there’s like… there’s no one right way to do it. There’s no right way… Like there is not one ring to bind it all.

I have spoken enough in this episode. That is what I had to share with you.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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