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Dissolve rather than suppress


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Hi and welcome all you beautiful souls. Thank you for watching. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about dissolving rather than suppressing.


Very often when we have stuff that’s going on in our lives or most likely on the internal side, in our minds, there is a strong desire to either resist or suppress it, saying that, “Oh, I shouldn’t be feeling like this” or “I don’t want to feel like this and I want it to just go away.”

That’s very understandable.

However, trying to suppress or wanting stuff to go away is the ego’s way of keeping you stuck in the situation because the ego feeds off you being irritated or frantic or frustrated or scared or angry or hateful. So the longer the ego can keep you in that, the longer it will keep you in the current situation and in status quo, so to speak.

It’s about dissolving it

Rather than suppressing it, it’s about dissolving it. And how do you dissolve that? You do that by recognizing what’s going on. You do that by becoming aware of where you are in the current situation.

Are you feeling happy or are you feeling like crap? If you’re feeling like crap, there’s a good chance that you’re stuck in the Ego’s mindset.

The way to get out of it or the way to actually dissolve it is by stopping for a moment and asking yourself, “Truly, do I want to feel better?”

Feel it

Sometimes the answer to that question is no, you really don’t want to feel better at that moment and that is okay. This is where the Love with Love principle or concept that I spoke about in the previous video comes up. If the true answer is, “No, I do not want to feel better,” then go ahead. Thrash around, feel as bad as you want to because that will probably make you feel better. Again, it’s not about suppressing your inner emotions or feelings or what’s going on. It’s about dissolving them in light.

The next step

If the answer to that question is, “I actually do want to feel better,” then ask yourself…

Sometimes if you have a regular practice of going within and asking for those answers, something will appear. A thought will appear or you’ll receive a phone call or an e-mail or something will happen that will kind of pull you out of the situation a bit, giving you a moment to relax and to breathe.

Other times, you’ll have an idea – or you allow for the intuition and the guidance to come through you. That might, like I said, come in an external way or it most likely will come in an internal way. You’ll have an idea of, “I have to love myself through this.”

Love yourself through it

And how do you do that? You start by acknowledging where you are and by accepting, “Okay, this is how I feel.” With the acceptance, which is an expression of love, you then start to dissolve what’s going on. Again, it’s not about suppressing what’s going on.

It’s about using what’s going on in a way that is constructive for you. So can you use – if you have a situation that’s going on and it’s stressful for you, start to think it all the way through and ask yourself, “What can I do?” Rather than being stuck in “I’m scared. I’m frustrated. I’m irritated,” ask yourself, “How can I dissolve this?” How can I help this? How can I see this in another light? How can I see this through love?”.

What will happen if you’re open to it is that you will receive guidance on how to transform it but this will only happen if you decide to ask yourself the question, “How can I see this differently?” And that is the question that will open everything up.

So today I will leave you with:

Dissolve your fears and your frustrations and your angers rather than suppressing them.

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