The Magdalene Voices – Darkness, Dark Forces and Negative Programming w. Simran N’golet

The Magdalene Voices w. Maria Saraphina Darkness, Dark Forces and Negative Programming. Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation w. Simran N'golet When I read Simran's magnificent post about how mainstream publishing houses and spiritual teacher actually stunt spiritual growth I knew I wanted her on the show - luckily for you, and me, she said yes to my invitation. In this episode we go dark and we go deep. Simran shares her experiences, views and findings on one of the biggest publishing houses within the spiritual community. One that hundreds if not [...]

The Magdalene Voices – The Evolution of Trust into Knowledge, Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela The Evolution of Trust into Knowing I remember the first time a client, as we closed our sacred space together shared with me how she felt deeply inspired by my apparent trust.Trust in where I am at.Trust in whatever happens, happens for a reason.Trust in myself.Trust in others.Trust in God.Trust.I was surprised by what she shared as I often am when others say the same. It made me reflect and I wanted to share it, and the evolution of trust into knowledge with you...First of all, I see [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Lemuria, Rakai’el Webb

Join us for a journey of remembering and reconnecting... Listen as we dive into all things Lemuria. The land, the place, the dimension, the frequency, the heart, the meaning, the purpose. As an ancient Lemurian Priestess in this episode of The Magdalene Voices you will hear Rakai'el share her infinite wisdom of Lemuria and it's frequencies. It a divine transmission from our hearts to yours.

The Magdalene Voices – Living as a Magdalene w. Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices w. Mariaestela Living as a Magdalene - The Magdalene Voices are back! Only a little over a month has passed since the end of Season 1 and still it feels like a lifetime has passed. Have SO much to share with you, so listen on... Mentioned in this episode The Magdalene Rising Sacred Membership Circle. My monthly subscription service for you wanting to dive deeper into the teaching of The Magdalene Voices and do the work. The Magdalene Rising Mastermind. For souldriven, heart based entrepreneurs wanting a [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Season 1 Finale, Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices Season Finale w. Mariaestela. 22 amazing episodes form Season 1 of The Magdalene Voices. Listen or watch as I share my deep gratitude for the unfolding of Season 1 as well as share exciting news for season 2. The Magdalene Voices will be back on August 10th. Watch The Video Listen to the Podcast Loved what you heard? Click here to subscribe on iTunes. Are you a Magdalene? Get [...]

Freedom is on the other side of fear

Freedom is on the other side of fear. If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below Living, being and doing fully aligned with the truth within you, the truth that resonates, vibrates and permeates the entire universe is the most freeing and liberating thing you will ever experience. Not only that. It is also the most fulfilling and satisfying way of life because you’ll life in a perpetual state of grace and flow. Not without challenges and tribulations. But in flow. Because you have freed and are continually freeing yourself of any [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Anaiya Sophia, Sacred Sexuality

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Anaiya Sophia. Joining in Sacred Conversation with Anaiya Sophia and have her share her many years of wisdom, experience and intuitive knowledge was such a profound blessing. There's a still, strong current that runs through this woman and out onto us who are blessed to be in the space and energy. In this episode you will hear Anaiya and I talk about: Sacred Sexuality. Mary Magdalene. Womb healing. The need for initiations. - and much, much more... [...]

Create – it’s time

It's time. If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below You know that book you’ve been wanting to write? It’s time. Or maybe it’s not a book… Maybe it’s building a nourishing community, planning a magnificent retreat, creating your brilliant signature course or your new amazing service. (As is the case for many of my clients.) Whatever it is, you know what I am talking about right? Wonderful - cause I can help! Not in the quick fix, 3 steps and voila way - no. In the solid, step by step by [...]

Summer Solstice Review

Summer Solstice Review If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below The Summer Solstice is fast approaching marking the midpoint of our year. With it comes an amazing opportunity for gentle self reflection and contemplation as well as getting clear on your 2nd. half of the year before gearing down for the summer, if you’re on the northern hemisphere and settling into autumn and winter if you’re “down under”. It's a time of seeing just how far you’ve come since the start of the year, the lessons learned, experiences gained, knowledge acquired. [...]

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