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Would you wanna see your own life as a movie?


Up until not too long ago, I’m not sure I would.

Now I know that I alone hold the key to every scene played out so beautifully in my movie, even the so-called bad parts.

Honestly, there are certain parts I still wouldn’t want you to see. I’m not hiding them, I just haven’t completely forgiven myself in those areas. I haven’t chosen to rewrite the script, haven’t completely and fully chosen love in those areas of my life. But I’m working on it. One at a time I’m getting there.

“The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think.”
– A Course in Miracles

Responsibility and choice

This is what I live by. Responsibility and choice. It’s my choice everyday as I go to bed, as I wake up, as I work with my business or clients, as I meet the world, as I sit in silence with myself, to choose. Whether I’ll be based in love or fear. If your business & life was a movie... what would you see?, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, A Course in Miracles, ACIM

And let me tell you, it might sound like it or seem like it, with a fancy website, beautiful images online and amazing clients, but it’s not all glitter and gold. It’s a solid, profound and deeply connected choice I make every instant. It’s raw and spiritual. I make that choice for me, and thus for you.

Because we’re all connected.

I fail

But there are moments I fail. And so I get back up.

My only responsibility as a healer is to heal myself, because in doing that, I heal the world, I heal you. So often we get caught up in trying to fix everything and everyone when the most effective healing is actually the one you do one on one, with yourself.

“The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself.”
– A Course in Miracles

A Thousand movie screens

A question I very often hear from my clients or other ACIM students is “if it’s all played out already what does it matter what I do”. It’s usually said with a little hint of hopelessness, you feel like giving up and I remember that feeling all too well.

We feel so small and unimportant and nothing’s working out like we want them to.

But what you choose DOES matter.

Try to see it like this…

You’re sitting in front of the worlds largest display of movie screens. In front of you are thousands and thousands of different movies being played out. All at once. These are like the thoughts in your mind. You can only see or have one at a time. Question is, which one do you pick?

“Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or the bodily level of experience, or the higher spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual.”
– A Course in Miracles

Whether you’re building a business or a life, the result depends on what you choose. May I suggest you do it with love, create from your heart, let your soul soar and make the best damn movie ever!


Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, (ACIM) Student & Teacher

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