Mastery through Love – Powerful, Ancient Gateways for Healing and Transformation

Mastery through Love - Ancient Gateways for Healing & Transformation Have you ever had everything you ever thought you wanted but still felt completely and utterly unfulfilled and unhappy? Craving something… more… although having no clue what that “more” is? Knowing, without knowing how you know, that there’s is another way? Something else? Something you seem unable to quite grasp? Being filled at times with shame and guilt for having seemingly everything (much more than many) and still feeling unhappy? Crying yourself to sleep at night in despair of yet another seemingly wasted day. This was me back in 2011. Until one night... On the [...]

The Magdalene Voices – My Story

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela - My Story When I started The Magdalene Voices I promised that I would, from time to time, share my personal story, insight, knowledge, wisdom and revelations... Today is that day... In this episode of The Magdalene Voices I share a large chunk of my personal story and what got me to where I am currently. And so if you have ever wondered who the person behind the show is here's your chance to get to know me a little better... In this episode I share with [...]

How to decide what content to use for your next program

Decisions, Decisions A simple, yet effective way to decide what content goes or stays in your newest program, book, service, product or app. This is a proven method that I often use with clients to help them know where to begin and what to do first. It’s simple yet highly effective. It’s a slightly modified version of the prioritising part of my free guide Divine Clarity & Inspired Action. You’ll need: Post-it’s or pieces of paper Pen Deeply connected, always Know this... As a Soulful Entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising being deeply connected with Source you have a continued stream of inspiration flowing not only to and through [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Margaret Starbird

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Author Margaret Starbird. Margaret Starbird and her profound body of work is like a beacon of light, not only letting us know that there is another side to the stories we have been told for centuries, but provides us with all of the clues so that we might see for ourselves and make our own conclusions. Having spent years of extensive research she gives us the tools enabling us to see what has been hidden in plain sight. She, like you and I, [...]

How to balance your feminine and masculine energy – PART 2

How to balance your feminine and masculine energy... - to best serve you and your business. { Part 2 of 2 } "The Headless Chicken" Do you feel like you’re always behind? Running around, doing one thing after the next without stopping for a moment to breathe or ask yourself if it makes sense, because “this is what the experts say" you have to do? Does it exhaust you, leave you overwhelmed, unsure if you can do it and makes you want to throw in the towel and go sleep for a decade? Tired of all of the pushing and shoving, forcing, coercing and convincing that [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Julie Parker

The Magdalene Voices Maria Saraphina in Sacred Conversation with Julie Parker. As anyone walking the Magdalene path will know; when the Goddess wants something she finds a way... When Julie and I joined in Sacred Conversation for this episode there wasn't a set script, outline or direction. I called her in, inspired by a tiny sentence she'd shared in an episode on her own podcast The Priestess Podcast. Little could we have known that Mary would take us deep into the important topics of spirituality, social justice and structural change... In this [...]

How to balance your feminine and masculine energy to best serve you and your business – PART 1 “The Lazy Duck”

How to balance your feminine and masculine energy... - to best serve you and your business. { Part 1 of 2 } "The Lazy Duck" Do you feel pretty aligned with your feminine energy, and not at all with your masculine? Are you very out of alignment (to the point of laziness) and is it costing you business, making you feel inadequate, ineffective, unproductive, leaving you irritated, frustrated and unfulfilled? This is one of two most common imbalances I have found in my work with soulful entrepreneurs. I call it "The Lazy Duck" - and it is the result of you not allowing, activating and engaging [...]

How to dissolve the fear of competition.

How to dissolve the fear of competition... One of the concerns often raised during my sessions with clients is the fear of competition. In this article I share with you the most efficient way of dissolving that fear... Now, there are thousands, if not millions of yoga teachers, mindfulness instructors, hotel owners, business managers, graphic designers, coaches, therapists, translators, writers or whatever your souls chosen expression in this world is. Millions. Who, every day, just like you, get up with the intention of creating a better world. A more loving, kind and caring world. A just world for all. Something that is to be celebrated not feared. [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Nicole Casteel

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Nicole Casteel Vibrational Healer Nicole Casteel was pushed into my lap by the Magdalenes via Instagram. As it usually is when the mysteries are at play, I didn't, at first, know why - only that I felt called and responded to the resonance I felt. Later it became obvious that she was meant to join me in Sacred Conversation on The Magdalene Voices and was equal parts thrilled and surprised, as I am with all of my beautiful guests, when she said yes. [...]

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