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Becoming The Expert, The Teachers Teacher Or Authority Within Your Field w. Maria Saraphina




Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome into today’s episode in which I am going to be diving into the challenges of becoming the expert, being the authority within your field, or the teacher’s teacher.

This episode is something that’s been stirring within me for a while.

I’ve wanted to share this with you because it’s been coming up more and more in my sessions with clients that they have come to a point or they are a point where they’re actually being called toward or asked to step into the role of the leader, the expert, the authority within your field, or the teacher’s teacher.

In this episode, I’m going to share some of the commonalities that I see that come up when that happens or some of the – I’m not sure I want to call them signs – but challenges, issues that you most likely will have to move through.

I want to say that while this episode deals with the challenges of becoming the expert, the teacher’s teacher, and the authority within your field, then I’m pretty sure that if you’re at the beginning of your journey and this is not where you’re at yet, you’re probably going to be recognizing some of the issues that I mention.

If you can go ahead and start working on those already now, you’re going to be ahead so I invite you to listen with an open heart and an open mind and take what serves you. Leave the rest and then go use it for good because the more of us that do this work, the more of us who come from a heart-based, love-based place in being of service to ourselves and our clients and the world, the better the world is.

Struggling with low self-worth and loads of self-doubt

One of the things that I see, and this is if you’re a soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneur, if you’re a Magdalene rising, someone who’s made the journey from your mind into your heart, wanting to lead with love, be and do from that place, then what I also find is very often on the inside, you can struggle with low self-worth and loads of self-doubt.

Notice that there is a difference between self-esteem and self-worth. For example, to take a very personal example of myself. I am very often perceived, and have been in the past perceived as someone who is very strong, who is outgoing, who is extroverted, who can easily “do things.”

While that in some cases might be true, then on the inside I have also had loads of self-doubt and low self-worth, meaning this work that I do with my clients today and this work that I’m sharing with you is something that I myself have been going through.

What’s perceived’s not always true

Truth be told, whenever I am either adding a service or doing something new, there are still remnants of it where I’ll have to check myself and make sure that I expand love in that area to dissolve the fear in order for me to move forward with clarity and with action.

So to know that whatever we see on the outside is not necessarily and rarely what’s going on on the inside. In terms of you becoming the expert – and I will say that you will notice stuff.

True Leadership

This is when you’re being asked to or called to a “higher” position and I don’t mean in terms of – because I like to say that those who are leading usually are just the ones that have gone a little further ahead and now are working to make sure that those who have gone after will then be able to follow and to come up to where we are eventually.

So that to me is leadership. Leadership means being of service to the world, to ourselves, and to the world. That to me is the ultimate goal.

I used to, when I was younger, think that being a leader meant that everybody had to do what I wanted them to do and now I understand just what a powerful and sacred role being a leader is.

Lifetimes of false preachers

Being someone who this is not your first rodeo, being someone who has had your fair share of lifetimes and having seen false preachers, I think that it’s very common for us to be questioning ourselves and others in terms of where they’re coming from.

So being very discerning of ourselves and wanting to ensure that we come from the right place, that we’re not doing this out of greed or wanting to have an image, wanting to rely on the external factors. I think that’s something that’s very, very common and so within that there comes the self-doubt.

Never Greed

What I will say is that those that I’m honored to hold space for, I’ve never encountered someone who did it for the greed. That’s not to say it’s not for the money because I love money. Money is good. Money does good in the world and when you have it, it can do a plethora of magnificent things.

But there is a difference between coming from an ego-based, fear-based place and greed in order to have the money and hold onto it and there is a difference in coming from a service-based, love-based place and being of service to those that you are here to serve.

Healthy Skeptic

So those are two very distinct and different energies. Like I said, I think that having had lifetimes of seeing false preachers, there is a healthy amount of questioning, of checking in, of discernment, in order to make sure that it is of the highest, for the highest of all.

I think that that’s a very, very normal and common thing to have or see. So if that’s where you’re at, if you have that going on within yourself, know that that is perfectly normal and that doesn’t mean you’re out of resonance.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not in the right place. It simply means that you are someone who cares deeply for your work. You care deeply for the people that you are here to serve. That to me is just a huge sign of that. That’s the self-doubt.

Love Yourself Up – Your Purpose’s bigger than you

So as with everything, I always say “love it up.” So if you have self-doubt, it’s not about having self-doubt go away but it’s about expanding love in that area so that you dissolve the fear so that you can be who you are and deliver the services that you’re here to deliver, the products that you’re here to deliver, and basically be of the service that you’re here to be of service for.

Also, I see the world – and you may have heard me say this before – but I see the world as an amazing portal and gateway for deep healing and transformation when you choose to allow it to be.

As Within So Without

Because we’re constantly being shown – there’s the saying that is, “As within, so without.” You’re constantly having reflected back to you opportunities for healing, opportunities for transformation, opportunities for clarity, opportunities for action, if you so choose.

You can also choose to view the world as your enemy and against you and then that’s not a fun life and I don’t think that you would be here if that was where you were at.

However, when you choose to see the world as a portal, as a gateway, it can become a very wondrous and amazing place where it’s like, “Oh! Oh!” You’re always being given opportunities to expand from a space of love in the world.

Common Challenges – External Appearances

When it comes to my clients and the sessions that we have, there are some external appearances of what’s been going on within that I see that’s very common when it comes to the challenge of becoming the expert, the authority within your field, or the teacher’s teacher.

Those are essentially most of them connected to the self-doubt or the low self-worth. But they are reflected out into the world as different things and this is where it’s very important for you to become the detective, to be the curious one and saying, “Okay, this does not make sense and what’s going on in this area?”

Then once you can see the thread running back, you can actually begin to say, “Oh, I’m actually going to choose to come from a space of love and take a different action in that area.”

I’m going to share some of those external appearances that are some common ones that I’ve found that seem to be recurring within the sessions that I have with clients.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga teacher or you are a mindful instructor or an intuitive reader, if you’re a Tarot reader or if you’re a blueprint changer, if you’re someone who goes into the Akashic records, whether you’re a cake maker, an accountant, if you’re a graphic designer, if you’re a psychotherapist, if you’re a coach.

I’ve seen these in all different domains so it’s really not about the domain or your field of expertise. These are I guess commonalities. So let me go ahead and share some of this.

Honey pot

One of the very common ones is when you become the – when you start being, really – it’s not about becoming. But when you start being the expert or being seen as the expert or authority within your field, what happens is that you become like a honey pot.

Because you’ve cleared a lot of your internal shit and you’re doing the work, you’re actually serving the world, then people begin seeing you as an authority and they will want a piece of you. They will want a piece of what you have and they will want to share that with you.

So you become popular and it’s up for you to decide whether or not to engage or be part of whatever it is that someone is offering. You don’t have to. So really it’s about saying yes and it’s about saying no and becoming discerning of what will serve you and your clients and your people the most and what won’t.

It’s ok to be paid

Also, it’s about being paid essentially. One of the things that I see in a lot of soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneurs is that once they begin to become “popular,” a lot of people want a piece of them and for some reason they can’t imagine or can’t fathom starting to charge for that.

I’m not talking about being part of podcasts or blog posts or marketing. There are plenty of things that will serve you, their people and your people as well, but the whole idea of someone wanting your expertise, your knowledge, your wisdom, all the education and training that you’ve taken, for free, is not okay. It’s not okay.

Again, I want to emphasize this is not about NOT delivering free content because I’m pretty sure that you already give loads away. You probably have a website where you give away, you have a freebie, blog posts, videos, podcast, whatever. So you’re already giving away a lot of free content that can serve people.

Actually, very recently – and this is one of the things that I tell people in terms of this, in terms of being paid for your time, for your services and your expertise is that when you are being paid and when you’re being paid well, that also, because you are a soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneur – what that means is that once you’re being paid well and you have a foundation and abundance and wealth, you do not sit on that.

The more you receive the more you give

You give more. The more you receive, the more you give. That’s just a fact. I see it in myself and I see in everyone that I work with. Giving does not necessarily mean giving away money but it can be giving away your time.

So for example I have people who volunteer in different areas because that’s a way that they can actually use and take whatever expertise they have and use it, give it to those that may not be in the place where they’re able to pay for their services.

So understand that as you receive, you also give. It’s just – I can’t emphasize enough just how true that is because I see it not only in my clients but in the world as well.

Of course, there are those who are going to be holding on but those are not the ones I work with and it’s probably not the ones you’re going to be working with as well. So not being paid right or not allowing yourself to be paid right is an external reflection of your self-doubt or your low self-worth.

Powerful, Sacred Containers

Secondly, that might reflect also in being unwilling to create agreements, which I call sacred containers, for any collaboration that you’re doing. Very often, making an agreement is seen as something that is to be a conflict and to me, an agreement is like I said a sacred container.

It’s a sacred space that you create together with the ones that you’re doing the collaboration with that simply allows for you to know “these are the terms and conditions, this is our playground, this is what we work within.”

It’s also a way to be sure that the material that you use is being protected and guarded. I have had clients in the past and have had collaborations with where there weren’t any agreements in place and then later they find out that they delivered the material, they have taught, they have done the thing and the place or other people have simply taken their material and starting using them themselves – which is not okay.

So having a clear agreement in place on “how do we do this?” and what is to be done if you want to use my material, is there a licensing? So making sure that you have agreements in place, especially when you become the expert, the authority in your field, or the teacher’s teacher.

You know if you’re a teacher’s teacher and you have teacher’s trainings, then making sure that your students understand what they can and cannot use of the material and how they can and cannot use the material. It’s just simple and like I said it doesn’t have to be a conflict. Once we know the container, it’s so easy to just move within.

Also, in creating the container, there is a dance. It’s not about either person sitting on the other end holding onto their things. It’s about coming to an agreement that suits all and it’s for the benefit and the highest of all. So that’s an external reflection, not having agreements in place.


Another thing is fear, like you’re not creating the product or the service that’s being asked of you, if you have people coming to you and asking you. I know this because this was recently me where someone is asking me for a service that I have been thinking about but it’s not in place yet and that brings up for some reason fear.

So I chose to dive into that and make sure that I again expanded the love within that area and then it dissolved the fear so that I was able to deliver that service and also charging the right price for it.

In terms of charging the right price, I just want to direct your attention to an episode that I did called “Charging Your Worth” which I really do not like that term – “charging your worth.” I will include a link to it in the show notes so that you can go ahead and listen to it or read it because it’s so important.

Here’s The Article: Your Worth Is Not Dependent On Your Pricing

Not Using Your Voice

Another challenge is not telling people about the service or the thing that you’re creating, like you have this beautiful thing and you’re not telling people about it which again can lead back to the self-doubt and the low self-worth which is in truth all of these reflections or all of these mirroring things is really about reclaiming your power, reclaiming your inherent power which is your birthright and even before you were born into this life. You’re a powerful being. You’re a powerful soul.

Not Owning Your Power

That leads me to the final thing. It’s not owning your power. It’s not owning how powerful, how magnificent, how strong, how skilled, how knowledgeable you are and being – I don’t even want to say okay with it but being assertive about it, being settled in it.

There is a difference because this comes up very often when we talk about owning our power is that we don’t want to become arrogant. We don’t want to become snobbish. We don’t want to become seen as someone who doesn’t have both feet on the ground.

Which is so interesting because to me, owning your power, standing truthfully in your own light, that means that you are a powerful, open, reflective, kind, caring, compassionate vessel for the healing, the transformation, the uplifting of all and that is something that is to be honored I want to say but also to understand that in that does not lie being arrogant.

In that doesn’t lie but it’s just a way of the ego to hold you back, to make sure that you don’t take that step into that leadership role or that expert role, that authority within your field role, or the teacher’s teacher.

So this has been a longer episode than usual. I just want to leave you by saying if you’ve found yourself within some of this, I would love for you to take an inventory of where you’re at. Look at these things and ask yourself. Be really honest and open with yourself.

You’re more than welcome to comment as well but if that’s not you, take a deep and honest look at yourself and see “are either of these showing up for me?” And if they are, number one, don’t fall into the guilt or the shame trap. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for feeling that way. If that’s the way you feel, it’s the way you feel and it’s totally fine. You find this in order for you to heal it.

Let Me Hear From You

That is what I have for you today. In the comments below, I would love to hear from you what’s the biggest revelation you have heard through listening to this. What’s your biggest takeaway from this episode?

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach  & Radical Love Rebel

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