Small Steps, Big Changes

Join me as I tackle what seems to be a pretty big misconception... That in order to get anywhere in your life or business you HAVE to constantly be outside of your comfort zone dancing with fear. I call BS! Small Steps = Big Changes. When you do them. As you'll hear me share, what I've found is that if the gap between where you want to go/be and where you're currently at is too big, then you risk ending up focussing on the fear rather than what you ACTUALLY wanted in the first place...

Continuous Expansion

How often have you had one thing fall into place, just to have another blow up? In this episode I'm answering a question from Victoria who more or less asked "why does another area seem to fall apart as soon as I've gotten one sorted?". If you've had this experience too (as I have) then this is for you. The answer is multilayered and offers you an opportunity you to check in and see what resonates with you.

How To Clear Your Filters – My Journey with Human Design & The Gene Keys

They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears - I think that goes for tools, methods and methodologies as well. There was a span of 2 years from when I first encountered Human Design and The Gene Keys till it grabbed me. It wasn't till I was a fully fledged accredited Energy Alignment Method® mentor AND actually had the tool to transform the energy revealing itself through my design that I began to recognise the immense wisdom right there in our designs. I quickly learned that you're supposed to "clear your filters" but no one seemed to sharing HOW. Here I do...

Lovebased Marketing & Communication with Maria Saraphina

Being here, I'm sure you've, like I, long ago made the choice for Love as your way - whether it be conscious or simply is. However somewhere around 2016 I began seeing how, while I was being from a space of love, the way that I was communicating, especially through emails and my my website wasn't fully aligned. Part of this realisation led me into my most recent dark night of the soul and from there I began the transformation of dissolving the fear and expanding the love. This transformation became clear recently when I was reviewing a clients promotion and in this episode; Lovebased Marketing & Communication I share how you can begin your transformation too whether it be for personal or business purposes...

Encompassing The Whole

As I continue doing my inner work. Lifting the veils hindering my sight. Releasing that which doesn't serve me and aligning to that which does I've notice how structures seem to dissolve and a merging with all that is expanding. How the notion of "either or" evaporates into a "both and". How I begin to encompass the whole. A state of being and flow I haven't experienced before. Maybe that's you too? I share my discoveries in this post and I'd love to have you share you experience with this as well...

What To Do When You’re Starting Over w. Spiritual Business Coach & EAM® Mentor Maria Saraphina

Whether you're moving from a corporate career to a spiritual business or expanding your business into new areas here's some clear and powerful tips for what to do when you're starting over.

The Golden Frequency – Introduction w. Maria Saraphina

The Golden Frequency is here - born in love I'm excited to share this introductory episode with you. With every new episode it's my intention to support you in activating The Golden Frequency within you. As you'll hear in this first episode I do not have all of the answers as to where this will go. I've said yes and am surrendering to the divine unfolding of it.

Maria Saraphina, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM Mentor, Catalyst, Facilitator

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