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Asynchronous Coaching

is a fluid, voice note based coaching service giving you an experienced coach in pocket when and where you need it.

With Asynchronous Coaching I've taken one of the aspects my regular Spiritual Business Coaching clients rave about again and again; the ability to reach out to me when the need occurs rather than having to wait for our next session.

Asynchronous Coaching,Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Asynchronous Coaching is for you if…

Asynchronous Coaching is not for you if…

In which case I recommend you check out my Spiritual Business Coaching instead.

What We Can Cover...

The sky is truly the limit. Often the act of speaking something out is transformational and powerful in itself.


Whether it’s best way to approach a market, to prep for a meeting, presentation, event, webinar, teach or chartering a new path I’ll help you determine the best strategy.


Benefit from my extensive experience using a vast range of systems to determine the best systems for you. I’ll give you ideas and suggestions best suited for what you want to achieve.


The number one thing my clients say they get from working with me. Let’s get you from feeling muddled or unclear to clear and confident.


Being personally involved in a situation can make it difficult to see possibilities and solutions. With my laser focused coaching you’ll unravel any sticky situations quickly.


As an experienced energy facilitator I energetically  see/sense/feel/hear things. Threads, connections, ideas. When you come to me with a question I use a combination of the spiritual and the logical. 


Strengthening your own intuition and following your gut is crucial to success of any kind. My coaching is built on this principle. I’ll help you strengthen this muscle.


Business and work is deeply personal and can be a powerful transformational journey. As a whole human being you cannot box or segment yourself. You bring all aspects of yourself to the table. That’s your brilliance and your genius. “Stuff” will come up. It always does, so bring it. 


My core principle is that Love is The Way. Anything and all things you’ll receive from my end is based in love. The kind, caring and compassionate kind. The fierce, fiery and bold kind. Creating #WinWinWin situations that far trancends the human aspect of life.


With an ability to ask the right (and sometimes difficult) questions I am fairly quickly able to determine what works and what doesn’t. Thus allowing for powerful streamlining and optimisation benefitting you, your work and business as well as the entire organisation.


Aligned action is as much about taking action as it is not. Without alignment you can end up running around like mindless zombies doing one thing after the next rather than allowing yourself space and time to act in alignment, with attention and integrity. I will highlight, emphazise and re-mind you of the power of aligned action.


The ability to discern what is right for you, and what is not, is crucial for any sustainable, long term, deep satisfaction within. In my coaching I will always support you in finding the right solutions for you.


As a result of me combining my spiritual gifts with years of accrued business acumen I have an ability to see low hanging fruits ripe for harvest. Usually without or very little R/D or added expenses.

How It Works

Asynchronous Coaching is really simple and super accessible. After joining you receive details to connect with me via either Telegram (preferred) or WhatsApp. Once we’re connected you’re free to message me as needed.

I’ll reply within 24-72hrs and usually way sooner than that.

While you’re welcome to message me over the weekend you shouldn’t expect to hear back from me till the following week. 

Being based in CEST (Copenhagen) the hours you can expect to hear back from me are Monday through Friday 10 AM – 9 PM CEST.

How To Join

Asynchronous Coaching (AC) is a membership. There’s an initial 3 month commitment which includes one initial session. Thereafter the membership continues until it’s canceled.

  1. You sign up for AC by purchasing membership.
  2. You fill out the intake form allowing me to get a better understanding of you and your business.
  3. You receive information to connect with me via either Telegram or WhatsApp and are able to start shooting me messages when needed.
  4. We schedule your initial session. This is the only face-to-face session part of your membership. Additional 1:1 one-off sessions can be purchased as needed.

Please note; if you’re a former client you’re able to bypass the initial 3 month commitment and session. If you’d like to get started reach out – you know where to find me.


First 3 months including 1 initial 45 min. session is $1111 total.

Following the first 3 months, the price per month is $295. 



I’ll reply within 24-72hrs and usually way sooner than that.

While you’re welcome to message me over the weekend you shouldn’t expect to hear back from me till the following week.

I prefer Telegram and truth be told it’s because of the emojis and gifs. However you should pick the one you prefer and use most frequently. I’ll adapt.

Currently usually CEST (Copenhagen/Paris). As I travel throughout the year this might vary and I will always notify clients.

Having had clients spanning the globe and from almost every timezone it’s never been an issue.

In my close to 15 years of coaching I’ve only ever had one time it didn’t really work out so chances are that it will.

However I do not offer refunds, so I invite you to familiarize yourself with me, my work and style before joining.

Also note that your’re free to cancel the service at any time without incurring any further charges.

My regular coaching clients do this often. If you’d like to include the option to have me review specific documents/pages/copy.

This could be, but are not limited to:

  • Business plan.
  • Email sequences.
  • Sales pages.
  • Website copy.
  • Overall strategy.
  • Freebies/opt-in’s.
  • Blog posts.
  • Specific pages of a book.
  • PDF’s
  • Etc.

Then you can choose the AC+ option which is §1995 for the first 3 months including 1 x 45min. session and then $595/month thereafter. You can purchase that here.

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