Let’s talk about resistance

let's talk about resistance Resistance Resistance towards seeing yourself as a pure vessel of love. (oh, hells no - running for the exit button!) In the work with my clients, this is where I usually meet the hardest resistance and why I always work on a weekly basis with my clients for the first 12 weeks, to dissolve the blocks. You have noooo trouble finding all of your flaws and errors, but seeing yourself in the highest light, as the most beautiful, divine and innocent creature ... oh boy - bring out the guns! I see it in my 1:1 sessions, my group [...]

There is another way…

There is another way... There is another way... I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear my clients sighing a heavy sigh of relief when they realise that what not only I have been saying, but more importantly they've been sensing all along is true... That there IS another way. A way of "doing" in total sync with the Universe. A way of love, of patience, of kindness, a way with a deep soulful connection to who you are in what you do. A way where you drop your pretences of what the world is supposed to be. Hustling, bustling, pushing and pressuring your way through [...]

How to stay anchored in love when things are falling apart.

How to stay anchored in love when things are falling apart. Including a free 21-page e-book. You know how there are times in your life when a huge internal storm gathers? When things simply have to be torn up by the root, fall apart in order for you shed your old skin, plant new seeds and step out into the new you? Deep within you know it's necessary, but it's still hard to welcome with open arms... So you hold on. You tighten our grip. all to no use. Because Spirit knows. Soul Contract Spirit knows what we need, what we want and most importantly what will serve [...]

What to do when fear seems real

What to do when fear seems real We have all been there. In those moments where fear seems to grip every inch of you. Your throat becomes restricted, your heart clenches and panic soars through your veins. Did you know that your mind controls your physical reactions? For example if I ask you to think of... biting your teeth into an ice cream popsicle, do you feel the goosebumps from icing your teeth? biting into a lemon, do you feel your face and mouth twist from the sourness? something terrible happening to your kids or loved ones - do you feel the incredible sadness and even [...]

The easiest way to re-connect with your purpose

The easiest way to re-connect with your purpose Beautiful Soul, I wanted to take the time and share something that I've seen come up a lot recently in my sessions with clients. Once I saw the theme I checked in with myself and realised that I was guilty of this myself. While the examples I share mostly deal with business, I encourage you to stay open and ask yourself how this applies to you and your life. In doing so you'll give yourself the greatest gift of coming home, back into center, connected with your Divine Source. What I've seen is that [...]

Love, practical application & easiness

Love, practical application & easiness - video transcript Hi all you beautiful souls and welcome! In today’s video, I wanted to talk to you about the easiness with which things can get done when you choose a loving mindset. What that means is that when we are based in the ego mindset, the lack mindset, the fear mindset, we believe that we need to get things done. We create long lists of stuff to do and we start to – we stick to a strict schedule and we adhere to it and we tick off things and we just work our way through [...]

Have you been called to serve?

Have you been called to serve? - video transcript Hello all you beautiful souls and welcome. Today I wanted to talk to you about something that is very, very important and near and dear to my heart and that is you sharing whatever it is that you have on your heart or your mind.   Do it anyway Because if you found your way to this video, chances are that there is something you’re being called to do. And that something you’re being called to do will most likely not make any sense at all. It will [...]

What you perceive is true for you…

What you perceive is true for you. - video transcript Hello and welcome, all you beautiful souls. I am happy and thrilled that you’re here. In today’s video, I wanted to talk to you about how the world, the external world, is based on your internal world. You can shape your reality I remember when this was first brought to my attention or came into my awareness, this was something that I truly did not understand and couldn’t get a grasp of because it was so foreign to me that I have the ability to shape [...]

Dissolve rather than suppress

Dissolve rather than suppress   - video transcript Hi and welcome all you beautiful souls. Thank you for watching. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about dissolving rather than suppressing.   Very often when we have stuff that’s going on in our lives or most likely on the internal side, in our minds, there is a strong desire to either resist or suppress it, saying that, “Oh, I shouldn’t be feeling like this” or “I don’t want to feel like this and I want it to just go away.”That’s very understandable.However, trying to suppress or wanting stuff [...]

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