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Don’t Do It For The Numbers w. Maria Saraphina



Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome in to today’s episode of The Spiritual Business Podcast. Today’s episode is inspired by two things.

Number one, it’s inspired by a surprise insight that I had not too long ago. And it’s also inspired by the work that I do with my clients. This goes whether you are just starting out, whether you are seasoned or if you’re like a real vet and have been in the game for a very long time.

I see this as something that can come up in different forms and it may reappear or it may go away completely and then come back a few years later or it may just be gone completely by the first time we work with it. It has to do with numbers and how “it is not about the numbers.” I feel like I should start out maybe with a small disclaimer. When I’m talking about the numbers throughout this episode I’m not talking about your finances or your money. It is very obvious that if you are in business and you do not look at your numbers and if you do not have an income, then you won’t stay in business for very long. So when I am talking about numbers throughout this episode, those are not the numbers that I am talking about. Instead, I am talking about all of the likes, the comments, the shares, the clicks, the subscribers – all of the numbers that are literally outside of yourself, outside of your control. Those are the numbers that I’m talking about.

Two Podcasts

As I started out saying, this is partly inspired by a surprise insight that I had not too long ago. You may or may not know that I have not one but two podcasts. I have this one, The Spiritual Business Show and Podcast with Maria Saraphina and then I also have The Magdalene Voices. Now, The Magdalene Voices was the first podcast that I started and I started it back in I want to say August of 2017. Yes, August of 2017 and if you followed me throughout that journey, you may also be aware that at first for me starting a podcast was like – that was not what I thought I was supposed to do. It was a dear, dear friend, Tricia McCannon, who is in the very first episode who suggested it. At first, I was very like, “Podcasting, no. I want it to be about me.” Because she suggested that I interview people and that I join in sacred conversation with people – or sacred conversations is my concept of it, because that’s how I see it. But she suggested that I do like a TV show or something where I had brilliant, magnificent people on. At first, I was like, “No, I want it to be about me” and there’s a whole episode that where I share that. Then I had the epiphany a few days later where it was like literally one of those moments where everything just clicks into place and you’re like, “OMG, I am supposed to do this.” And you just know with every inch of your being, in your soul, everything is just like, “That is what I’m supposed to do.” That is the reason why I started The Magdalene Voices. Also, why I started The Spiritual Business Podcast – because I felt that I had something within my heart and within my soul that was calling me, pulling me to do this. It was calling me without me actually knowing what was going on. It was calling me from a place that I at that time had only delved into a tiny little bit and since then have massively expanded and explored because that’s what’s happened.

Love Expands

When you lead with love, love expands whether that’s in your life or in your business and it just grows and grows and grows. Not saying that it’s all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns because there are challenges and struggles and issues and you know lessons to be learned and all those things as well. So hopefully by now if you know just a little bit about me, you know that I am both for the light and for the dark because I see the beauty and the power and the magnificent transformation that lies within both of those realms.

Don’t do what I did

However, one of the things that I – and I guess this has especially come up because we are really in the time of social media and online marketing and the online world. So I know that when I first started out, what is now millennias ago – feels like years and years and years ago – I would sit and I would be watching the numbers. At that time, social media wasn’t that big of a deal. Oh my God, I’m old. That is just an epiphany I just had. At that time – and this is the truth – social media … I’m not even sure that Instagram was around when I first started. Yeah, sorry for that little side joke. It’s not even a joke because it’s my life. But yeah, at that time social media – but it was more like online searching. It was getting people to know your – getting people on your newsletter. And I would like sitting there. I remember at that time, I was using Mailchimp at the time which I don’t anymore but I was at the time and I remember they had this function where you could receive an e-mail like every time someone had subscribed which I very quickly unsubscribed from because it can be something that can really lift you up or tear you down, depending on whether or not you choose to look at it.

Are you choosing to be lifted or pulled down?

That is really what I want to speak to in this episode is what you are choosing to allow to affect your joy and your satisfaction and your happiness. Because I’ve sat in session with clients where they had a certain number of followers or certain number of subscribers or a certain number of likes and comments and they are either disappointed with it or they’re uplifted by it. You can be either/or and I understand that it can be really, really difficult to let go of that kind of notion that, “Oh, there’s a lot of people who liked that. Yes!” and abandon that for your truth, for your heart, for what is calling you. This is where like when you’re kind of deep in, like if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or you are like an experienced vet when it comes to your business, I know that the challenges can be different. For some, if you’re first starting out, getting those subscribers, getting those followers to recognize you, see you, know that you’re here to serve them – it can be thrilling as well as can be daunting because like who are they, what are you, and how are you going to be working together is a beautiful exploration but also can be very like ooh. At the same time, if you’re someone who’s seasoned or even a veteran, when you have those numbers, when you have those “high numbers”, then abandoning that because your heart is calling you to do something different or to do it differently or to do it on another platform or another – that can be equally as challenging and can bring up another layer of lessons to be learned, of insights to be had, and revelations to be welcomed in. So that’s – my ultimate thing with this is really that I want you to have a look at how you’re allowing your numbers to affect you on your daily, weekly, monthly life and business and whether or not it is lifting you up or whether or not you’re allowing it to tear you down. Because it can either/or and it can also become non-important to a point where you understand that you carry within you the peace and the love and the joy and the satisfaction.

Only you can surrender your power

There is no one and nothing outside of yourself that is the master of that unless you choose to give that power away. That goes – and it’s important for me to underscore that that goes whether or not you allow yourself to be uplifted by the numbers or whether or not you allow yourself to be torn down by the numbers. Because whether you allow yourself – it’s really two polarities and I’m not saying that you should not have joy and satisfaction or happiness at all when you’re uplifted by the numbers. However, I want you to become conscious and aware of whether or not that then turns into an addiction. If it turns into a point where you are so dependent on it that if you do not see the numbers that you think that you have, that you are then becoming depressed by it or thinking that you’re doing something wrong or something should be shifting. I hope I’ve underscored that enough. At the same time, I am also not saying that if you do not “see the numbers” that you would like to see or comments that you would like to have or the shares that you would like to have that you do not use that as a tool for learning, for shifting, for seeing if you could be doing something differently. However, there is big difference between saying that how can I see this as doing something differently or turning it into “Oh, there must be something wrong with me. There must be something wrong with what I’m sharing.” I’m hoping that makes sense. As I’ve mentioned a few times, this episode was inspired by my own personal discovery in terms of numbers. When I first started The Magdalene Voices, I never ever did it for any kind of numbers or followers or subscribers or likes or shares or any of that. For some reason, I had already abandoned that in the beginning of my journey. Like I said, I had unsubscribed from the e-mail you get like “you now have this many subscribers.” I’d already abandoned that principal. So I’ve not really looked at my numbers, like the listens and the views or the shares. That’s not something that I had been looking at and I can’t remember why I was but in the beginning of the year, recently I noticed the numbers. I think it was because someone had asked me about my numbers and I went in. I know that when you go into – I’m hosting my podcast on a platform called Libsyn and I know that when you go into the dashboard, you can see the numbers. They’re there. I just never really looked at that. For me, that was never why I was doing it. So when someone had asked me about my numbers and I had to kind of gather the numbers from different platforms, from YouTube, from Libsyn, those different platforms that the podcasts are hosted on. I realized at that time it was more than 32, 35, I can’t remember, 32-ish, 31, something about 30,000 maybe or near 30,000 views or listens combined over the period of time. I was struck by it because to me that is a high number and I understand that for others that won’t be a high number. For others, that will be what they have maybe on a daily basis or a monthly basis or whatever. But for me, that was a high number. There is a quote in A Course in Miracles that I truly love and adore and I will share it with you. It says, “A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you’re not even aware.” That is a quote I share with my clients and it’s a quote that I keep in mind as well myself to remind me that I know that there are now thousands of, I don’t have 30,000 comments or likes or shares of anything.

Allow Your Love To Be Multiplied

However, I know that there are 30,000 people and now it’s even more but there’s 30,000+ people who have viewed, watched or listened to something that I have put out into the world, something that has come from my heart to yours. From the people that I do hear back from, I understand that very often it creates a change in them or it gives them an insight or a revelation that they didn’t have before so I know that from just knowing that how many actually do get back to your or reach out to you or comment or like or share, that that number is multiplied. So seeing that I was just struck by it.

The reason why I’m sharing this is because I want you to return to the love.


New, Seasoned or Vet

Whether or not you are in a place of beginning, whether or not you are seasoned, or whether or not you are a veteran, I hope that you can take some wisdom from this in terms of always come from your heart, always come from the love because that what has been driving me. If I had been driven by the numbers when I first put out The Magdalene Voices, I would very quickly have given up or stopped because I wasn’t seeing any numbers. I’m sure that in the beginning, and I can probably go back and see it, but I never looked for the numbers. What I looked for was the love that I want to share with these episodes. The sacred conversations that I’m having with these people that I want to put forth into the world is like drops of water being spread, like drops being spread into water and it creates a ripple effect. Now today I hear from people who have like seen or watched or heard an episode that I produced and we produced years ago. And I understand truly that those episodes, whether it be on The Magdalene Voices or here on The Spiritual Business Podcast is that they are sacred transmissions and they live forever. When you are ready to hear it, you will find it. Again, that doesn’t stop me from promoting them or marketing them or sharing them or sending out my newsletter letting you know about them. I still do all of those things. However, ultimately I know that when the time is right, when divine timing is right, you will hear it, you will see it, and you will find it. I’ve had people – and maybe that’s on my part but I’ve had people who’ve known me for years who then realizes “you do this?” Because somehow even though I’ve put it out there, even though I feel like I’ve shouted it from the top of the mountains, people have not seen it. People have not heard it because they’ve not been ready for it. So I think that there comes a time where you’re ready for it and that’s when you see it, hear it, or find it. And that’s also why you are here now – because I believe that if you’re listening to this right now, there is a part of you that is ready to hear that message of “where am I surrendering my power to an outside force or source that is relying on something that is outside of my control and how can I reclaim that power within me?

Reclaim Your Joy

How can I reclaim my joy, my satisfaction, my happiness, my love for who I am and for what I am here to bring to the world, what I’m here to serve with, how I’m here to show up?” and not have that be reliant on an outside source. And that goes literally with everything. It’s not just the numbers. It’s also in terms of speaking your truth, of sharing your truth, what you believe in, what you know that you can support people with, the changes you can help them create, the transformations you can hold space for. All of those things lie within you and you have that within you and you can share that with the world. That goes again – because what I see now is how it’s easy to think if you’re in the beginning of your journey, it’s easy to think that those who – and that’s one of the reasons why I am sharing the sacred conversations with successful spiritual entrepreneurs that I do and I invite you to look back and see those that I’ve already done and more and more are coming. That’s the reason why I share that because I want you to see that while the challenges may not lie within the financial part of it but there are still challenges and struggles and there may also be “financial issues”. What I’ve seen is that the more you expand from within, the more love you share in the world – when I say love, I mean your services, your products, your offerings, your truth, your voice, your webinars, your graphics, your whatever it is that – however you are being called to share in this world. Whenever you share that, the challenge just shifts and changes and you never being the infinite soul that you are having a human experience, your desire to expand never, ever ceases to exist. I see this in my clients. I see this in myself and how you are always wanting to expand because that is what love does. It continues to expand and multiply in the world because you are never, ever, ever going to stop feeling that desire and that call to share. So my invitation to you with this episode is to follow your – lead with love and follow your heart, abandoning the idea of having to know why you know what you know. Just lean into and surrender into you know what you know what you know. My invitation with this episode is for you to like I said stop surrendering your power or giving your power away and reclaim that power into yourself and find a way to be truly satisfied with who you are and where you’re at. Then expand from there. If you would like my support, you can go ahead and go to MariaSaraphina.com/apply to apply for a free discovery session.

Also, finally what I would love for you to share with me is what has been the biggest takeaway that you have gotten from this episode?

Please do share it with me in the comments below.

That is what I had for you today. I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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