How true denial can propel you forward.

How true denial can propel you forward Have you ever had something you just wanted to go away and so you tried ignoring with all of your might only to have the very thing you’re trying to avoid blow up in your face leaving you to deal with all of the pieces and mess?Ignoring never works.It is the same as suppression and will only allow whatever you’re choosing not to acknowledge or look at to be fuelled and grow in the shadows, chaining you down, consciously or unconsciously.What you can do, and what does work is to deny whatever it is, an affect on you. While choosing [...]

How to know if you’re operating out of love or fear…

How to know if you're operating out of love or fear. A simple way of knowing whether you’re operating out of fear or love is to notice the level of speed, need and necessity involved. The more you need something in order to do or be anything, and the more it needs to happen right this very moment and the more it HAS to happen because you will not be able to continue otherwise, the more fear is driving. Simply put: Fear is fast and frantic. Love is slow and deliberate. When in a car, who’d you prefer the driver to be? The one who will take [...]

There is no secret…

There is no secret You may have noticed that what I teach is very simple. There are no bells or whistles, no glitter or glamour, no tricks or secrets.Love is simple.Simple.Simple however does not necessarily equate easy.In fact quite the opposite.Because in this world of ours we’ve been conditioned to look for the easy, quick fixes outside of ourselves and so once you begin your awakening you have work to do.Work of feeling the depths of your feelings without attaching judgement.Work of allowing limiting beliefs, no matter how stale or dark, to surface so that you may heal them.Work of learning to sit in silence.Work of [...]

blank or open?

blank or open? One of the best compliments I ever got was actually something the person delivering worried would be an insult. On the second day of a 2-day workshop for some beautiful soon to be bachelor students, while setting up, preparing the space and the day, the professor in charge and I were talking about the first day when she told me that her colleagues had asked her how it had been. How I had been. I encouraged her to share her view even though it was clear it was a difficult subject for her. She told me she hadn’t been sure how to answer [...]

Healing the wound of separation

Healing the wound of separation Years ago when I first picked up a copy of A Course in Miracles and had begun going through it I realised that what it really said and meant was that all of your misery, all of your fears, all of your troubles, any unrest, unhappiness or depression stems from the idea of separation, from thinking you are separate from God. to which my initial reaction was “what.a.load.of.BULL!” Through religion we’ve been taught the idea that “God" is an old white man. Filled with thoughts of revenge and hate coming to judge us on our final days. This idea has [...]

What if I don’t believe in myself?

Do you believe in yourself? Have you noticed that in this world of ours there seems to be this common agreement... That you have to believe in yourself to do or be anything? That in order to create the life you want, to move forward with your wishes, your wants, your calling or your desires, you’re first required to believe in yourself? But what if you don’t? If you don't believe in yourself, then what? Are you then doomed? Cast out from heaven and forced to walk the earth a slave to your circumstances. Not allowed to pursue your hearts desire? Not allowed to excel, succeed [...]

Do you ever struggle with feeling or being grateful?

Do you ever struggle with feeling or being grateful? Does it ever seem as though everyone else have everything to be happy for but you don’t? If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of where you’re looking... In fact I am willing to bet good money that right this moment. Where ever you may be in your life this, there’s AT LEAST! and I mean AT LEAST 50 things you can be grateful for, if you want to. In fact I’m going to prove it with a list further down. (Oh, don’t believe me? Already scrolling for the list? Go ahead - I’ll wait [...]

Harvest the lessons of your 2016

Harvest the lessons of your 2016 Happy New Year you Radiant One! I hope you had a soft and wonderful landing into the year 2017. May it be yet another blessed year for you and your loved ones. Personally Spirit led me into a far deeper investigation of what I learned in 2016 than I had planned. Initially I thought I was going to do a few simple and easy questions, but once I had written them on a piece of paper other and deeper questions started appearing within my consciousness. Questions like: What am I ashamed of? How did I fail? What does not work [...]

Let’s talk about resistance

let's talk about resistance Resistance Resistance towards seeing yourself as a pure vessel of love. (oh, hells no - running for the exit button!) In the work with my clients, this is where I usually meet the hardest resistance and why I always work on a weekly basis with my clients for the first 12 weeks, to dissolve the blocks. You have noooo trouble finding all of your flaws and errors, but seeing yourself in the highest light, as the most beautiful, divine and innocent creature ... oh boy - bring out the guns! I see it in my 1:1 sessions, my group [...]

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