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blank or open?

One of the best compliments I ever got was actually something the person delivering worried would be an insult.

On the second day of a 2-day workshop for some beautiful soon to be bachelor students, while setting up, preparing the space and the day, the professor in charge and I were talking about the first day when she told me that her colleagues had asked her how it had been. How I had been.

I encouraged her to share her view even though it was clear it was a difficult subject for her.

She told me she hadn’t been sure how to answer and hoped I wouldn’t be taking this the wrong way…. She had told them that it seemed like I was completely blank when interacting with the students. While listening to their questions, comments or answers.



And I could tell that the professor was even more surprised or confused by my reaction.

B.L.A.N.K = Beautiful in my mind because blank equals open to me.

Up until then I didn’t know that my “blankness” was visible so I was thrilled that that was the case. Because if she did, others would too.

What she thought/considered to be an insult, to me is to date still probably the greatest compliment I have ever gotten.
Because Iwas blank,am blank or at least try to be as much as possible whether I am teaching, writing or simply living my everyday life.

It wasn’t always like that though…

What I’ve learned from personal experience is that being unable to listen is usually insecurity although not many will acknowledge that at first.

Feeling small, insecure or insignificant it feels MUCH better to completely ignore that and instead boost ourselves by fixing others, by giving them advice or suggestions rather than healing the very part of you that feels this way. Leaving you feeling amazing and without the need to fix others.

how often do you truly listen to what someone is saying or telling you silently without looking for an opening in which to insert you opinion or answer?

How often do you listen with an open heart and mind knowing that all is well no matter what is being said?

How often can you be in a space of listening to someone without having to provide an answer, fix or solution?

Beautiful creatures

These students were beautiful creatures filled with worries, concerns and fear for their impending futures outside of school, out there in “real life” and what I chose to reflect back to them is that they themselves are capable of greatness, of finding the right solutions for them.

Rather than providing them with answers I chose to teach them how to find those answers with themselves. I chose to teach them how to fish knowing that that would serve them far more, far better than me feeding them fish.

In a world hellbent on avoiding fear, pain, sorrow and darkness we rush to provide answers and solutions in order to avoid truly feeling the depth of our hurt and despair. But in order to heal it you must feel it. There is no way out, only through.

Being human you will have moments of darkness and despair, of worry and concern, it’s inevitable. For both you and me. It’s part of the growing of wings, the expansion of being, the continued creation of life.

Bear witness, hold space

Bearing witness, holding space is extremely powerful and deeply healing because doing so you acknowledge that all is well no matter what shows up. That there is nothing to fix or solve. You bear witness to the holiness of One, the wholeness, the fullness, the completeness.

And only by the demonstration of it can it be taught or learned. It’s simply “monkey see monkey do”. If you have children you’ll know what I am talking about. Children learn by your actions, by the demonstration of what you say rather than telling them.

I do not have all of the answers, nor do I need to. Staying connected with the Universe, Spirit within, all answers are given me.

I am connected to the Universe, as are you, which means all answers needed will be given us.

I am only able to do this because I heal, have healed and will continue to heal those parts of me that want to hide in darkness, insecure, afraid, ashamed and guilty and only therefore am I able to truly demonstrate it and thus teach anyone anything.

I want you to know that what I have done you can do.

I am special, as are you
I am unique, as are you.
I am worthy, as are you.
I am enough,as are you.
I am loved, as are you.

“In the space of silence can all things be heard.”

As you allow stillness within you give others permission to do the same.

To be open, to listen for their answers, hear their solutions.

So allow yourself to be blank Radiant One.

Love & Blessings,


In the comments below, tell me:

What miracles have you experienced in the space of silence?

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  1. Positivity can be a miracle, and hypnotherapy received through my insight meditation app was greatly received. Positivity.

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