Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Wanna know a secret?

You’re perfect, whole and complete

– just as you are…

Now if you’re anything like me, that sentence might bring up some frustration and irritation, which is completely normal and natural.

Accepting who you truly are based not on external factors, but the who you’ve been since beginning and will always be; can be one of the most difficult tasks we undertake when embarking on the lifelong journey of any spiritual pratice.

The Ego will have you think that you NEED to DO something in order be anything, but it’s simply not true.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us:

“You have not only been fully created, but have also been created perfect.”

That doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t have ambitions. Shouldn’t want to DO something in this world of illusion you made. Absolutely not. But do it from your truest essence, your inner core, your heart & soul.

Go ahead and do, live, love, laugh, just remember “Who you are is not a reflection of what you do. What you do is a reflection of who you are.”Ego and Separation - You don't have to do anything, Mariaestela, A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Coachin
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Share your insights with me in the comments below.

Where do you see yourself having to “DO” stuff to be ok? In what area of your life or business do you see this play out?

Many Blessings.

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