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I’m blessed to work with amazing clients – here’s what they say about our time together…

Client Love, Julia Magnay. Family Enrichment Hub, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Julia Magnay

Co-founder, The Family Enrichment Hub

Working with Maria Saraphina has completely transformed my business - taking it from an idea and a dream to an actual business.

I came to her with a big vision and not really much idea of how to actually put the plan and steps in place.

Maria helped me with all of those to really even for the first session, get a plan in place where I felt like it was achievable. 

And I had this kind of thing to follow, strategy to follow and could do it step by step, as well as always fitting in extra little tip bits and ideas to help either in the moment or for me to come back to if it’s not something I can take on at that moment. 

Maria also, as well as helping with the strategy, help make me feel really so much more calm when I was sometimes turn up in a complete flap and the feelings of overwhelm had so much to do.

In moments she get me feeling calm and grounded, as well as that she really helped me to get rid of some blocks. 

I had a very specific block around writing some legal documents that I put off and in one session we cleared that to the point where I actually wanted to get on and write them.

I recommend working with Maria Saraphina so much if you want to have someone who will support you in every way so in your business. So from strategy and planning to energy and nurturing and really truly supporting.

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?

First of all you came highly recommended so initially I didn’t really have any concerns or thoughts. 

Considerations – I wanted someone who knew their stuff from both a business strategy planning point of view but also was great with energy and were coming from a really fabulous feminine flow point of view as well as get stuff done. 

I guess I just really want any investment to be really valuable.

So before we had our discovery session, that was my thought…  What investment would I be making? Because I know people have worked with coaches and have not had much benefit or growth from it as they would’ve liked.

What specifically made you reach out to me?

A dear friend and one of your former clients recommended you because I had this vision.

I was like, I have this big vision, but I need some planning. I need someone to actually help me with steps. And my friend said “you need to talk to Maria Saraphina”. So that’s when I reached out to you.

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:

Feeling a lot more confident. 

I feel grounded.

I feel calmer.

If I get a bit flappy then you make me calm.

I feel like I have grown from having this kind of bit of a dream to it being really solid.

I feel like I’ve kind of stepped into that more of a leader role of bringing this together. 

Just really feel like it’s a vision has grown. I feel really comfortable and confident in it.

What in your experience has been the best part of our sessions?

So so many.

One that comes to mind is when we cleared the blocks I had around the agreement. So some of the energy work just to clear stuff. 

And then also really some of the planning, some of the stuff you said – you bring a clarity to the table that, at makes me feeling confident in where I’m at and what I’ve got to do.

Because sometimes I feel a little bit off track and feel like there’s lots to do and then we come into a session and right away I’m like “Okay, I have a clear pathway.” 

It’s also all these little ideas and bits you constantly bring to the table that kind of spark something in me.

What invaluable discoveries have you made through our sessions?

To trust in divine timing – and a lot more trust overall.

That it doesn’t have to be perfect. We just have to get on with it.

What you share kind of take that pressure off everything being right and “perfect”.

That thing of like “we can always change it” by just feeling less of a pressure that everything has to be spot on and right from the beginning.

I’ve shared that wisdom and gift with people in my circles and it’s just amazing how it helps others too.

That has definitely been something I’ve wanted in the past for everything to be perfect and spot on. It’s been really good to know that I can just adjust that if needed.

How will you use what you've learned onwards?

First of all we’re not done!

However my intention is to be kind.

Being aware if I get that feeling of like a bit of feeling overwhelmed and hearing you say “is that serving you” so to use that.

There’s so much that just I will keep using to kind of come back to staying on track and also think allowing and giving and not being too rigid. 

I think allowing it to kind of work at its own time.

How has your business or work grown?

It has completely grown from an idea to actually something that is almost ready for launch. So it has grown in so many ways. 

From being an idea to actually having a website, legal agreements, having people on board, having a presence, getting people interested.

It has grown massively. 

Name three specific actions are you've taken this direct result of our sessions

#1 | A website built.

#2 | Written agreements which felt was a big which had been a massive thing to do. 

#3 | Many many streamlining/optimizing/time saving things you’ve suggested.

One of the things I liked was the suggestion that I record a video for people signing on so that they could go in and find information, meaning I wasn’t wasting time saying the same stuff to everyone again and again. 

It’s been brilliant for people to get the vision from the video and then book a call with me if they’re interested.

If you were to recommend me, what would you say and emphasis on?

I would say that you are one of the biggest parts of me creating this business.

You helped guide me in such a fabulous way that was both really strategic and helped me to plan and stay calm and also just help get rid of blocks. 

I would put emphasis on that you’ve got both sides. 

You’ve got the real knowledge and the knowledge, wisdom and know how about business about how to do things, how to get things done, how to plan, the strategy, and then you’ve also got the other side the spiritual energetic nurturing really supportive other side which is such a lovely when they blend together it’s just as perfect.

You’ve got the real knowledge and the knowledge, wisdom and know how about business about how to do things, how to get things done, how to plan, the strategy, and then you’ve also got the other side the spiritual energetic nurturing really supportive other side which is such a lovely when they blend together it’s just as perfect.

That’s why I would recommend you to anyone who needs a strategy but also wants and also wants to have someone who is in touch with how things work from an energetic point of view as well.

Anything I could’ve done differently?

Nothing comes to mind – I wanna also say that I love that I can reach you on Telegram as well. That I just find fabulous.

That we have our sessions and when things come up in between, because that always happens with me, like I’m out for a walk and things pop up, I love that I can just shoot a message over to you.

You will come back to me with some ideas. That I also think is fabulous.

Spills the beans anything else you want to share?

It’s just such a joy working with you. I just really enjoy it. I love having you on my team.

There to help and support I absolutely love it and just even thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t worked with you!

My dream would probably still be a thing where I would think “oh that would be a really nice thing to do”.

I’ve spoken to other business coaches before and I just know they wouldn’t have been the right fit for me. So yeah, definitely so grateful to you.

Oliver Slate-Greene

Writer, astrologer, former professional energy worker, and marketing leader.

My particular area of expertise is what Silicon Valley people would call: growth. My title is actually, Director of Growth.

And I love it – it describes my approach to life and certainly my career (I have Jupiter in Gemini conjunct the MC nearly to the degree). BUT I am also extremely pragmatic (Virgo rising, for those of you paying attention to the angles 😉 – and when I was in the market for a career coach – I was on the fence about going more energetic rather than rote.

I’m beyond pleased I chose to work with Saraphina. I’ve had real, evidential results in regard to my career trajectory in an extremely short period of time. 

I have gained more confidence, and have taken the energetic alignment and applied it to other areas of my life.

Maria Saraphina is a joy to work with – will catch you on your BS, but always lovingly. 10/10 high recommend.
Client Love, Oliver Slate Greene, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Client Love, Kristi Amdahl, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Kristi Amdahl

Boundary, Compassion & Forgiveness Expert

I came to Maria Saraphina because she was on a podcast hosted by my yoga teacher and something deep within urged me to reach out. I had a blog, yoga teacher training certification, and ideas, but I lacked direction. She helped me gain clarity, identify and release my blocks, and gave me great critical feedback on pretty much everything I’ve produced.

One of the things that really left an impression on me was when she encouraged me to NOT to solicit leads from my quiz and instead let people choose to opt-in to receive a gift only after they found value in my quiz. Talk about unslimy, integrity-driven list-building!

Maria made what seemed impossible possible.

I doubt I would have started a podcast without her support, found freedom from the PTSD reaction I’ve experienced for years in the presence of a particular master manipulator, or picked up the guitar in earnest.

Yes, the effects of working with Maria have clearly extended into my personal life, and for this I’m extremely grateful. Thanks so much for everything, Maria Saraphina!

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:

The financial investment was really the only one, but your payment plan made it very doable.

What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:

I had heard you on Adi Shakti’s SoulWork podcast, and because I love everything SoulWork, my interest was piqued. I knew that I would really benefit from coaching, and what sold me when it came to you was the whole spiritual element. The fact that you had testimonials about your transmission of downloads played into my decision because I crave that sort of thing.

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:

I now have a clear vision of what it is exactly that I’m going to produce as well as a clearly defined sales funnel! And, I have another tool (EAM®) to help me tune in to my inner guide. I have had several Aha! moments both during and after our sessions.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve noticed that I’m no longer diminishing the “woo” elements of myself around “normal” people and am now embracing who I truly am. I’ve become unapologetic about being me, embracing the beautiful elements of my spirit that others don’t necessarily understand. And, I can tell that it’s real because I’m not identifying with being “woo” or “different” but rather am just viewing myself as a beautiful, multifaceted being…why didn’t I embrace myself sooner?!

What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:

I love when you do the horse lips thing when you’re getting a download! It makes me smile and leaves me wondering if you’re going to let me in on what just happened.

Ha! Also, I love being seen and encouraged to take soul-aligned actions over what the other solopreneur gurus recommend. For example, when you suggested NOT collecting email addresses from my quiz results, I was stoked. And, I thought it was brilliant because that will leave my email list smaller but full of raving fans rather than reluctant subscribers. I love the EAM® stuff, too.

What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:

I’ve discovered that I’ve been diminishing myself for a long time out of fear of attracting a particular master manipulator’s wrath. Not only did I shake that fear, but I learned to embrace the idea that I might just have to deal with his wrath the more I put myself out there! I mean, talk about an opportunity to produce more relevant content for my audience, right?! E.g., “This is how I’m handling his boundary violation/narcissism/retribution as a result of my last podcast.”

I’ve also been getting comfortable as I gear up to putting myself out there publicly, knowing that I WILL attract haters (as any strong woman who publicly refuses to be a doormat and identifies as a goddess will!) and that some people will challenge my expertise and authority. The old me struggled with imposter syndrome, while the new me realizes that my experiences are an incredible asset and aren’t diminished in any way by the fact that I have no formal education in my expert topics.

I think that the most invaluable discovery came during our last session, although I don’t think I articulated it at the moment. It became crystal clear to me that when Source told me many months ago that I was on the right dharmic path but that it would ultimately manifest itself differently than what I was expecting.

Well, I discovered the other day that up until that moment I had been planning output (not exactly the right word, lol) and making it soul-aligned…which was great and all. I was on to something! But the Aha! moment came when I realized that I’m on and have been on the bhakti path since FOREVER and that I had it all backwards – that my output would naturally be a manifestation of my bhakti path.

In other words, I follow the bhakti path and let my work reflect it rather than try to make my work fit into the bhakti paradigm. The difference may seem subtle to most, but to me it was like the heavens opened!

How Will You Use What You’ve Learned Onwards?:

I’ll continue to recognize when I’m diminishing myself and embrace opportunities that expose my vulnerability rather than hide from them. I’m also getting better about shaking the whole analysis paralysis and perfectionist tendencies that keep me from moving forward, and I see this being amplified in the coming months. And, I’ll stop using the word “need,” use EAM® when I’m unclear about something or have something to work through, and operate from the path of a bhakti.

How Have You Grown Personally During Our Time Together?

Yes – see above! Mostly in the area of not diminishing myself and stepping into my own radiance <3

How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:

I have more page views as of today! My business will grow once I knit together a publicity strategy in the coming weeks. I’ve purposefully been focused on getting everything set up before I do a serious launch so that I’m ready for it! And, I expect that once I launch and do some Facebook ads for my free quiz I’ll start getting a lot of traffic. Ask me again in two months!

Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions:

  1. Started a podcast (and everything else that goes with it)!
  2. Replaced all diminishing language and updated site content (including blog posts) to reflect that I’m here to connect with those who I was put on this earth to serve.
  3. Created a quiz!!
  4. Mapped out a 7-day self-care mini course and filmed most of the videos…I’m hoping to finish the videos this weekend and be ready to launch it within a week (hopeful, but we’re having company, so don’t hold me to it!).
  5. Identified all elements of my BSG course. Still need to create the content, but my framework is intact.
  6. Ordered a great mic for recording videos.
  7. Filmed full-length yoga videos for my site. As of now I have to re-record them with my new mic (the voiceover version I uploaded to Vimeo begs for improvement), but I’ve already shown myself that I’m NOT avoiding the work – I did it anyway, despite my tools sucking. This is big.
If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:

I wholeheartedly recommend Maria Saraphina as a coach for anyone in the spiritual/heart-centered business space. She operates from a place of love but her antennae are fine-tuned to detect resistance, which she then works to (gently) dismantle. In other words, there is absolutely no bullshitting yourself in her presence! She’s also very in touch with her intuition and gets a LOT of downloads which she’ll then share, which is one of my favorite things about our sessions.

Is There Anything I Could Have Done Differently To Make The Sessions More Optimal For You?:


Spill The Beans – Anything Else You’d Like To Add:

You are a gift! I’m super grateful you’re my coach…it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Like, ever! xoxox

Cassie Uhl

Author, artist, energy worker, and gentle guide to Spirit

I’m so grateful for my time with Maria. I knew I needed to go through a big transformation within my business and was feeling very apprehensive about all of the details it would involve, especially as a very sensitive person. Maria created a safe and judgment-free space for me to share my concerns openly so we could discuss them and clear blocks around them using the Energy Alignment Method®. Through working with Maria, I not only felt more supported but was also able to make several changes in my business including starting a new podcast, offering 1:1 energy work sessions, and more. I’d recommend Maria to anyone needing support in their spiritual business.
What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:
I honestly didn’t know a lot about you before reaching out. I liked that you worked explicitly with folks working in spiritual businesses. I had concerns around ensuring that you were aware of and actively working to disrupt white supremacy, which you were able to confirm upon our initial session.
What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:
You’d come up for me before when searching for a coach. When you came up a second time, I touched base within and felt guided by spirit to work with you.
What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:
Overall I’ve felt more empowered. More empowered to accept my gifts, more empowered to shift into new work, and more empowered to be myself. I walked into working with you with a lot of shame and doubt. I felt shame about the harm I’ve caused in the past around cultural appropriation through my work and business. I also felt a lot of doubt and fear about stepping into the role of energy worker and healer and accepting money for this work. I was hyper-focused on making my transition away from my old brand and into something new look “perfect”. I’ve been able to focus more on the work that brings me joy while trusting that the external changes will come in good time.
What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:
One of my favorite parts about our time together is how safe you made me feel, even when sharing very vulnerable information. The container of each session felt very safe, supportive, and judgment-free, which allowed me to be more vulnerable and therefore address deeper issues. I enjoyed the EAM® too, but the work wouldn’t have been as powerful had I not felt safe and supported during each session.
What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:
Learning how to use the EAM in my daily work has been really helpful for me day to day. I also discovered a lot about my perfectionism, and how it has been holding me back from moving into work that I’m actually more aligned with.
How Will You Use What You’ve Learned Onwards?:
I’ve incorporated the EAM into my workday in so many ways. Working EAM into my workday removes so much unnecessary time from overthinking and worrying about different decisions I need to make. If I’m struggling to make a decision, I can check in with my energy through the sway test to get a quick response from my body.
How Have You Grown Personally During Our Time Together?
I’ve become more willing to step outside of my comfort zone and express myself more fully without caring what others think. I trust that in doing so I will find people in better alignment with my work.
How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:
So many changes! I’ve finally stepped into offering energy work sessions for pay and feel SO aligned with this work. I also started a new podcast that, in my opinion, is far from perfect, but I don’t care and it brings me joy to share my work in this new way. I’ve got new branding in the works for my new website to better capture the essence of my new work. I also opened up to finding a literary agent and though I haven’t signed any contracts yet, I have offers that I’m able to consider. Maria was truly the catalyst for my business transformation.
Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions:
  • Announcing my switch from Zenned Out to my name and how my work is changing.
  • Starting to offer 1:1 energy work sessions before my new website is finished.
  • Starting a podcast.
If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:
Maria offers a safe and non-judgmental space for sharing anything you have going on in your spiritual business. She is also incredibly well versed and skilled at the EAM®, which is not only great to experience, but she’s also a powerful person to learn from about this energy work method.
Is There Anything I Could Have Done Differently To Make The Sessions More Optimal For You?:
No, they were really lovely! I loved the structure and the email follow-up. The structure added to the feeling of safety each session fostered.
Client Love, Cassie Uhl, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina

Angela Marie

Vibrational Alchemist

I just want to say that I’m extremely grateful to have come across Maria, I wanted someone who didn’t know anything about me. And who could see me based on on the energy exchange between us in our sessions, and not because of something they had seen on the internet, or because of something they had heard about me in the community, or anything like that.

I wanted someone that wasn’t familiar with anything about me. That could be real and authentic and Maria is absolutely real and authentic and catalystic and loving and caring, and so very supportive.

Her ability to channel what is specifically needed for you in that moment, Even if it’s not what you sought out in the beginning, it all comes together in the end, it all just comes together.

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:

When I first set out to find someone to work with I was concerned that there wouldn’t be the actual support that I was looking for in. Someone who could really see me. So being seen was super important, that was one of the concerns that I had before I reached out to you.

What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:

I saw testimonials, I also watched and binge on a few YouTube videos, and your particular style and approach to energy work as well as your openness about both spectrums. That we need the light and the dark really made me specifically want to reach out to you.

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:

I came to the realization that I was not taking care of myself, energetically. I experienced a huge shift in stepping into my power, and being able to really be seen, and take action, whereas before I would sit with all of these ideas funnelling through and just not feel that I was capable of taking action. I have been taking more action in these past few months than I have in my whole entire life. I experienced a clarity and a shift in my personal life as well as my business. I was able to pinpoint with – Maria’s help – being able to find exactly where I needed to put my energy and where I had been not really wasting my energy but putting effort into something that really wasn’t something I wanted but something that I was programmed to believe, I wanted.

What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:

The best part of our sessions, is being able to connect with Maria, and the loving energy as well as the catalyzation that is provided in each and every session. Maria took the time to ask me questions, and to really get me to focus in on what my limitations were that I was putting on myself.


During our sessions, I have learned that energetic maintenance is super important for me. I have been providing these services to everyone else but I hadn’t really ever allowed myself to go that deep, except for with myself, and sometimes you’re not able to see all of your garbage and Maria brings all of that within your view in a loving manner that is also very direct. So, discovering that there was so much that I was neglecting for myself personally, has been invaluable. Finding my voice and taking the action, and really honing in on my specialty, and what brings me the most, not only the most abundance, not only financially, emotionally and mentally, but just in every aspect of my life and my relationships. Oh, I’m definitely going to use The Energy Alignment Method® as well as the five steps, which I was resistant to in the beginning for some reason, but I have learned to look at everything in a completely different window than I was before. And that is what I’m going to use going forward, I’m going to ask myself these questions that we really don’t think about or really don’t pay attention to. “Am I moving in love or am I moving in fear”, “is this really something I’m interested in, or is this just a passing idea or thought”“why do I not feel like doing this, Why do I feel like doing this”–  and really just questioning and playing in that energy of wonder and all.

What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:

I have personally grown leaps and bounds in recognizing my own divinity, and in showing myself grace. My business has been… I have been given the clarity to be able to figure out what my business is, and how to move forward with that. And how to recognize when this is part of my business and when this is part of just fluff that I feel like needs to be put out there because other people are doing it.

How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:

My business has flourished, I have seen almost triple this, the amount of income I was bringing in. I recently said it took me nine months to get my shit together and figure out where and what I’m supposed to be doing. And all I did it happened within the last two months. Really focusing in on where I need to put the energy to be able to create the financial income that I am wanting and I’m almost there. I had a financial goal, and to make X amount of dollars per month, and I am almost there. The only thing that has been holding me back is on my part, the resistance of going online, and doing sales, which we’ve worked on. And also, the weather. There’s weather factors because I am outside, but we have worked through each resistance that was holding me back from being able to make the income that I wanted to, and it’s all like falling together coming into place and I’m almost there. I’m almost at that financial goal that I said at the beginning, probably, I believe, in our first session, so my business has flourished tremendously, Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions: Specific actions, I have taken….

  • I have increased my online presence, I have returned to a platform that I felt I could never return to.
  • I have come up with specifics for my business.
  • I have found clarity and been able to really move forward in what it is that brings me joy and happiness.
  • There are so many things that I have taken action on. I’ve taken action on action in my own responsibility for my own energetic maintenance.
  • I have connected with my ancestors and opened a part of myself that I was so afraid of for years.

Oh my gosh, I’m just so grateful for the experiences that I have had with Maria and the action that I’ve been able to take that I have been afraid to before.

If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:

I would emphasize that you need to be ready for immediate, I mean, Iiiimediate change in your life. Maria is a catalyst. That is so very powerful, and it just all aligns and it’s so be ready for change. If you’re not ready for change and you’re not ready to do the work, then you’re not going to get what it is that you need in your time together with her, because every interaction is like this powerful revelation.

Is There Anything I Could Have Done Differently To Make The Sessions More Optimal For You?:

I don’t believe that there’s anything that could have been done differently. We worked out scheduling conflicts. We worked out things that in a loving manner I was so resistant to. I don’t think there was anything that would have been more optimal for me.

Spill The Beans – Anything Else You’d Like To Add:

Lastly, I just want to say that I’m extremely grateful to have come across Maria, I wanted someone who didn’t know anything about me. And who could see me based on on the energy exchange between us in our sessions, and not because of something they had seen on the internet, or because of something they had heard about me in the community, or anything like that. I wanted someone that wasn’t familiar with anything about me. That could be real and authentic and Maria is absolutely real and authentic and catalystic and loving and caring, and so very supportive. Her ability to channel what is specifically needed for you in that moment, Even if it’s not what you sought out in the beginning, it all comes together in the end, it all just comes together. We did a tremendous amount of work together and at first I wondered how it was going to affect my business and my finances, and it had me questioning the first two sessions. Then I immediately saw results after the first session, and she just provides this space of love and trust, unconditional love, that is just incredible, and I am so truly grateful for the universe, aligning us and our time together.

Kayma Englund

The Kamali Temple Owner, Healer, Creator

Maria goes above and beyond as a coach and straight up amazing human. Her ability to merge business and spirituality is a blessing and I feel truly lucky to have found her when I did.

She has helped me make huge shifts in my business both physically and energetically. She was able to really see and hear my visions, plus can “read between the lines” phenomenally well.

I also admire how she keeps it so real and authentic, naturally. An absolute joy and inspiration to work with!!

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:

Would you would “get me” and my business/offering, would you be able to see and support my vision – and help it grow

What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:

Primarily that you were a spiritual business coach and that is what I was looking for.

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:

I have radically changed personally and professionally since I began working with Maria. Being in this coaching container with Maria offered me the support and guidance to make some huge decisions and changes in my business – that I didn’t previously know I would be making but turned out to be in far greater alignment than I could have imagined. The grounded yet spiritual space that Maria creates allowed me to feel safe to take a leap especially knowing that I could receive feedback from someone I trusted along the way. I would also say that since working with Maria my confidence and clarity has wildly increased – so many positive changes all around!

What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:

I loved the energetic clearing/releasing work paired with affirming the new energies I desired to embody/call in. Also, the accountability and freedom to message you when/if something comes up. I just loved that I really felt seen and heard.

What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:

That I no longer wanted to have crystals at the forefront of my biz.

How Will You Use What You’ve Learned Onwards?:
  • The structure / method around launching a course.
  • The “lean” muscle test technique
  • Connecting to the energy/needs/desires of future elevated client
How Have You Grown Personally During Our Time Together?

I feel more confident and clear.

How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:

It has grown more in the way of slowly realigning with a business offering that is more in alignment with my heart and soul. Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions:

  1. Launching Crystalline Embodiment.
  2. Launching Psychic Body.
  3. New mentorship offering.
  4. Clearing up/simplifying offerings and website.
If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:

She has all of her bases covered from the practical to the spiritual to the humorous! She really sees and hears you, and without a doubt has your best interest at heart. Also, Maria is as real as they get!!

Is There Anything I Could Have Done Differently To Make The Sessions More Optimal For You?:

Honestly, no. Even though your focus isn’t on Instagram, which at times I felt could have been helpful, I ultimately see/saw it as an opportunity to establish roots outside of that platform as well. So, thank you for encouraging me to do that – blog, website, youtube… 😉

Spill The Beans – Anything Else You’d Like To Add:

Just so grateful we connected and it brings me peace to know you exist

Client Love, Kayma Englund, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Client Love, Ruthy Doolittle, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina

Ruthy Doolittle

Animal Communicator

Working with Maria has been a joy, every area of my life benefited from working with her 1:1 and in a Group, she is the perfect mix between kick arse and tender hearted, experienced and open, yet wise and very intuitive.

There is no hiding the stuff we drag around, unseen to most as Maria will see it and call it out, then lovingly support and guide you through the next uplevel in your journey..

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:

Could you do it, were you up to the job…

What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:

Your energy found mine.

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.:

Wow, good question, greater sense and experience of peace, in all areas of my life…

  • Clear boundaries, stand in my power and notice when I give it away, firm boundaries in my life around energy, how things make me feel and in how I protect my flow, happiness and wellbeing.
  • I have changed my life.
  • Put in clear parameters especially with my mother and other other family members about my beliefs and views.
  • clear boundaries about the work I wish to do or do, do.
  • I left my husband, got a divorce settlement meaning we have no ties.
  • Got a new car.
  • Commissioned a piece of highly spiritual artwork for my body and next level activation.
  • Met my absolute dream boat life partner.
  • Got a country cottage and huge piece of land to play in, grow food and collect water
  • Invested in 2 amphora water filters.
  • Put my introduction to animal communication course online platform Learndesk with over 8mill visits a month.
  • Started at university full time.

On a side note, I have dropped a stone in weight and changed a chunk of my wardrobe too…

What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:

Bi monthly sessions held me accountable to implement the changes and do the work on what came up.

What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:

So many, boundaries even being off was a big one at the beginning and then learning to implement good strong healthy ones. The depth of my hearts capacity , what was reflected to me in one session was actually something Dean had noticed about my heart, 4-5 years ago and I hadn’t. Lots and lots of other ones too.

How Will You Use What You’ve Learned Onwards?:

I use it daily to ensure I am in flow state, that things feel good, that growth mindset stays with me to my advantage and also that I am gentle with myself too.

How Have You Grown Personally During Our Time Together?

Soooooo much, more fun, more sparkly, more relaxed, more energised, happier and more aligned than ever before.

How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:

My business has moved more online, one to many than one to one though one to one is still the main revenue earner, the potential for one to many earnings to take over is now in place and albeit very very tiny I have started investing and that feels great. I have also added another income stream to my business and earned money from it too.

Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions:
  • Improved internal systems
  • Carried out a business audit and revised and tweaked many processes to automate things further
  • Clearly told people where my boundaries are
  • Left my husband
  • Asked for his financial support to start and then for a lump payout, as well as requested contact with Alex.
  • Started university so had to go through and ask for support financially from the state.
If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:

Maria is a highly skilled spiritual business coach, there is no nonsense, she’ll cut right through to the chase and deal with what needs to be dealt with, she is fierce yet tender, you won’t be terrified into doing things however not doing them may terrify you as they all make great business sense. Highly professional, experienced, heart centred and cosmic. Be prepared to grow as your business grows.

Is There Anything I Could Have Done Differently To Make The Sessions More Optimal For You?:

They were perfect x

Spill The Beans – Anything Else You’d Like To Add:

I loved our structured sessions and know we have moved into another container, I am so grateful for that as life without Maria doesn’t seem right at all xx

Christina Cecconi

Maria was the perfect guide during my second (!) major career change. After working over a decade in healthcare, I felt confident that chapter was coming to a close but lacked clarity around what was to come next. I could feel myself grasping at career directions out of desperation but couldn’t land on anything that felt right.

Maria really helped me take a step back, identify, and clear, what was muddying the process. She introduced me to new tools that I will continue to use and helped me lay the much needed groundwork to align naturally with my heart’s authentic expression.

It’s hard to imagine having the patience, self-kindness, and trust that I experienced during this challenging process had I worked with any other business coach. Maria is kind as she is organized, gentle and she is practical. deeply insightful and totally authentic. Thank you Maria for helping me find the bravery to truly follow my heart into a much more aligned career!

What Considerations, Concerns or Thoughts Did You Have About Me, Before Working With Me?:

I really liked how you worded your website copy. It was very clear and professional while feeling authentic. I assumed you would probably be the same 🙂

What Specifically Made You Reach Out To Me?:

I was looking for a spiritual business coach who was conscious of the bigger picture. You were actually the first search result for “spiritual business coach” but I did my due diligence and checked out a few others. I don’t even remember them. From the content of your website, you sounded like the best and exactly what I was looking for. Also, the fact that you had worked in the tourism industry really sealed the deal for me!

What Changes Have You Experienced During Our Time Together? In Your Business, And Personally – Be As Specific As Possible.: During our time together:
  • I closed my practice with ease and confidence.
  • I felt “held” through the process of ending a 13-year career.
  • I learned EAM® and let go of energetic and psychological blocks around hearing what I really wanted and needed.
  • I accepted that I deserve to experience joy and that just because a career is lighthearted doesn’t automatically mean it is frivolous.
What, In Your Experience, Has Been The Best Part Of Our Sessions?:

I’d say you guiding the clearing work through EAM® and questioning me on why I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” pursue something. Plus, your sunny disposition – especially as it was early morning for me!

What Invaluable Discoveries Have You Made Through Our Sessions?:

I think the biggest thing was discovering how I was still denying myself true permission to pursue and experience joy. My ideas around what constitutes a meaningful and positively-impactful career was blocking me from validating options I find light, fun, and joyful.

How Will You Use What You’ve Learned Onwards?:

EAM® is a very practical technique that I will continue to use.

How Have You Grown Personally During Our Time Together?

I feel an increased ability to listen to and trust myself more.

How Has Your Business Grown During Our Time Together?:

First I had to rip up the old business! The new business is just now a seed but it feels genuinely connected to my authentic nature. There is an easiness when I envisioning its future expressions.

Name 3 Specific Actions (or more) You Have Taken As A Direct Result Of Our Sessions:
  1. Gave myself permission to explore a career in travel seriously. Then didn’t feel guilty about putting it down or waste time when it didn’t feel quite right.
  2. Gave myself permission to not know
  3. Allowed time to observe and explore what pursuits came naturally to me. What activities were joyful?
  4. Accepted that I also deserve joy and that beneficial contributions to society don’t always have to be so serious.
If You Were To Recommend Me, What Would You Say And Put An Emphasis Upon?:

I would emphasize that you are very genuine and have a high degree of conscious awareness. It’s obvious you authentically do the work and walk the talk.

Client Love, Christina Cecconi, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment, Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Anne Goncalves, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Anne Goncalves

Yoga Teacher

Working with Maria Saraphina is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business.

Business wise I’ve gone from strength to strength with her support. For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world.

I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Maria Saraphina is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!

I highly recommend working with Maria Saraphina. It’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business.

Energetic Alignment

I recently had an amazing four hour Energetic Alignment Experience with Maria Saraphina. We dug deep and I felt held the entire time. Maria Saraphina has an incredible gift – she creates a safe container for me to explore my inner world, she sees, or should I say, feels many things that I don’t see myself, she pushes me – gently but firmly. She has this nurturing motherly energy combined with clarity that cuts through the bullshit. Thank you Maria!

Melissa Elysian

Sacred $ Coach

“My fav things about working with Maria Saraphina is that she keeps it 100%.

She told me the truth about myself and my work. Divine. Sacred. Powerful. She also told me flat out whenever she observed that my thoughts and actions were not aligned with that truth. So so important. So valuable. She is literally divine guidance. All I have is gratitude and love for her.”

“Working with Maria Saraphina was the absolutely best thing I’ve done for my business. 

She helped me to create structures and systems for sharing my message and my work with the world in a way that moved me from feelings of clusterf*ck to a sense of calm and inspired flow. 

Everything in my business is easier now. 

She taught me how to trust the process and reminded me in every session that I’m always supported and that divine guidance was easily accessible. In the time we worked together I launched my blog, a group coaching program and a podcast. I increased income from my business and grew my audience. I love all of it. I used to let myself get burned out working without limits to accomplish what I wanted in my business. Maria Saraphina always asked me “What is God telling you to do”. The answer to that question keeps me focused on what’s most important and helps me to trust the process. 

While working together I created my first group coaching program on a whim. It is the most profitable part of my business. Furthermore I have:

  • Started a podcast.
  • Created a group coaching program/course.
  • Increased income in my business.
  • Started my blog.
  • Moved away from 1 session coaching model.
  • Hired my first employee.

One of the most invaluable discoveries I made through working with Maria Saraphina was to not diminish in value the impact that I am making. Sometimes I underestimate the impact of my work and the teaching I do. Something I became very clear about during our work together that using monetary gain as the primary measure of the value of what I was offering, didn’t serve me as a teacher/spiritual guide. 

And I was able to start showing up consistently. I didn’t have the structure I craved regarding sharing my work and connecting with my clients and larger audience.

Before we started working together creating rhythm in my business felt difficult. 

Now I happens naturally and feels fluid. 

Also working together helped me take the pressure I created around sticking to my routines when I need to. Which is probably why I has such a hard time creating structure in my business I was a worried I was going to be held hostage to it. 

Now I show up in my business with ease and can do more or less without fear that the whole thing will fall apart. 

I am really happy to be in a place where I know that my business will continue to thrive and grow. I used to worry that it wouldn’t work.

“What Maria Saraphina does is truly hearted centred coaching. She helped me to keep my priorities in order and allow Spirit to lead the way”

Client Love, Melissa Elysian, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Client Love, Novalee Wilder, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Novalee Wilder

Professional Numerologist, Author, Founder & Creator of The Numerology Podcast and The Numerology School

“I feel that my timeline has accelerated and the things that I saw further into the future have moved up much faster than I think they would have without Maria Saraphina’s help.

I’ve been so much better at staying in touch and following up with leads. I definitely got more organized and better at recognizing my limiting beliefs around moving forward on multiple fronts at once. I procrastinate way less!” I’ve had a few discovery sessions with other coaches but there was always something off. Some were out of integrity or had a low level of experience with the spiritual business world. Others had money blocks or their vision for my growth felt off. It just never clicked and felt easy. Then Maria Saraphina appeared and I felt she was able to expand and push my own vision into real-life faster than it was moving on its own. Thank the Goddess for that!

Through Working With Maria Saraphina

I feel that my timeline has accelerated and the things that I saw further into the future have moved up much faster than I think they would have without Maria Saraphina’s help. I’ve been so much better at staying in touch and following up with leads. I definitely got more organized and better at recognizing my limiting beliefs around moving forward on multiple fronts at once. I procrastinate way less! I move forward fast and feel like few people embrace that trait or think as big as me, so being seen, heard and encouraged in that side of my personality by Maria Saraphina has been very healing and supporting. I love the clarity I have after each of our sessions and how I get action steps to take that push me out of my comfort zone!

The most invaluable for me has been…

To have someone cheering me on and celebrating my wins when I forgot to do so. I think actually the bigger the win the less I tend to celebrate and it’s been wonderful to have Maria Saraphina as a solid presence who reminds me of my progress at each new milestone. Going forward I will remind myself that there is always a way to keep moving and that any setback or closed door is just a redirecting of my energy and that I should never stop looking for a way of making things work. Maria Saraphina recently reminded me that none of what I’ve created would be here if it wasn’t for my determination and tenacity. I took that to heart as I see my contribution as a cause and calling not just a business venture. I’m here to change the world and it shows!


I feel confident that I have the tools and mindset to continue the process I’m in and so happy that I have our recorded calls to refer back to. I’ve had my first in-person book signing at a wonderful bookstore, announced and planned out The Numerology School and finally started The Numerology Podcast!


I think I look for solutions and own my leadership abilities way more than I used to. I feel like I have/had a tendency to be more accommodating and polite which translated to being wishy-washy and made it hard for people to know what I wanted and then give it to me.

“Maria Saraphina is the right person for any spiritual business entrepreneur who needs someone to hold them accountable and push their vision of what they can achieve even further.”

Kimberly Galloway Gordon

Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Teacher

“Maria Saraphina is amazing at what she does. She has positively impacted my life both personally and professionally with her teachings, mentorship, love, wisdom, and knowledge.

I love how we connected instantly. She understood my mission and passions, and pushed me with love and not fear to take chances and to put myself out there so that I can been seen. ”

She helped me see how important my spiritual divine mission is. She has helped me increase my revenue, as well as helped provide guidance and direction for my spiritual business that I didn’t have before working with her. I have had so many changes during our time and work together. The most significant changes that has occurred is that I am more confident in my spiritual gifts as a spiritual leader and metaphysical teacher. It is allowing me to play really big in my life. I am putting myself out there more about who I am, and how I want to help people with my divine mission of helping people like me understand and embrace their spiritual gifts with love and not fear. I want to help others discover their spiritual superpowers!

40% Revenue Growth

In the area of business- With your help and encouragement I have created two different spiritual courses. This included developing course material, and then charging a premium rate for my class, which I had never done before. My spiritual business revenue has increased 40 percent from last year, which has mostly been attained in the last +12 months of us working together. In another area of business I went back to work full time where I became a director and am now making a 6 figure income. You made it ok that I still pursue my passion for my spiritual business but that it was also ok to have a full time job to support me financially while I continue to play big with my spiritual calling & business.

Personally this experience has changed me.

Having someone support me, understand me, and push me with love as impact every area of my life. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. You helped push me even when it was out of my comfort zone and I cannot express how life changing this really is. The best part about of the sessions is everything. I love everything about the sessions. They helps keep me motived even when I want to quit and give up. You always make me feel at ease and understand where I am on my journey because you have been there too. I love that. I couldn’t have gotten a better mentor. The invaluable discoveries I have made through our sessions are I am more powerful than I give myself credit for. There are individuals out there that need to hear my story so that they don’t feel alone and have someone that understands them. I didn’t understand how important my purpose was until I started our sessions. Another invaluable discovery I made is that I am willing to go to those uncomfortable emotional places to move me towards my goals. I realize that I am awesome!!! and now everyone else needs to know it too. I also learned that it is ok to ask for help, and to reach out when I am feeling doubtful knowing that I have support instead of trying to figure it out by myself. I have done so much over the last 5 months during the time of us working together, that until now I didn’t realize how much it really was. My mindset is that I know I can do anything in a short amount of time when I am passionate about what I am doing. I am at peace with everyone in the world knowing that I have spiritual gifts and that I can communicate with Angels and Deceased loved ones. I am ready to share my gifts with the world! I pushed myself harder than I ever have since I started my spiritual journey and I can honestly say that what I have gained is a since of confidence that I didn’t have before. Through working with Maria Saraphina I have specifically:

  • Developed a spiritual course and charged a premium rate for it.
  • Put myself out into the world to see. I am letting the world know who I am, what I do, and how I want to change the world.
  • Acknowledging myself on a daily basis. I am tell myself most days that I am a badass and that I love myself so freakin much.

Plans of Action

Something that I do differently today is that I am starting to create plans of action. Before I would just kind of fly by the seat of my pants. I was a little disorganized and sometimes I would get overwhelmed and then quit. Today, even when I get overwhelmed, I breathe, and take it one movement at a time. I am also really starting to treat my spiritual business as a business and not just a hobby.

You Lead With Love

If I were to recommend you, I will say that she will lead you with love and not let you gift up on yourself or the path that you are on. I would emphasize that you are an amazing spiritual mentor who really cares about and is invested in your clients success. You are motivated by helping provide guidance and not just charging for your services. I would also emphasise that you will not only help increase revenue, but increase the faith and power that lies within yourself.

“Finally – you, reading this – if you are looking for a spiritual mentor that has a true connection with the divine, Maria Saraphina is it. She also understands what you are going through and can help you through those challenges with love and understanding. I cannot say enough positive things about Maria Saraphina. I highly recommend her services. My life has forever been changed in so many positive ways by working with her.”

Kimberly Galloway Gordon, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria
The Magdalene Voices, The double Meaning of Mary Magdalene, Violetta Pleshakova, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor

Violetta Pleshakova

Transformational Trainer, Intuitive Mentor & Magdalene Devotee

“Maria Saraphina combines savvy business insight and strategy with deeply mystical inspiration.

Hers is a presence of a truly honorable and humble teacher, the one who illuminates everyone around her, sees the best and evokes the best. What a miracle!”

Energetic Alignment

Maria Saraphina is powerful, yet compassionate, intuitive yet savvy – I love how she can get to the core of things quickly, doesn’t beat around the bush, sees the truth of the matter with precision while holding you in so much love and care.

Although I practice energy work and intuitive healing myself, I realize that I make biggest progress when supported by someone else – I needed someone to help me shift some heavyweights and blind spots that I was unable to shift on my own. The best was going deeper, into the very core of the twisted double bind knot that was absolutely unexpected and not evident from the surface. Undoing it layer by layer was so liberating. My greatest takeaway from our sessions is healing the split in my Soul and bringing the fullness of me onto this planet. I feel more energized and ready to rock – I feel the work we have done has helped me clear some limitations that have been around for a long time, and now I have more life energy available, ready to be used for my purpose. This experience was like a detox for the Soul – cleaning house on the root level, undoing some knots that have been hidden within deeper layers, liberating life energy and bringing congruence to the energy system – for more clarity, aliveness and momentum.


Physiotherapist & Clairvoyant

Energetic Alignment

Maria is a beautiful and intelligent woman. The power she possesses is at the same time gentle and soft, firm and direct – this mix makes you feel safe throughout the entire session and energetically immensely lifted after.

From the first meeting Maria Saraphina makes you feel so comfortable and at ease right away. 

Honestly I was a bit tense before our session but Maria Saraphina’s way of meeting me and hold space for me made me relax completely allowing for the energy to release easier. 

When you’re working on as deep of a level as you are when you’re working with energy it’s super important that you feel comfortable, met and that the person sitting across from you is top professional in their work – all of which you are. I loved how the focus was equally on releasing the energy as much as filling your energy with everything you do want. 

It was awesome to be seen, heard and met – and you identified areas for us to work with, areas I hadn’t even seen. The energy work became an expanding journey. 

The Energetic Alignment Sessions are a very concrete way of working with energy. You feel 100% connected and involved the whole way. You’re not afraid of losing control and feeling this safe makes it way easier to work with the energy. 

You land fully in your body and it’s surprising how fast it responds, bypassing your conscious mind and getting straight to the truth of the matter. 

I would 100% recommend Maria Saraphina. She is both super intelligent, clear and professional AND able to read my energy and soul better than myself.

Agnieszka Bera, Client Love, Mariaestela, Facilitator

Agnieszka Bera

Yoga Teacher

“Working with Maria Saraphina changed my business completely. I have realised what I really want to do and I have learned how to achieve my goals effectively. She is a big inspiration and motivation. Her support is so important for me.”

Before working with you I was not sure if I really needed help or how working with you would help me, at the same time it was a big investment for me so I was not sure I should do it; however one of my best friends recommended you; saying how you are very spiritual and working from the heart.

Business but still from the heart.

During our time together, the biggest change I experienced was realising what I really want to work with and going for it. Before I had so many ideas, Working with you helped me to not only find my business but actually do something about it.

I also realised how hard I was on myself and that I can slow down and still achieve my goals. I realised that all blocks are just in me and that I have the power to remove them.

I leave everyone of our sessions with so much inspiration, feeling like I can just do it.

The biggest difference I have experienced is that while I am still working hard, things have calmed down and I am remembering to centre myself, to breathe and connect throughout the day. 

Working with you..

  • I have found what I want to work with.
  • I realised I can charge much more for work I do.
  • I am more disciplined and effective in planning my day.
  • I feel more confident.
  • I am way more productive, actually getting things done.

Miranda Sherman

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Reiki Master, Pelvic & Womb Health Educator & Mama.

“Maria Saraphina is a stunning human being, spiritual business coach and mentor. She always met me where I was in my process and challenged me to lean into my limiting beliefs with love, curiosity and compassion.

She was very supportive throughout our time together and made herself available between sessions.

The recording and post-session reflections were always were nice to reference back to, especially watching the first video to the last- holy growth! I would HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking to take dive deeper within yourself and your business. Investing in her support was the catalyst to a MAJOR shift in my life and business.” Before working with you I had absolutely no concerns – I knew it was the right fit! 🙂 

Maria Saraphina’s support has allowed me to:

  • Notice my limits, my boundaries and then being able to move through them.
  • Share my authentic self with the world. DAYUM.
  • Work with EASE. Be more confident and Not as overwhelmed. PROFOUND healing.
  • Launch Products & Services + getting my shop going.
  • Getting way more specific on who I serve.
  • Soften my resistance/ fear around being criticized, allowing me to share myself freely.
  • Putting my self out there more. (still working on it but I am well aware and WAY more comfortable doing it)


“I love your respect and honoring towards the feminine you show and I feel like our time together was really focused on healing and transforming the feminine so that I now feel comfortable with masculine work. Plus you always met me where I was and I felt really comfortable with you! <3 “

Client Love, Miranda Sherman, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Client Love, Stephanie Benedetto Padovani, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani

Wild Creation Coach & Alchemist of Joyful Business

“Maria Saraphina is a fierce force of joy in the world. She will see your highest potential and hold you to it.

In other words, prepare to meet yourself at your best and be called into something greater. Without pushing or controlling, Maria Saraphina will encourage, support and keep you accountable to what you REALLY desire.”

Before working with you the only concern that I had was that you might ONLY see my light, and not my blind spots. It’s happened before with coaches who become too much of a “cheerleader” and didn’t provide me with the BS detector I’m looking for. It turns out I had nothing to worry about there! You definitely aren’t afraid to call bullshit, which I greatly appreciate and value. I landed on your website randomly and something said, “Talk to this woman.” I waited a couple weeks, actually resisting it somewhat, before reaching out. I wasn’t sure exactly why, only that it’s what I knew to do. Through working with Maria Saraphina I’ve gotten so much more engaged with CREATING: writing stories, podcast episodes, social media posts. Maria Saraphina’s given me the sounding board and intuitive guide I needed to trust what I know to do and keep moving. I’ve updated my website with new copy (which needs to be revised again because I just keep changing!), stopped offering my new sessions for free, and have written so much more content than I ever would have without the guidance of Maria Saraphina. It’s been pivotal to finding my voice and sharing with the world. Currently I’m revising my routine so that it suits my way of living and doing business and simplifying my activities to align with what I’d like to create. The best part of working with you is your enthusiasm! I just want to laugh and smile whenever I see you; that effervescent energy is contagious. 🙂 I’ve discovered (or rediscovered?) just how fulfilling it is for me to write and create content, specifically transformational stories. My voice is coming through stronger, I’m developing a relationship with the Muse, and trusting the process. I’m choosing on an even deeper level to let this be easy and fun, and to play and get paid! I’m no longer interested in proving myself or doing “”business as usual.”” I’m inventing this life the way I want it. I’m discovering that it’s more important to show up and do something than to do the “right” thing. The movement generates the magic. Moving forward I’ll keep devoted sacred time to creation. I’ll ask myself what I know and do it, even if it doesn’t make sense to my logical mind. And I’m settling into trusting myself more and more. I’m settling into trusting myself on a deeper level. So the peace of mind I had before is only deepening. The services I’m offering is changing, and this has felt like a necessary slowing down period to allow for the creation of something new. Content creation and interaction with potential clients is quite different. I’m more trusting that the right people will show up, and I’m letting the writing flow through me, and sharing more than ever.

“I’m very grateful for everything you’ve shared with me. It’s wonderful to be seen, validated and encouraged on to more expansiveness and growth.”

Abigail Taylor

Teacher, Healer, Leader

“Maria Saraphina shows you how to manifest dreams into the physical world. Catalyst, cheerleader, BS caller, coach, and guide; she knows which hat to wear at each moment.

She’ll help you clear the fog, grab a hold of your vision, and birth it into creation. And she somehow makes the entire process fun and exciting. She’s a beautiful spark of light, and she’ll light a fire under your ass. 😉

I love how we connected instantly. She understood my mission and passions, and pushed me with love and not fear to take chances and to put myself out there so that I can been seen.

Before Working With You…

I realized I wanted one-on-one support, and I wanted it to be from someone who understands the spiritual aspect and could meet me there. I felt pretty confident that you were the right person for me, however I wanted to make sure I was investing in the right place and while I had other options I really appreciated how giving you were in my discovery session and from that I knew that it was the right fit.


I feel more confident in turning ideas into a reality. I have a stronger and clearer vision for moving forward and I feel like I’m longer alone in this. Having your support, listening and guidance has helped me work through internal blocks and given me a grounded format for taking things out of the ether and bringing them into the physical world. I really enjoy your energy and sense of humour. I instantly feel lighter and more positive when we connect. I love that you take time to connect with deeper wisdom and guides throughout our sessions. I love your detailed notes, they really help to ground the session and clarify the steps for moving forward. I also appreciate your supportive and positive approach, I always feel pumped up and motivated after our time together.

I’ve discovered that anything can be done.

It’s simply a matter of working through it mindfully and gradually. You’ve helped me take nebulous ideas that seemed out of reach and grounded them with structure and clarity. Now I’m excited to make them a reality! I’ll continue working with structure as a way to ground and bring ideas into the world. Using the feminine to gather inspiration and the masculine manifest it. I feel much more confident in my work and my ability to create what I envision now. I felt defeated and stuck before, but having your support has brought me to a place of readiness and excitement for both where I’m at and the path ahead.

“I would recommend you to anyone struggles to make their ideas a reality. One of your gifts is feeling into the spiritual aspect and being able to relate with your clients on this level, while still being grounded and direct in how they can move forward. This is a powerful blend and one that I rarely see.

I build and create more. I take more steps to make my vision a reality.

Thank you Maria Saraphina!”

Client Love, Abigail Taylor, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina
Lisbeth Hjort, Praise, Mariaestela, Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles,

Lisbeth Hjort


“When I contacted you I was at a point where it was: grow or die. Another term for from fear to love, but I knew from seeing the results of you working with a dear friend of mine that you where the right one for me. 

I don’t know where to begin in explaining the changes that have occurred while working with you.

You have been the best travelling partner I could imagine as you consistently held up a mirror showing me a better version of me and my photography than I even could dream of.

Listening to the sessions afterwards always made me happy and have helped me through days where I lost the belief in myself for a moment.

When we first met, my wings where so bruised by my interpretations of my own experiences of life as me and as a creative business owner, that I hardly dared anything – fearing the pain afterwards.

And now I fly! Not as high or long as I trust I can, instead: I TRUST life, the Universe and myself and I know by heart I’m halfway there.

The best part about the sessions have been the presence I’ve experienced. Presence is when only the moment between us exist and this is what I ve experienced in our sessions.

I think I have come to this world with a HUGE longing for presence and thankfully I give this myself. Being seen by you, holding up the mirror so I can see for myself, has made a huge impact! 

The advantages of working with you have been incredible. 

I feel strong and dedicated in choosing love – always. This helps me trusting silent periods in my business, knowing now is the time to digest what I’ve learned, and act on next steps that brings me closer to my vision and intentions for both my professional and personal life. Without this trust I would panic.

I will use what I’ve learned going forward. I have made a list of what I’m working on now and I can see what I have learned sticks deep inside so it’s a point of no return. I am standing up for myself more and more and letting myself shine. In other words, the hiding game is over and I have promised myself to play with being visible out on the web so I actually can be found and thereby hired. Before I hardly dared to show up anywhere and for sure not share what I doBefore I was stuck in a feeling of not having enough – of everything really. Now I realise that I’m half way to my goal meaning that my cup is half full not half empty. 

I have gone from sticking my head in the bush and not taking responsibility for myself and my business to prioritising the important things. And today I:

  • prioritise administration, structure and accountance every 2nd. week
  • prioritise creative time which can be meditation, reading, exhibitions, photographing for my project, walks and days of research, understanding and defining.
  • choose love several times on a daily basis.

Before my focus was deadlines most of all. 

Today I choose love!

And I breathe through fear and listen to inspiration. And thereby I listen to myself and acknowledge myself and this let me slowly grow stronger instead of before, where doubt and fear was nourished by my feeling lack of worth.

I want to say to others considering working with Maria Saraphina: Be ready to rock your boat if you are ready to trust the journey! Give up resistance and let a different view on “reality” come forth. 

I have discovered that growing my business is an inside job, and nourishing AND choosing me is a top priority everyday. Only by that I will prosper.

Hanne Østergaard

Webshop Owner & Online Consultant

Before working with you I considered whether or not we’d be a right match, if you’d be the right one for me, because that’s important for me. You quickly added a spotlight to the areas where I selfsabotage and dissolved the blockages I’ve created for myself throughout time. You made me voice issues I never dared even thinking about! The trust and respect you show me is incredible. I cannot outrun you – you keep me on track and at it. As soon as I start to create obstacles for myself – I only need to send you a mail or text and straight away you let me know how to stop that process and get back on track. Sometimes you also let me find the solution on my own – and in that teamwork I find that miracles occur. Because it truly is miracles that you facilitate. You’ve guided me to deeper than I dared go on my own. You’ve taught me to STOP when things start to become weird, tedious, unmanageable. To throw light and love at the situation, to find the core of an issue and to listen to what comes up. It’s the crazzzziest shit. It’s solved A TON of challenges for me. You’ve given me SO many tools. My toolbox is now filled with words, exercises, examples, tips and love. Best of all is that I’ve tested these tools thoroughly with you, and you’ve given me time and space to work with them on my own along the way. It’s not just words! I’d highly recommend you. There’s an immense depth to what you do. Everything has changed. Both business wise and privately. It’s all the things – deep inside of me that’s changed the most. It shows in my trust and faith to my business. And thus also in my personal life.
– If there’s one thing I could’ve done differently I wouldn’t have waited so long to hire you!
Hanne Oestergaard, Praise, Coach, Transformation
Client Love, Manda Stack, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Manda Stack

Energy Clearing

“Maria Saraphina’s blend of experience, skills, and openness to divine guidance is unique.

Best part about working with you was renewing my trust in myself to do what I need to do. Your guidance lit a fire in me to move forward and I feel more focused and confident.

Susanne Stilling

Assistant Professor, Metropolitan University College

Maria Saraphina held a 2 day career workshop for the graduating class of bachelors at Metropolitan University College, Global Nutrition and Health.

With a mix of insight, experience and openness Maria Saraphina got every one of the students to open up and see their own potential in their future careers.

Maria Saraphina is good at meeting the students in the present moment are and in supporting them in prioritising and pursuing their career goals.

Throughout the workshop Maria Saraphina had prepared several exercises to help the students through the process both here and now but also for later in life.

It’s been a pleasure working with Maria Saraphina in planning and executing this workshop, executed with empathy and love, but also very professionally.

I am certain that the students not only now – but will continue to later on – benefit greatly from their experience of this workshop. 

Here are some of the feedback the students gave following the workshop: 

”Thanks for your great energy, knowledge, love, presence and empathy.” 

“Inspiring. You are an excellent example that you can be absolutely what you want to be.” 

“I’ve learned what is really important to me, and what I’m expecting for my career.” 

“Now, I know how to continue my life as an educated health professional.”

About, Praise, Maria Saraphina, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles
About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

Camilla Frydenlund

Body therapist

You have the rare ability to both listen and coach.

It’s been a pleasure and I’ve felt so safe with your guidance.

Your unique intuition and sense of what’s right for me is amazing.

Damn’ you’re good! It’s been a pleasure and I’ve felt so safe with your guidance.

I would recommend you any time of the day because you’re extremely good at what you do, professional and supportive – all the way!

Kira Gall Henriksen

Maria Saraphina’s coaching is absolutely amazing.

More than once has she surprised me with the angles she takes and she incredible in helping you figure out exactly what you need to do.

I love her accessibility. She’s very flexible and available.

I highly recommend you. You’re so incredibly good at making each individual see their own key.

You pose clear, precise and direct questions into helping you figure out WHY, which is the absolute most important question when you want to elevate your business.

You’re also amazing with guidance to both content, the visuals and not the least the technical.

With you by one’s side you stand very tall and strong.

Mentoring, Merethe Borgart, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentoring, Catalyst, Facilitator

Merethe Børgart

Dog Expert

Maria Saraphina’s been worth gold to me when I was in a specific business situation and needed valid input.

Getting her input, business mindset and watchful eyes on things ensures a WAY better result.

Maria Saraphina’s experience and expertise within her field is something everyone can benefit from, no matter your field of business.

She’s not only worth gold business wise but also personally and economically. Because of her I’m wiser and smarter about things I had previously no clue. It’s something that’ll stick with me as move forward – her guidance is solid and everlasting.

It’s not the last time I’ve worked with Maria Saraphina.

Janne R. Mortensen

Sports Psychologist & Mental trainer

Maria Saraphina has taught me to believe in succeeding.

She’s given me ideas for development of my business which I never would have seen or come up with myself.

I feel as though she stepped right into me and my business and got to know me deeply in a a very short time.

Her ability to listen, pose the right questions and being present with you in the moment is very unique.

About, Praise, Maria Saraphina, Spiritual Business Coach
About, Praise, Maria Saraphina, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

Annie Dorthe Sandholm

Flower Entrepreneur

Maria Saraphina’s support and faith in me is priceless.

She sees opportunities and possibilities I never would have seen myself.

Maria Saraphina’s input, ideas and her unique way of dealing with me is amazing – without her I would have many sleepless nights and TONS of grey hair.

Grethe Lous

Energy Mentor

I was SO nervously excited about working with you, as it was one of the first times I actually reached out and asked for help with my business.

It was very vulnerable both being open about my challenges but also approaching someone I didn’t know before hand and ask for help.

However all of my concerns vanished once I’d had my free consultation with you – I was SO ready and felt we were a perfect match!

One of my biggest take aways, is something I think I’ve mentioned after each and every session. Clarity.

Clarity on all levels, both within me and in all areas of my life – physically, mentally, spiritually in both business, relationships, family and financially I’ve become WAY more clear – YEAAHHH!!!!

Another bonus has been the peace of mind.

Because you took everything I had on my mind and structured it so I could make informed decisions.

I was able to clearly choose, to say yes or no. Which has been such a relief.

The more passionate offerings I actually executed upon and put out into the world, the calmer I’ve become inside and out.

Step by step you supported me in building my business the way I’ve always envisioned it in my mind, but couldn’t create in reality.

When I started working with you my business was a vision that lived only in my mind, now it’s a reality!

I felt lovingly but firmly guided. It was hard work but such a loving process.

You taught me to work in a more soft and feminine way and have shown me I can get more done without having to work so hard at it.

I am very happy over having stepped fully into the world, out into the light with what I can and am good at – and being able to do that and at the same time lift other women touches me deeply.

Today I work way more seriously with my business than before.

And even though I’ve become way more serious my experience is actually that I play more in my business. It’s easier and more fun even in the periods where I work more for example when I’m launching a new product.

Thank you for our time together Maria Saraphina – You’re very unique with you heart and soul’y approach to business.
Client Love, Grethe Lous, Maria Saraphina, Spiritual, Coach, ACIM


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