Clarity is Key and Aligned Action is Crucial...

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Divine Clarity & Aligned Action was born somewhere around 2015 and is one I’ve since used, cultivated and expanded ever since.

Brilliant if you want to gain crystal clear clarity over that thing that’s been tugging your heartstrings 4EVA!

Whether it’s to:

  • Know the next step(s) of your life, career, work or business.
  • Outline your next presentation, meeting or talk.
  • Plan projects, launches, retreats, work-aways, marketing plans and communication. 
  • Detail strategies, online products, services and welcome sequences.
  • Map out the year in 30 or 90 day cycles.
  • Identify blocks, challenges, limiting beliefs, recurring thoughts, generational
    patterns, neural pathways, mindset issues, collective patterns, feelings and
    emotions standing in the way of clarity, growth and expansion.
  • Uncover deep hidden desires, powerful intentions and magnificent goals.
  • Outline books, online programs, masterclasses, flowshops and webinars.
  • Create crystal clear overview over podcast episodes, blog posts, funnels.
Divine Clarity & Aligned Action, Free Guide, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina

Craving clarity but feeling overwhelmed and potentially paralyzed by the options?

Most likely you’ve been feeling muddled for a while. Craving clarity yet unable to move forward.

I see it with my clients all the time!

There’s so much in your heart and on your mind that it seems impossible to get it all sorted.

It’s not! At least not according to my almost 15 years of experience supporting clients in gaining clarity and taking aligned action. 

It does however require a little bit of work, willingness and surrender.

All of which I share in this free guide; Divine Clarity & Aligned Action.

Hello Radiant One,

I'm Maria Saraphina

Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical love rebel

I support executives, professionals, business owners and leaders across the globe with inner and outer growth, strategy, action and accountability allowing you to strengthen your personal leadership..

I have a strong ability to see low hanging fruits and opportunities for streamlining and optimisation. 

I use my unique combination of spiritual business coaching, intuitive wisdom and energetic alignment to support you with the elevation you desire.

You can check out my Spiritual Business Coaching services here.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Download the guide and get clarity today...

Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina