The Spiritual Business Show & Podcast w. Maria Saraphina Guest Soul Whisperer Awen Sophia Rose

You're about to sit before a Radiant Divine Soul with timeless, immense wisdom. Her voice is soft and moves like water, and like water it will find its ways into every open space. As a Soul Whisperer she weaves the threads of the ethers into beautiful understanding. Prepare yourself for deep recognition Radiant One as you meet Awen Sophia Rose... { Continue Reading... }

The Magdalene Voices – The Magdalene Rising & The Golden Grid w. Maria Saraphina

The Magdalene Voices The Magdalene Rising & The Golden Grid w. Maria Saraphina The Magdalene Rising & The Golden Grid w. Maria Saraphina Since the beginning of my journey with The Magdalene and The Magdalenes I've been seeing a golden grid covering our planet. As I've walked with Her and Them I've begun to understand how each and every Magdalene, whether walking this earth in physical form or beyond forms part of The Golden Grid. While extended into form through love we are individualised not separated. We are connected. Always The Magdalenes are [...]

The Spiritual Business Show & Podcast w Maria Saraphina, Guest – Julie Parker; Speaker, Author, Trainer, Priestess & Podcast Host

In this episode I am joined in Sacred Conversation by Julie Suzanne Parker. Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy and author of Priestess - Ancient Spiritual Wisdom for Modern Sacred Women. Julie shares her journey as a spiritual entrepreneur openly and honestly - not shying away from the challenges she's had to move through in order to get to where she's at. Most recently in connection with the publishing of her book - where she chose to walk away from an already signed bookdeal with a big, wellknown publisher after having examined her values and integrity. She shares how she came to the conclusion she did, as well as what she had to move through and process. You might wanna grab a blanket, a cup of tea and curl up as you receive the wisdom of this wise woman. { Continue Reading... }

The Magdalene Voices w. Ana Otero

In this Sacred Conversation Ana and I talk about Dark Nights of the Soul, Rude Awakenings, deep transformation and what happens when The Magdalene appears in your life. Ana shares her journey openly as well as  wisdom about our wombs both the physical ones women have and the energetic ones we all have. There’s tears and laughter, joy, honesty and deep love – of which you’re a part of Radiant One. { Continue Reading... }

The Spiritual Business Show & Podcast w. Maria Saraphina – Guest Victoria “Vix” Maxwell, The New Age Hipster

In this episode I am joined by Victoria "Vix" Maxwell also known as The New Age Hipster. Vix shares her expansion and growth as a successful, spiritual entrepreneur and you'll hear the surprise turn our conversation takes about flow and abundance. As always in these Sacred Conversations we share a honestly as possible all of the ups and downs, highs and lows so that you might get a glimpse of the work and journeys that's brought us to where we're at. I hope you may recognise yourself and know that you too are on your path. You too, can bring to life that which you heart is calling you to. { Continue Reading... }

The Magdalene Voices, Living A Guided Life w. Maria Saraphina

How does a deeply spiritual, highly skeptical and recovering control freak choose to lean in, surrender and begin living a fully guided life in authenticity and integrity. For a while now I've been consciously choosing to following the internal guidance I'm receiving. Be it magical or mundane. To see what would happen. Join me as I share the experiences, benefits and outcomes of living a fully guided life. { Continue Reading... }

7 Myths About Having A Spiritual Business

Maybe you've encountered one of more of the following when mentioning or thinking about your spiritual business: not serious, soft, too woo woo, can't make money - the list goes on. In this episode I unravel 7 Myths about having a Spiritual Business however I KNOW that there's more, and I would love to hear your input! Once you've watched make sure to leave a comment so that we can continue the unravelling of aaallll of this BS. { Continue Reading... }

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