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How to balance your feminine and masculine energy to best serve you and your business PART 1 'The-Lazy-Duck', Spiritual Business Mentor, Mariaestela, Catalyst, Facilitator

Do you feel pretty aligned with your feminine energy, but not at all with your masculine?

Are you very unbalanced (to the point of laziness) and is it costing you business, making you feel inadequate, ineffective, unproductive, leaving you irritated, frustrated and unfulfilled?

Then most likely your Divine Masculine Essence is inactive.

Mastermind, Soulful Entrepreneur, Magdalene Rising, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst, Facilitator

Do you feel like you’re always behind?

Running around, doing one thing after the next without stopping for a moment to breathe or ask yourself if it makes sense, because “this is what the experts say” you have to do.”?

Does it exhaust you, leave you overwhelmed, unsure if you can do it and makes you want to throw in the towel and go sleep for a decade?

Then your Divine Feminine Essence most likely is unengaged.

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