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The Magdalene Voices – God, The Many Lies & False Beliefs We Believe w. Pam Grout

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela https://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/TheMagdaleneVoicesShowPodcastMariaestelaPamGroutGodEps30.png God – the field of infinite potentiality Reading really anything that Pam’s written is like sitting down with a great friend, having the most light-hearted conversation about things that often are taken too seriously. – and it was the same, joining her in Sacred Conversation

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What Is Met By Love Can Be Seen, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

What is Met By Love Can Be Seen

What is met by Love can be seen What is Met by Love can be seen – Transcript Hello, Radiant One and welcome to today’s video or inspiration. The inspiration for today’s video came from the stillness within. As I sat this morning and I was asking within requiring what

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Repeated Lessons, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Repeated Lessons

Repeated Lessons – or, when you apparently still have more to learn… Repeated (expensive) lessons – Transcript So Radiant One in todays’ I am going to share a huge lesson that I apparently had to relearn just recently. One of my – I don’t know if it’s a pet peeve

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The Magdalene Voices Show & Podcast, Near Death Experiences, Jessica Reid, Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices – Near Death Experiences w. Jessica Reid

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela https://mariasaraphina.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/TheMagdaleneVoicesShowPodcastMariaestelaNearDeathExperiencesJessicaReidEps28.png Near Death Experiences and Wanting to “Check out” – Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation w. Jessica Reid. SO many light workers struggle with “being here” knowing full well that there’s another “place” with peace so deep it transcends everything. When Jessica and I joined for our

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I’m Maria Saraphina, Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel as well as Host of the two show and podcasts MASTERY and The Magdalene Voices.

My intention is that what you will find on these pages will be inspiring, empowering and uplifting and may serve you in your unveiling, awakening, healing, transformation, growth and expansion. For the highest of you and our Collective.

xo, Maria Saraphina