The Magdalene Voices – Gender Fluidity, Transgender Identities & Spirituality w. Zack Shay

Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation w. Zack Shay For a while now I've wanted to bring the topic of transgender identities to The Magdalene Voices and when my interview with Zack for their upcoming series "Spirituality in Business" took a deep turn I knew I had to invite them in. Today’s episode is a powerful, deep and unveiling conversation that honestly blew my mind at times and I hope you will listen with an open heart and mind so that we may, together create a world that is open and inclusive of all, no matter our gender [...]

The Power of a Sacred Collective

Women have been gathering for - forever, I want to say. I was going to say millennia but I don’t think millennia even covers it. I think that we have been used to gathering in circles forever, for infinity. I think that that is going to continue forever. I think there is a very, very powerful energy in that and I think that when women come together, we can really do about just everything that we set our minds to and our hearts to, especially. But the world of online business can be isolating... { Continue Reading... }

The Magdalene Voices – Spiritual Practice, Discipline & Expansion of Love w. Mariaestela

Spiritual Practice, Discipline & Expansion of Love w. Mariaestela In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you’ll hear about elements of a spiritual practice, what's in my own, why I see discipline as crucial and finally that everything must evolve with the expansion of love. It's an open and honest deep dive into how I started, how my practice has evolved and where it's currently at. In this episode you'll hear me share: My own spiritual practice. Elements of a spiritual practice. How discipline is not punishment. How everything must evolve as an expansion of [...]

Why You need to do Less not More if You Want to Succeed

The idea that we have to work more to me is based in a patriarchal, shadow-based, fear-based mindset. It is what is driving you into the ground because whatever it is you do, it won’t ever be enough. From a love-based perspective, you are enough whether you do anything or not. You simply are by your inheritance, your expansion of source, your being of love – you are enough, point blank. { Continue Reading... }

The Magdalene Voices – The New Wave of Souls and Their Mamas w. Nicole Karon

Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation w. Nicole Karon There's a new wave of souls coming - are you one of their mamas?In full disclosure Nicole is a near and dear friend of mine and so if my enthusiasm for her work and wisdom comes through strongly that’s why. While not a mama myself, every time I read or watch anything from Nicole it makes me wanna be pregnant!I've long wanted to have her come on the show to share her knowledge and discoveries with you and I'm thrilled that she agreed.In this episode you'll hear us talk [...]

Praying for business

Praying for Business Praying for Business - Transcript Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video! In today’s video, I wanted to share with you a great shift that happened for me in terms of the way that I pray or my prayers and essentially actually also the big mistake that I discovered that I had been making or made with prayer. The one thing that I know in terms of the loving, kind, caring, and compassionate source that we [...]

The Magdalene Voices, Big Dreams & Resistance w. Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela What do you do when you've got big dreams and resistance shows up? Big Dreams & Resistance is almost bound to go hand in hand. Which is not necessarily a bad thing... Although I'm sure there are times where you'd just like for resistance to move out of the way, so you can get on with your big dream. In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you’ll hear me share the 5 phases of Resistance and what to do if you find yourself in one of them. YOU’LL [...]

Spirituality in Business

Spirituality in Business Spirituality in Business - Transcript Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video in which I am going to be talking about spirituality in business and how to integrate spirituality into business and why you should be integrating spirituality into business. Let’s dive in... This video was inspired by a live healing circle that I had with my group currently through “Mastery Through Love” which is a 6-week healing journey for spiritual entrepreneurs - soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneurs. [...]

The Magdalene Voices – The Origin of Your Soul w. Simran N’golet

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela Earthseeds, Starseeds, Aliens & ET's w. Simran N'golet When I heard Simran mentioning how most souls on earth are in fact Earthseeds, and not Starseeds a HUGE coin dropped for me... - and with this episode of The Magdalene Voices I'm hoping it will for you too Radiant One. In this episode you'll hear Simran share her wisdom on, and us talk about: Earthseeds Starseeds Aliens & ET's - in a very NON "Hollywood" scare way. My experience in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. My Soul Origin. How [...]

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