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Hello, Radiant One, and a very big and a very warm welcome into today’s episode of The Golden Frequency. Today, I’m going to be diving into an inquiry that has been with me for a bit. And it’s an inquiry that’s currently still unfolding

And it’s an inquiry that’s currently still unfolding. And I think that it will continue to unfold. However, I wanted to bring you in on this because I wanted to share what I’m seeing. And I would also love to hear from you as to what you’re seeing based on what I’m sharing and what discoveries that you’ll be making throughout this share.

So, as I said, it’s an inquiry. And as I was contemplating or not contemplating, as I was preparing for this episode and thinking about the inquiry, what I was always also drawn to is prayer and how prayer is our communication with source or God or the universe, whatever you want to call it, if you’re new to me, or it’s important to know that when I say God to me, God is love and God is energy, God is source.
It’s not an old man sitting somewhere and judging us for what are we do or we don’t. It’s it’s the living, breathing fabric of all of who we are and all of what we have ever been and ever will be. It’s what makes up everything. And so whenever you have a question or that’s at least my experience now, is that when we have a prayer or a communication or an inquiry, when we’re asking a question, the answer will come in some way, shape or form.
It may not come in the form or the shape that you’re intending it to or wanting it to. But somehow it’ll show up and and that’s how it is for me, at least with inquiries. It’s an exploration.
It’s a willingness to open yourself up to receiving guidance or answers in a way that is the word that comes up for me is eternal and infinite. And it’s it’s a way of I like to call the the universal database.
It’s information that’s freely available to all of us. It’s about when are we ready to open up into receiving that information?

Expanding Abilities

And so I’ve had this inquiry and the working title or the because I’m not really sure what to fully call it, it’s about encompassing the whole and how we as spiritual beings, having a human experience are able to, as we grow and expand through love, how our capacity to encompass all of who we are, more and more of who we are expands.
And so I’ve also been saying with how does this happen? How does this begin to be my quote unquote new normal? How does this come to be? And and the conclusion I’ve drawn so far is that it’s about the internal work.

Important Inner Work

It’s about the the shifting of the frequency and the vibration, of course, through the inner energy work that I do, but also through the the contemplation, the inquiries, the inner work, the shadow work, the going into the darkness, sitting with your demons and your devils and all doing the shadow work of that as well as the the loving. Well, that’s not true because the work, the shadow work for me is also part of the loving work. So it’s both of those.
So it’s and as I work with or sat with the whole marrying your divine feminine and your divine masculine essences as well as their shadow aspects, there is this sacred marriage or this sacred union. And I’m wondering if that is what is I’m actually experiencing. And I would love to hear from you as well to see if that’s where you’re at as well.

Both and not either or

Where if you’re on that journey or in that path, is that how how the more unionized. I don’t know if that’s the word that’s the right word in this particular case. But it’s the more that you begin to marry those Essence’s, the more you begin to understand that it’s not it’s not an either or. It can be a both and. And so we have the capacity to be in a both and.
I’ve been wondering whether or not this was connected to patriarchy or old paradigm, and I get the sense that it’s more old paradigm, that it necessarily is patriarchy. It’s the notion that you can’t be one thing. And then also the other thing is, again, that goes back to the either or and what I’m seeing is that you can be you can be both.
You can encompass the whole. And so maybe I should define what I mean by encompass the whole. And so it’s you know, you can be you can be both the teacher and the student at the same time. You can be the, you know, brilliant expert in something and at the same time be the stumbling, fumbling beginner in another area. You can be. You are very, very sad and also completely, ecstatically happy. It doesn’t have to be either or.
And in some of the things that I’m sitting with is for years I’ve I travel back and forth between the U.S. and U.S. and Denmark, and I would love to able to settle in either California or Maui. So prayer’s up, please. However, what I’m finding is as I’m quote unquote, settling in Denmark and being happy with the sanctuary where I’m at, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see the stories about how the century is unfolding and expanding and growing.
And at the same time, I would also love to live somewhere else, and I’m making steps towards that as well. So, again, it’s not either or I don’t have to be unhappily settled. I can be happily settled here and at the same time still want for something different.
I can when it comes to when it comes to great, because when it comes to, for example, being single, I can be happily single and and love my single quote unquote life, but also still at the same time want for a partner. It doesn’t have to be that I am. It’s either or and when it comes to when it comes to business, we see that. I see that at least in so many different areas where you can be you can have this you can be happy about the state of your business.
You can be happy about, you know, the rush in of members to your membership site or the sign ups for your workshops. Or you can be happy about the products or the services or where you’re at with your business financially possibly, and still want more. I think what’s really important and what I’m seeing is whether or not that I want to say yearning or longing, because it desire maybe is even better, like the desire for more, whether or not that comes from a place of fear or whether or not it comes from a place of love.

Love or Fear Based?

And I think that is hitting the core of it is that if you’re truly satisfied and content and joyous with what you have. Then the wanting or the desire for more comes from that place rather than a fearful I’m scared I whether it’s coming from I see this so often where it’s either perfectionism or it’s the notion that because we live in a world that has put up these smoke and mirrors, these illusions about what it is that you need to obtain in order for you to be happy, in order for you to be satisfied, in order for you to be joyous.
And so if you’re seeking or you’re yearning or your longing comes from that place of, oh, I can’t you know, I can’t be I can’t show the world that I’m a beginner. I can’t show like that. Like, if they see that I’m a beginner, then that… So I will never, ever learn something new then that’s placed in fear because why wouldn’t you want to learn something new or move into a new area, either of your business or your life. And so it’s the question of does it come from a space of fear or does it come?
Because the way that I view the world is that your love, pure divine creation, love. And as you begin to do the work, you lift the veils that I like to call it.

Lifting the veils hindering your sight

You lift the veils that are hindering your sight so you’re able to see who you are. In truth, there is nothing outside of you that can do that. You may want for tools or support or books or different techniques, which are fine. But ultimately those will do absolutely nothing for you unless you choose to do the work.
And when you do the work, it’s not about adding something to yourself that you’re not. It’s about lifting the veil so that you you expand your ability to see that which you are. And I think that through that journey comes also the expansion of your capacity to embody or encompass the whole so that you’re able to be in those both and without it having without it creating a tension that seems like without it being rigid, I have to be this or have to be that. I can actually be both.

Permission to be a beginner

And I know personally, you know, I am an aries sun, in the Enneagram, I’m an eight. There’s a lot of me that’s like I don’t want to say, rigid, but surrender requires a lot of or required a lot for me and still do at times. And so allowing yourself to move into that space of being a beginner, recognizing that I do not know shit about this and allowing yourself to be in that space can be really, really difficult.
Until you come from the space of love, because when it comes from a space of love, a space of, I want to learn this because I either want to share it with the world or I want to uplift or I want to empower. I want to support myself or others. Or does it come from a fearful thing of like I have to, you know, I have to keep getting all of these degrees?

That’s one of the things that one of the themes that very often come up in my sessions or in my work with clients is that why are you getting another degree or why do you think that you need to have this?

I have nothing against certifications or degrees or education in any way, shape or form. I love it. Like do it. But is it coming from a space of I am not enough? And so I have to try and add all this stuff to me, to the world can see that I’m enough. Or does it come from a place of I love myself so hard that I want to add this to me because I want to expand even further through love and I think that that’s again and that when we look at business.
It’s kind of the same thing, it’s it’s, are you constantly putting out new content or constantly creating new products or services, because that’s what like otherwise X, Y and Z will happen, you can feel into whether or not that comes from a space of fear, from a space of love.
Those two frequency or vibrations are, you know, a very distinct and very different and if you’re coming from a space of fear. That’s totally OK, that’s totally fine, because if you’re recognizing that in this moment, congratulations, like you have the opportunity to do something about it, you have the opportunity to shift or change or transform it. If you want to. I’m guessing since you’re still here, you’re probably do.
A couple of tools. Number One is… I have recently released The Energy Alignment The five steps to Creating Flow and every area of your life amd your business. It’s called The Energy Alignment Method®.
It’s The Energy Alignment Method® that I am trained and certified in. And that’s a free guide that you can download. So if something’s coming up for you, I would encourage you to download that free guide and and move through it with whatever’s coming up for you. So you’re able to shift and change that frequency and the vibration.

You have to do the work

While The Energy Alignment Method® is a powerful tool, it’s also not – it can shift and does shift and transform frequency and vibration very quickly. You also will have to take steps in your everyday life to put into action that which you do want.
And so that’s to say that there is no {excuse me}, there is no magic pill, there is no I like to say one ring to bind them all, there is the work that you do, the work that you choose to do. And so and again, I just want to make a quick note. {Sorry, I just had a just a cough.}

Fear is normal

One of the things that I do want to note about fear is that fear seems to be getting this bad rep in the world. And it’s like, oh, we have to. And I say this a lot. I say dissolve fear and in order to move into love, because you can’t – there’s no way around fear.
But the thing with fear is that fear as an emotion or as a feeling is perfectly normal. And it is very, very powerful. It’s very, very valuable for a reason. It’s designed whenever fear kicks into your physical self, it gives you super strength, adrenalin, all these different things that will literally allow you to move away from that which you do fear in today’s modern world.

Is Your Fear Real

The only question is, is that what you fear real? And as I always, always, always say, if there is a tiger in the room, if you’re in physical danger of any sorts, stop watching the video and move out.
Get out. Don’t stay in that situation because that’s not serving you.
However, very often when we do the internal work, all of our demons, our devils, our shadows, everything that comes up, we’ll bring about that same kind of fear because it’s transformative. And it’s also a sign or a clue that there’s something here for you to possibly look at if you choose to do so.

Free Will above all else

I am a stickler for free will, I’m a stickler for saying you have free will, whatever it is, always take what serves you and leave the rest. You have free will.

Let me hear from you…

Share your insights with me in the comments…

And so I want to leave you with this inquiry and like I said a few times, I would love to hear from you in terms of where you’re at with this, in terms of your journey of encompassing the whole of being able to like I said, both have both be scared shitless about, you know, something that you really want or desire, as well as be completely elated and satisfied and content.
So it’s rarely one or the other. It’s usually both.
And I’m just checking to see if there’s anything else I want to share with, no.. my sway knows {swaying backwards}.

Yes. So so that is what I have for you today, encompassing the whole. Thank you. I love you,

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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