Are You a Magdalene?

Get the blueprint and explore...

The Magdalene Blueprint contains 18 stunning pages with powerful wisdom.

You’ll learn…

  • What a Magdalene is.
  • Who She, and they were Historically Speaking.
  • Where the name Magdalene originates.
  • Who She, and they are Soulfully Speaking.
  • Your Personal Magdalene Expression.
  • What The Magdalene Rising is.

+ get the extensive list of Magdalene Precursors.

Feeling called by The Magdalene but not sure how to respond?

The energy of the Divine Feminine is sweeping across the globe, and uniting in Sacred Marriage with her Divine Masculine counterpart she is paving another way than the dark path we human beings have been following for decades and centuries.

I call it the Magdalene Rising.

Millions of souls like you are waking up in darkness with glimpses how who they truly are. And while the memory may be distant initially, as you do the work, as you clear out the muck, just as it would if you were cleaning a window, unveil yourself the memory gets clearer and stronger, until you completely remember who you truly are in truth and embody your divine nature.

In both being and doing.

Realising that there is another way than the one the shadow masculine and feminine as- pects of ourselves have been following for decades and centuries. A way out of darkness and into the light.

A Way of Love and Unity.

If you have found your way here, Radiant One, chances are that you already intuitively know the answer to that beckoning call – Am I a Magdalene? And so it is my hope that this blueprint will serve you as a healing tool in your awakening journey and ascension.

Hello Radiant One,

I'm Maria Saraphina

Teacher, Spiritual Business Coach, Radical love rebel & Host of The Magdalene Voices; Show & Podcast

I support Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs of The Magdalene Order and Magdalenes Rising like you in the expansion, upgrade and uplevelling of your business and life.

Through Sacred Sessions I support you in revealing the knowledge you already possess and couple it with inspired action so that you may continually serve your ever expanding circle.

I hold deeply sacred space as you commit yourself to fully embody your dharma. Your souls work and life’s work.

I have created this blueprint, hoping that it may serve the highest for us all. Get your own copy today.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina