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The Magdalene Voices.

The Magdalene Voices, Mariaestela, Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator

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The Golden Frequency – Introduction w. Maria Saraphina

The Golden Frequency is here - born in love I'm excited to share this introductory episode with you. With every new episode it's my intention to support you in activating The Golden Frequency within you. As you'll hear in this first episode I do not have all of the answers as to where this will go. I've said yes and am surrendering to the divine unfolding of it.

The Spiritual Business Show & Podcast w. Maria Saraphina, Guest Kerry Rowett

The Spiritual Business Podcast w. Maria Saraphina - Guest Kerry Rowett We all have each our own individual journey and in this episode you'll be blessed with the journey of Kerry Rowett from Awaken Kinesiology. Kerry's name's floated in my consciousness and circles for at least a few years and it was a joy to get to sit down with her for [...]


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