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Sacred Conversation w. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Aga Bera



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MASTERY w. Maria Saraphina | Guest; Kundalini Yoga Teacher Aga Bera

In this Sacred Conversation I am joined by the amazing Aga Bera, Kundalini Yoga Teacher whom I’ve had the blessing of coaching and witnessing rise for a (long) while now.

In this Sacred Conversation Aga shares how her journey with spirituality began and where it’s taken her.

We discuss the intersection of spirituality and entrepreneurship, sharing our personal journeys with spirituality and its impact on our work, emphasizing the importance of aligning work with values and beliefs.

We highlight the need for authenticity and respect for individual choices in approaching spirituality as well as the importance of surrender and following one’s path without forcing or pushing.

You’ll hear us share strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving goals; emphasizing the importance of focusing on individual connections and energy rather than numbers or popularity.

Finally we share our experiences with manifestation, personal growth, and the importance of continuous learning, growth, and self-awareness.

Allowing yourself to embrace fluidity and giving yourself permission to evolve and change.

Enjoy Radiant One. In the comments let us know what you what your biggest takeaway is…

Big hug and loads of love.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Business Developer | Radical Love Rebel

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More about Aga…

Aga is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and very successful business owner with clients spanning the globe.

Originally from Poland Aga now lives in near Copenhagen Denmark but frequently travels holding retreats and trainings in both Europe and Bali.

Aga’s journey began with a deep love for sharing the yoga practices that she found invaluable. 

She’s practiced yoga for over 20 years and teaching for more than 15 –  and specializes in chakras, inner child healing and self-love.


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