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Returning to Love In Business

Returning to Love, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

To me, it’s very, very clear that our world is awakening and to me it’s not something that’s just within the last 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years. I think that this has – our planet, our system, and our earth has been on this evolutionary path for millennia and probably even longer, even further back.

To me, that is a continued expansion of the source from which we came, to me. Some call it God; I do at times but to me that source is also – it’s love. { Continue Reading… }

Why Divine Clarity Is Nothing Without Inspired Action

Why Divine Clarity Is Nothing Without Inspired Action, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela, Podcast, Spiritual Business

Adding Inspired Action to Divine Clarity is something that I’m SUPER excited about because it’s where the magic happens.
Unfortunately it’s also something that SO many soul driven, heart based, spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with…

Either you’re running around like a headless chicken working yourself six feet under trying to get s*** done or you’re out of your mind frustrated with inactivity and procrastination.
Join me in as I share two client stories with practical tips to know what and how you can start doing in a way that best serves you… { Continue Reading… }

The Importance of Vacation

The Importance Of Vacation, Podcast, Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Entrepreneurs are probably the only people who’ll go from a 40-hr work week to 80…

– and I get it.

Being driven by heart and fuelled by soul will sustain you for a long while – however, you’ve gotta fill the tank.

Listen as I share why I always have my clients include vacation when they map out their years as well as the resistance you may encounter… { Continue Reading… }

Have to, Want To, Need To – Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela

Have to - Want To - Need To, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

Is The Way You Speak Sabotaging You?

Your language, whether it be conscious or unconscious, really rules your day, your life. With this episode I want to inspire you to begin questioning the things that you say, begin questioning the voice within your mind, and it may at first be unconscious and notice how many times you say, “Oh, I have to” or “I need to”, because it may be sabotaging you and your business.
{ Continue Reading… }

Make Time For Your Dreams

Make Time For Your Dreams,Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela

There seems to be this notion that if we’re a spiritual soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur, then things are just supposed to happen because we’re connected to God or source or the universe.
So things are supposed to happen.
Well, the thing is, things happen through you. It is through you that things are made manifest…. { Continue Reading… }