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It’s time.

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You know that book you’ve been wanting to write?

It’s time.

Or maybe it’s not a book…

Maybe it’s building a nourishing community, planning a magnificent retreat, creating your brilliant signature course or your new amazing service. (As is the case for many of my clients.)

Whatever it is, you know what I am talking about right?

Wonderful – cause I can help!

Not in the quick fix, 3 steps and voila way – no. In the solid, step by step by step way where we join every two weeks and I help you build the strong foundation for your thing.

The way in which we get you organised and clear, knowing week by week what actions to take, what things to do, what boundaries to set, what foundations to build all while healing limiting beliefs, clearing self sabotage, eliminating fears, worries and doubts continually expanding you into the person for whom, that life and business that you dream of becomes a reality.

(thinking it sounds too good to be true or that it might be true for everyone else but you? Think again Radiant One – my clients don’t call me the product & services whisperer for nothing – and those thoughts are in themselves limiting – stop, it’s time, and you know it)

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for a long while, have started but are stuck or are on the precipice of jumping in.

It’s time.

But here’s the thing.

That thing that you’re carrying within? The thing that constantly fills you with joy and pride, desire and want, making your heart flutter and butterflies the size of dinosaurs trample about in your stomach?

It won’t write itself.
Won’t plan itself.
Won’t create itself.

It is through you that it comes to life.

Marrying your Divine Essences

Through your merging of your Divine Feminine Essence of Knowing with your Divine Masculine Essence of Action. Your being and doing.

Because you are a child of God, and as you were created as the extension of your Source, so too do you. Create. Expand. Grow.

You belong to an unstoppable force and source of love, joy and happiness that is ever expanding but when you block the flow discontent, unhappiness, frustration and irritation ensues. Your heart withers, your stomach clenches and daily bouts of depression and stress probably clouds your mind.

You may even begin to question your sanity.

Have you ever seen an oak tree deciding to stop new branches from emerging? Volcanos hold back their eruptions? Caterpillars staying in their cocoons?

Sure you can continue to suppress the thing – but take it from someone who knows, both through personal experience and the many clients I’ve supported over the years. You can run but you cannot hide and all you’re doing is prolonging the pain rather than welcome in the pleasure and play of living your purpose.

Time is not the issue

Whether it is just you or you have a family of 4 to take care off you may believe time to be an issue. Thinking that you need to book a 2-week silent writers retreat in a place far off the grid to truly immerse yourself in your thing. I call bullshit.


Not on you my love, but on your ego from which that thought comes.

It is nothing but a mindfuck keeping you stuck in status quo.

Don’t fall for it.

Instead find 15 minutes a day to do your thing.

Fifteen minutes.

We all got 15 minutes.

Sure you can fool yourself by telling yourself that 15 minutes a day is far from enough, but how many minutes have you spent this week? This month?

15 minutes a day in a week accumulates to 105 minutes.

That’s almost 2 hrs.!

In a month that’s 450 minutes or 7.5 hrs…

Imagine what you’d be able to write, create or build in 7.5 hrs?

And don’t even get me started if you choose 30 or 60 min. instead.

With this clarity you have a choice.

You can go ahead and knock yourself in the head for not having come to this conclusion on your own, or not having started sooner, kicking yourself for lost time or you can choose love.

Choose to acknowledge yourself for seeing clearly now, for being ready, for deeply feeling your desire.

But clarity is nothing without action. Without your consistent, dedicated effort. Which is where I come in.

I can help

If you’ve got a book to write, a retreat to create, a community to build or a service or product you’re wanting to offer I can help.

With my support you’ll get the consistency and dedication you’ve been longing for. Because let’s be honest, you’re a smart cookie. This is not your first rodeo. It’s time to call in my powerful support to help you birth your thing.

Calling in all the light, joy and fun of our sessions, all of the happiness and playfulness combined with deep commitment, dedication and the satisfaction that comes from doing your thing, bringing it to life.

So, you’ve got a choice to make – leave these words, shut down the page, go about your day – or apply right now for your free discovery session with me.

The session is a powerful way for you to first hand experience the sacred, fun and magical space I hold for the expansion and growth of yourself and your business as well as explore the opportunities for us working together.

Click here to fill out the application for your free spiritual business mentoring discovery session and lets get you on your way.

The world needs your thing.

It’s time Radiant One.

I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below tell the one thing that you find holds you back from giving life to “your thing”?

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

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