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Hello Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome into this episode where I am going to be answering a viewer and listener question.

I put out the call if there was anyone who had a topic that they would like for me to cover or something that they were wondering about, challenged by, struggling with, to let me know. And someone did.. Well, more than one person did.

But this today is a shout out to Victoria, who shared this with me. And it’s like it goes something along the lines of why one area seems to be falling apart as soon as you’ve gotten another one in place.

Initiations & Challenges, No Tests

So you’ve been, let’s say, whether it’s business or a life, there is something that you’ve been dealing with, you’ve been working through maybe energetically, you’ve been getting it all sorted. And the moment that that is then sorted and you’re like, ahhh… Then it seems as though there is another either fire or another area that then is calling for your attention. And I love this question, first of all. So thank you for for that. I think it’s a brilliant question. And the… Hmm…

So, first of all, if you’ve been with me for a while, you may have heard me say this before. So I know… The way that I view God/Source/The Universe is that I don’t think that we’re ever… “tested”…

I think we’re initiate it, which is also why I have a program called The 7 Initiations, because I see that as a souldriven, heartbased, spiritual entrepreneur and holistic business owner. There are seven particular initiations that we’re like… not constantly, but we seem to be moving through again and again on different levels.

And I think it’s the same with whether it be life or whether it be business. So I don’t see the Universe as testing us. I see it as being there… I see the universe as being very loving and supportive.

And so whatever challenges were coming our way is a an opportunity for clean up, for clear up, for release. It’s an opportunity for expansion and growth.

And, yes, that sometimes is really annoying, comes at the wrong time and sucks. Yes. Which I get.

However, again, it is an opportunity. And you can choose whether or not to meet that opportunity or not.

You and I both know if you don’t, it’s going to come back in another way, shape or form. And it may even when you’ve already cleaned it or released it, it may come in a different shape as well. But more about that later.

So for me, there’s a couple of different ways that you can look at this. And there is a there’s a couple of different things that could be going on for you.

Check within

And so you, the listener or the viewer, I want you to check in and see which one of these seems like… You can do either most resonant… and also, if you have already downloaded my free Energy Alignment Method® guide, you can use The sway to check in whether or not which one of these is actually true for you or not.

Continuous Expansion

So first of all, the Universe or not even the Universe. But if we look at nature, so a tree does not stop growing. A tree will grow from a tiny seed, it’ll then create its stem or that then grows into a trunk and it will have branches and smaller or bigger branches.

It will then have leaves… In the winter, will shed all of its leaves, and then it will continue expanding and growing. So if you look at nature, it never stops. It never stops flowing through the expansion, the growth period.

It never stops growing… like putting in taking the nourishment and nutrients. It doesn’t stop the leaves from breaking through the shell that they’re in and from expanding. And so that continued growth, it is continual. And it’s the same with, you know, the cycles and again, nature, it doesn’t stop. There’s no other way for me to say it. And so if we take that analogy and use it, because we as humans are part of nature, we’re not apart from nature.

We are a part of nature. The same is true for us. We do not stop growing. We do not stop expanding. And so once you have released and aligned, once you have created order or organized or sorted one area of your life, it may simply be that you’re now ready to look at that next part of your life. And as I shared in my episode about expansion, initially, that does not look pretty. It’s messy AF. It’s chaotic. It’s disorganized. It is.

Yeah, it’s all of those things and really AHHH I don’t wanna look at it. So so that might simply be it. It might be that because you have moved into a path of wanting to…

No Rose Petals Strewn

I remember this from years ago when I… And I’ve shared this before, when I years ago, when I chose love, when I knew that love is the way for me, I expected the heavens to open, angels to descend, rose petals to be strewn because I had chosen love.

What I didn’t realize that what I had really ignited or initiated was an opportunity for me to look at everything that was out of resonance with love in my life. And it has taken me through all of these different cycles. And a lot of them are initially… Well, all of them are initially messy and annoying and irritating and discomfort – uncomfortable. They’re all of these things.

So it made me… I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry to tell you this because I love you, is that that might simply be what’s going on. Is that you have simply… You’re simply ready for it. And oftentimes we’re more ready and more prepared than we thought.

Because what you have moved through in that area, that you have gotten sorted or organized. You have learned things, you’ve moved through challenges, you’re not the same person. You have… Maybe you’ve implemented new behaviors, methods, tools, all of these things that you can now then apply to that new area of your life.

It gets easier the more you sort

And in my experience, it does become easier in the way that I’ve seen it over the past… I would say 15 years now of this is that it does become easier and easier. And then there are those big ones where it seems that you’ve been, you know, going back to the beginning until you realize that you’ve not so that the messy part is not as long or as deep as they used to be, that’s at least my personal experience.

So that might be one like that might be one reason why you’re experiencing this is simply because you’re ready for it. And, you know, sending you loads of love and holding space. And I also know how annoying it can be. So…

I’m… the reason… It’s so funny, because whenever I’m talking about this, I can’t help but smile because I know what’s on the other side of it.

And so that’s why I’m smiling, I’m not laughing, I’m not laughing or smiling because I you know, I’m laughing and smiling because I know that it’s because of who you are in truth and what you’ve discovered and what you’re going through. And you’re ready for that next step if that’s where you’re at.

Other possible Options

Now, it may also be that you have different things. And I’ve made a small list. So it could be that there are either self sabotage that’s going on.

Self sabotage

Self sabotage is really like where you’ve moved through a thing. And then because it’s so uncomfortable, it’s so unusual, it’s a new way of being or living/doing.

You might be so uncomfortable with it that there is a self sabotage that shows up, meaning that you most likely unconsciously try to sabotage whatever you have created in some way, shape or form. Usually those are unconscious, not like we would consciously choose to do that. And so that could be one thing.

Generational Patterns

It can also be and the thing that came up for me, and that’s not something that I’ve written on the list. It can also be if you have either, you know, a generational pattern or something going on that goes back through the lines and even in the future going on with this and where where what you have, “broken out” of or created… There is simply because of the energy, we have to release the energy.

For it to be released fully and that goes back through generations or is ancestral, then you being able to… You’ll have to release that first before it’s fully implemented. So that could be something as well for you to look at.

And I mentioned it in the intro, but if you want a tool to look at and release generational patterns, The Energy Alignment Method® is brilliant for that. And you can go to MariaSaraphina.com/eam to get that free download about that.

Limiting Beliefs

The next thing you could be is limiting beliefs. Maybe you have limiting beliefs about what you’re able to hold space for or what you’re able to allow or who you should be or are in truth.

Limiting beliefs are usually in the mental layer of the auric field. It’s to do with our thoughts. And maybe you have thoughts about what you’re able to receive or allow into your life. So it could be limiting beliefs. It could also be… Very often there’s a talk about upper limits as like a ceiling or like we talk about women breaking through the glass ceilings.

But other than upper limits, there can maybe also be what I’ve discovered is outer limits. So there can be a restraining factor as to how far and how wide you can expand. So that might be something that’s going on as well in terms of one area falling apart once the other one is in place.

Our old friend Fear

And finally, there can be fear in some way, shape or form about this. There can be fear or… And that… The fear can have different levels, whether it’s worry or slight hesitation or trepidation.

It doesn’t have to be blown out fear. So there can be that as well. And that’s something that then I would encourage you to look at.

So to recap, so it could either be that you’re simply ready for it, and very often that’s it. It could also be that there’s a number of things that could be going on in your in your life and in your business energetically for that.

And, of course, it can also be a combination, which is very often is it’s a combination of the two. And so if that’s you, then there’s a couple of tools.


First of all, I’ve mentioned The Energy Alignment Method® tool that I use, which is free to download on my website. There is also The 7 Initiations that I… A program that either has just come out or is coming out soon that will take you through those 7 Initiations, the 7 areas of your business, but also relates to life in general I would say that could support you in that.

And then finally, I would say have a look at. What’s going on, because ultimately, you know what’s true for you? So see what’s going on for you in terms of this.

Is there a pattern of sorts? Does it have… Is it, “triggered” by certain people or certain situations, or does it have different people involved?

The Bubble Method

One of the things that you get when you download the free EAM® guide that I’ve created for you is that as a bonus, you also get the the. Oh, what’s it called? (The Bubble Method!)

There’s I there’s a there’s a tool that I can’t remember the name of right now that helps you look at the different things that goes on in that situation, whether it be the people, whether it be your thoughts and emotions, whether it be your beliefs about this and the energy of it, it goes through all these different…

And helps you take you through possible scenarios for that thing that will come once you download, what will come after a few days that will be sent to you as a bonus as well. So it will help you discern. I’ve used it. I’ve used that tool and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of right now.

I’ve used it, especially when I’ve done… In the past when I’ve done either launching like launches or what I’ve done to look at a whole situation in terms of what’s going on for me in that situation.

I’ve also used to it… When with clients, of course, but I’ve also used it for if there is a if there is like a nut that I can’t seem to crack. I sit down with this tool and then I have a look at it and I and I begin to see what’s going on. So I get the full picture.

First Viewer/Listener Topic – Not The Last

So that is what I have for you in this episode. I think this was kind of like my first like viewer/ listener question in the sense there’s going to be more of them. I hope this serves you.

Let Me Hear From You

And let me know in the comments like what came up for you as you were listening. Tell us. And how did it serve you?

Sending you loads of love and hope that you’ll have a wonderful day wherever in the world you might be.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

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