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The Magdalene Voices Show & Podcast, Magdalene Sacred Medicine Ancestors & Truth w. Stephanie Victorie, Petal & Moss Spirit & Bone, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

The Magdalene Voices – Magdalene, Sacred Medicine, Ancestors & Truth w. Stephanie Victoire

I’d felt called to invite Stephanie Victoire from Spirit X Bone into Sacred Conversation for a while, without understanding why. When I then saw her posting about her pilgrimage to Mary’s Southern France it all clicked.

In this powerful episode you get the fortune to sit at the fire of a powerful healer sharing her wisdom, experience and truth. It’s pure medicine for those ready. { Continue Reading… }

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Doing It Anyway - When Fear Trips You Up, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Doing It Anyway – When Fear Trips You Up

To me, our journey as a spiritual business entrepreneur, as a soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur, our personal growth is very connected to the growth of the business. Our businesses are gateways. It’s portals. It’s openings for us to dissolve fear and expand in love to rid ourselves of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, procrastination, whatever it is that’s been holding us back.

I believe that that will come up as you do your work. As you follow the calling that is within your heart, you will be faced with challenges and obstacles and situations and issues that you are going to have to move through.

There’s simply no way around them. One of those, to me, one of those gateways or doorways or portals is launching something “for the sake of” launching it, for the powerful, powerful lessons that are within them.

I have clients who very successfully launched their first ever thing and they fill their classes and workshops without hardly doing anything. They send out an e-mail and that’s it. And I have clients who the first time they do it, only 2 people show up and they want to run and hide. Whether you’re … { Continue Reading… }

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The Magdalene Voices Show & Podcast, Changing Your Name - My Personal Journey With Numerology, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

The Magdalene Voices, Changing Your Name – My Personal Journey with Numerology w. Maria Saraphina

If I had the experience I now do, of knowing exactly how supportive numerology can be in your life, and business, I wouldn’t have waited as long to change my name.

Like so many I’m sure the notion of being able to change anything in your life “simply” by changing your name seemed laughable to me – however everything is energy, so today it makes perfect sense. { Continue Reading… }

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Welcome to The Blog Radiant One!

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I’m Maria Saraphina, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel as well as Host of the two show and podcasts MASTERY and The Magdalene Voices.

My intention is that what you will find on these pages will be inspiring, empowering and uplifting and may serve you in your unveiling, awakening, healing, transformation, growth and expansion. For the highest of you and our Collective.

xo, Maria Saraphina