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How to dissolve the fear of competition…

One of the concerns often raised during my sessions with clients is the fear of competition.

In this article I share with you the most efficient way of dissolving that fear…

Now, there are thousands, if not millions of yoga teachers, mindfulness instructors, hotel owners, business managers, graphic designers, coaches, therapists, translators, writers or whatever your souls chosen expression in this world is.


Who, every day, just like you, get up with the intention of creating a better world. A more loving, kind and caring world. A just world for all.

Something that is to be celebrated not feared.

If ever there was a loud and clear sign that something is off – this is it…

No bashing please

First of all, do not feel ashamed or bash yourself, if rather than feeling joyous or celebratory, you find yourself consumed with envy or jealousy, as well as shame and guilt.

The mere sense of simply “knowing” something is off is to be celebrated.

It is your guiding light. Your golden cord that was never cut nor ever will be. Connecting you always with the Source from which you came.

But currently your ego is using your dawning awareness as a double slammer. Not only do you feel envious and jealous. You also feel shame and guilt. Hello ego!

Won’t go away

My work is not to help you make those feelings go away for the mere fact that you cannot. My work is to support you in dissolving the veils that brought them about in the first place. You do that with mastery through love.

Perception is the name of the game.

Would you rather be focusing on the repeating patterns of fear, keeping you stuck in a never ending cycle of comparison, despair and procrastination or dissolve within what hinders your sight and expand continuously from a space of love, focusing your time and energy on the expression of your souls work in this world, bringing with it the deepest sense of peace, prosperity and fulfilment?

What if, rather than seeing those who serve, like you, as competitors you saw them as the colleagues that they are?

The powerful collection of souls here to serve mother earth and all of her inhabitants, yourself included, in healing, awakening and ascension. A legion of strong, capable beings embodying unity and love through their being and doing.

What if, whenever you felt triggered, had cold sweat run down your back, or fear constricting your throat chakra making your heart clenched, you welcomed it with compassion and warm embraces rather than guilt and shame, trying to ignore or suppress what you feel is unacceptable?

If you created, within yourself an open, sacred space for those feelings to be fully seen and heard? Acknowledging them as not only the gateways for powerful healing that they truly are but also allowing the healing to take place?

What if, you came to a place where you no longer cared about what others do or do not do, say or do not say, not because you do not care about the word, but because you do? Being so consumed with your radiant, beautiful Self and your work that the fear of competitors is a vague memory of a distant past? Sharing your incredible gifts and talents with the world from an infinite space of love and peace? Vibrating from a sound so profound that what does not resonate with it simply dissolves and returns to the loving source of all that is?

This is the work of a true master. The work that you came here to do.

It is why you are here this very moment, doing what you do. Why you have gone through troubles and hardships, trials and tribulations.

It has shaped you and molded you. Trained you and strengthened you. Challenged you to grow from within. Shown you just how powerful you truly are.

Enabling you to go into dark places of not only your mind but the world, to create change from within. Of transmuting that which is of a lower frequency so that it too may return to the loving source it came from.

All part of the same song

We are all part of the same song, but singing with different voices. A choir coming together, uniting in singing our hearts song, so that the song may gain strength and be heard by those ready to hear.

That is what you are part of Radiant One.
The choir of souls singing the song of awakening.


If you want to, try this simple exercise to dissolve your fear of competition.

Please note, that as with anything and all things I teach, this exercise is simple yet very effective. Do not mistake its simplicity for inefficiency. Note also, that it will only work, if you do.

While you can chose to do this mentally only, but I highly recommend that you pull of a piece of paper and pen to write down everything that comes up.

When you are ready start by taking a moment to ground yourself and become present in the space and moment you’re at.

Now, think of a person that you perceive as a competitor, someone who triggers you in some way.

Mentally invite them into your circle, knowing that you have opened a holy and safe space for healing.

Look carefully at them and begin your two-layered investigation.

The first layer is the apparent one. The surface level and your immediate reaction.

What is it about this someone that triggers, that you fear or feel threatened by?

Their seeming success.
Their happiness.
Their following.
Their ability to express themselves.

Whatever comes up, welcome it, write it down.

Next level is beneath the surface.
It requires of you to go deeper and this is where the gold lies hidden.

Ask yourself what it is about their success, their happiness, their following and their ability to express themselves that triggers you?

Be completely honest.

Get as “ugly” as you can. Nothing is out of bounce of off limits.

– and notice, that you may feel guilty for feeling triggered – which is perfectly normal and totally ok. Do not suppress or ignore. Your holy and safe space is a space of non-judgment, so allow everything to rise. Air it out.

Maybe you don’t feel as though they deserve the success they seem to have.
Maybe you’re envious of their following.
Maybe you’re angry at the Universe because you feel you’re busting you A** without any results.

Flip it

This is an important step that many skip missing out on a huge opportunity for expansion.

Once you have a whole list of things, ask yourself “What is this showing and teaching me?” thereby opening the gateway for your Divine Feminine Essence of Knowing to bring you clarity and your Divine Masculine Essence of Doing to couple it with inspired action embodying the Sacred Marriage.

Maybe someone’s uninhibited way of showing up is calling for you to free yourself of the self-imposed constraints holding you from showing up as you truly are and desire?.

Maybe someone’s glossed over social media post inspire you to be real, raw and honest.

Maybe seeing someone proclaim their number of sales of a certain item makes you realise that it is time to finally put out that product or service that has been beckoning you within.

Maybe someones apparent happiness makes you realise that it is time to make an inventory of what make you happy.

Key to healing

The key to healing is acknowledging what triggers you, allowing it to show you its message and from a space of love course correct with peace, prosperity and fulfilment within as the ultimate goal. Over and over and over again.

Share with us Radiant One

In the comments below – share your revelations with us. What’s one thing that you’ve discovered today about yourself and someone you previously saw as a competitor?

I hope this article served you.

Ultimately what you choose to do, how you choose to perceive anything is up to you – what I know to be true is how much more amazing life is, when that perception is based in love.


Since the writing of this article I’ve had the immense joy of discovering The Energy Alignment Method®. A powerful tool to support you in dissolving and releasing fear. I invite you to click here and download my free Energy Alignment Method® Guide.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Energy Alignment Method® Mentor

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, I was jealous of other authors who seemed to have great success. Their books were read, they were giving lectures and seemed to be blooming. I am on my way. I realized that my topic needs to be introduced at the right time. I’m still inspired by the bravery of putting yourself out there. I feel that I’m the author in the attic, that wouldn’t mind staying somewhat hidden. I don’t want that kind of life. I want to write my stories, ignite ancient knowledge, in various forms. I want the stories to inspire people to self empowerment. I want the knowledge of the techniques and wisdom of old to be known again. I’m working on it. “Rituals in Sacred Stone” the story of Mary Magdalene, will be published again, under much better support, much better marketing and a much better contract. It’s also a better book this time around. I’m on my way. I’m doing my work, which is bringing these powerful stories to life.

    1. Thank you for sharing Wencke – I cannot wait to see what is next, for both Rituals in Sacred Stone and you.

      That jealousy you felt and perhaps still feel as times, is so powerfully illuminating your souls desire to pour forth, into this our world, your empowering stories and at the same time stand fully in your light, shining with all of your might, inspiring others to do the same.

      Sending love.

      xo, Mariaestela

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