The Hidden Treasures of Limiting Beliefs

The Hidden Treasures of Limiting Beliefs The Hidden Treasures of Limiting Beliefs - Transcript Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video. In today’s video, I am wanting to dive deep into what I call “the hidden treasures of your limiting beliefs” because I believe that behind every fear, there is really a gateway or a doorway to deeper understanding, to the most abundant experience of love and really the opportunity for you to lift another veil, to re-member - meaning put [...]

The Magdalene Voices, Archetypes – From Divided Woman to United Queen w. Stacey Simmons

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela Archetypes - From Divided Woman to United Queen w. Stacey Simmons It's been a long while since I gave up the notion of coincidences and meeting Stacey Simmons during my research for MASTERY THROUGH LOVE - A 6-week Healing Journey for Spiritual Entrepreneurs is just another proof to the pudding. When she began talking about The Divided Woman and United Queen Archetype my mouth stood agape, as I'm sure yours will too, and so I had to share her research, wisdom and knowledge with you! You see, for [...]

The Magdalene Voices – How The Expansion of Love Dissolves Fear

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela How The Expansion of Love Dissolves Fear. If you have tried "busting through your blocks" or "faking it till you make it" only to find yourself back at square one with a racing heart, anxiety and fear - you're not the only one! I cannot tell you how much I have tried to conquer my fears by tapping my face off or getting one book after the next to help me build my confidence... yes, confidence - I know it may not seem like it, but for years [...]

Your Worth Is Not Dependent On Your Pricing

Your Worth Is Not Dependent of Your Pricing Your Worth is Not Dependent on Your Pricing - Transcript Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video! In today’s video, I’m going to touch upon a topic that has become very apparent to me and I’m actually not sure - I’m very curious to see what is going to come through because parts of it may become a rant. I’m not really sure. I’m going to open myself up and allow [...]

The Magdalene Voices – God, The Many Lies & False Beliefs We Believe w. Pam Grout

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela God - the field of infinite potentiality Reading really anything that Pam's written is like sitting down with a great friend, having the most light-hearted conversation about things that often are taken too seriously.- and it was the same, joining her in Sacred Conversation for this beautiful episode of The Magdalene Voices.Pam has an ability to weave quantum physics and spirituality in a way that makes it completely relatable, down to earth and most importantly easy to understand, making it fun, light and joyous, as it should be.So [...]

What is Met By Love Can Be Seen

What is met by Love can be seen What is Met by Love can be seen - Transcript Hello, Radiant One and welcome to today’s video or inspiration. The inspiration for today’s video came from the stillness within. As I sat this morning and I was asking within requiring what to bring forth, the quote, “What is met by love can be seen” arose and at first I wasn’t sure what it was for. I knew it was profound because it is. There is such a deep [...]

The Magdalene Voices – A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela A Course in Miracles I’m seriously filled with the deepest joy and satisfaction over what I will be sharing with you today!I am diving deep into one of the tools probably most responsible for my significant shift from a fear based mindset into one of love.A Course in Miracles.I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it and am eternally grateful for it having found its way into my life.In this episode You’ll hear me share:What A Course in Miracles is.How to work with it.How I came [...]

Repeated Lessons

Repeated Lessons - or, when you apparently still have more to learn... Repeated (expensive) lessons - Transcript So Radiant One in todays’ I am going to share a huge lesson that I apparently had to relearn just recently. One of my - I don’t know if it’s a pet peeve or really one of the core principles of my teaching, my coaching, my mentoring, whenever I work with people whether it be in a group or in a one-on-one session, or really just talking to friends, is that I [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Near Death Experiences w. Jessica Reid

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela Near Death Experiences and Wanting to "Check out" - Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation w. Jessica Reid. SO many light workers struggle with "being here" knowing full well that there's another "place" with peace so deep it transcends everything. When Jessica and I joined for our Sacred Conversation we did actually have a few ideas of the direction we wanted to go, but as so often happens when you're lead by Spirit, and surrender to it our conversation took us into the area of "not wanting to be [...]

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