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The easiest way to re-connect with your purpose

Beautiful Soul,

I wanted to take the time and share something that I’ve seen come up a lot recently in my sessions with clients.

Once I saw the theme I checked in with myself and realised that I was guilty of this myself.

While the examples I share mostly deal with business, I encourage you to stay open and ask yourself how this applies to you and your life. In doing so you’ll give yourself the greatest gift of coming home, back into center, connected with your Divine Source.https://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/The-Easiest-way-to-re-connect.pngWhat I’ve seen is that as entrepreneurs we become so entangled in the whole part of running a business that we loose ourselves in it, until we feel so disconnected that we’ve completely forgotten why on earth we were doing it in the first place.

We spend less and less time truly connecting with our core and more and more time trying to figure out our next step.

We loose faith and trust in ourselves and get further and further away from our purpose.

Instead they’ve gotten so entangled up in what all of the experts are saying they should be doing. Focusing on strategy, business plans, Facebook ads, what to do about Instagram and its new notification system and how to get that next client in the net.

Things that have absolutely nothing to do with your passion and your purpose.

Now, before you run away let me tell you I am an absolute sucker for strategies, well written plans and action taking WHEN THEY ARE DONE FROM THE HEART! (as my clients know)

Sorry for yelling at ya Gorgeous Soul, but it is devastating to me, and to the clients who find their way to me it is heartbreaking.

Thankfully there is a very very VERY simple solution. In fact it couldn’t be easier.

While you may feel broken and disconnected the solution is found right there inside of you as well.

Do what you love and what you love will return to you.

The beautiful part is that no one can tell you just what that looks for you.

For me it wasn’t even in my work the disconnection had started. For me it was about physical activity. You see, I’ve been doing CrossFit for many years and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. However due to a sciatica issue I stopped completely.

Well no more. Now I do just a few exercises every second day. Its a set routine and nothing compared to what I did earlier on and will again in the future. But let me tell you. Those 15-20 minutes every other day feels like HEAVEN (once its over!)

So my darling, what can you do today to re-connect with Spirit?

Whether you’re in business or not, an entrepreneur or not, is there a part you are neglecting?

– and I cannot begin to tell you the feedback Ive gotten after my clients having re-connected, the floodgates it has opened. Spirit is always waiting to rush in, when you allow it to.

Make time for your craft and what you love every single day. If there’s something you don’t absolutely love, cut it out.

If you want to be supported in your journey From Fear to Love and move forward in your business in the most loving, kind and caring way, consider having me support you on your journey. Find out more here



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