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About Maria Saraphina

Teacher, International Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel serving students and clients on almost every continent since 2012.

Truth Sayer, Nay Slayer, Preacher, Priestess, Weaver of Worlds, Keeper of Secrets, Channel, Connector, Born to Lead, Creator, God Lover, Jesus Freak, Teller of Stories, Star Seed, Vessel for Ancient Wisdom, Magdalene Rising.

About, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, Maria Saraphina


Love is the way. Whether in life, work or business leading with love will ultimately cause solutions that are for the highest.


Everything is connected and starts within. If you want to create sustainable growth and expansion you must start within.


Clarity is nothing without application. With my skilled intuition and clear seeing we'll build powerful strategies that fit you.

at my core

I am here to support the elevation of the frequency and vibration of our world and the ones beyond.

I do that through Teaching, Spiritual Business Coaching, Energetic Alignment, Intuition, Strategy & a whole lotta Love.


I have taught and coached Radiant Ones like you to...


generational patterns, inner child wounds and the effects of dysfunctional relationships.


with their ancestors and spiritual heritage causing deep connection and their work and power levels to be amplified to the umpteenth degree.


streamline and set up powerful systems, procedures and structures deeply aligned with their core, supporting their work, allowing them time to focus on what truly matters.


amazing products, services, programs, courses, memberships, teacher trainings and podcasts as well as write books


and create strategies for the best way forward.


fully into their light and share it unapologetically with the world.


limiting beliefs, upper and outer limits, thoughts, feelings and emotions.


triple and for some even quardruble their income.


clear clarity of your purpose, life and work.


perceived failures into powerful golden lessons and harvesting the magnificent wisdom they offer.


strong boundaries and deepen your relationship with those you love, know and care about.


fear, worry, doubts and concerns. Reclaiming your heart allowing it to lead and calibrate and align bringing forth outcomes far beyond your wildest dreams.

The 3 Things

most of my clients tell me after every session...



Crystal clear clarity is the number one thing most of my clients tell me they've gained after a session. Often coming to me with a muddled mind we lay it all on the table, sort through everything leaving you with crystal clear clarity and deep love.


Lighter, Stronger, Bigger

Everything is energy. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we release that which has been weighing you down and align your energy is expands. Thus you feel lighter, stronger, bigger - because your energy is.


I know exactly what to do

With my intuitive, laser focused, holistic and strategic coaching I'll share solutions you'd never thought of and you'll leave knowing exactly what to do next.

My journey as a teacher and coach started long before I ever knew it was something I could be “when I grew up” – and it’s probably been a “career choice” through infinite lifetimes with many different labels:

Witch, Healer, Medicine Woman, Sage, Oracle, Priestess…

However the one I personally resonate with the most is Facilitator because the teaching, healing and work I do, happens through me not by me. 

I am merely the vessel, catalyst and facilitator for that which is to come through me. My job is to step aside and let it pour through me. Opening myself up to be the clearest channel possible – and all of the personal healing, energy work, transformation I’ve done over the years (and continue to do) has all been, I see now, for this reason. 

To be the clearest channel I can be so that when I show up in session with you there’s nothing standing in the way of me seeing you in your essence, at your purest, simplest and most powerful, without all of the murky layers currently distorting your experience.

I see connections and correlations no one else does and translate it into actionable strategies and opportunities for healing, expansion and growth – whether of you, your work, business or life.

That’s why most of my clients say some version of “I’d never thought of that”, “I never realised that”, “you make everything better”.

Call it a choice or destiny, my training, in this lifetime, began the moment I was born; into a loving yet dysfunctional family with a father who struggled mentally probably for most of his life.

Resulting in periods of self-medication with alcohol and thus from very young all of my senses were heightened and trained to ensure the safety of myself and my sister and keep the peace best way possible.

My skill was honed in the schoolyard where I unknowingly was coaching my friends through the grades 0-10. To this day I’m surprised when someone seeks me out telling me of the impact I’ve had on them.

As is often the case, a dark night of my soul became my portal to peace.

Somewhere around 2008/2009, on my bathroom floor I had a revelation that would change the trajectory of my life.

Seemingly having it all – very well-paid job, great friends and colleagues, company card, travel, amazing apartment in the middle of the city, closet full of clothes, 7 weeks of paid vacation, private healthcare on top of the already free system we’ve got in Denmark. 

I had everything we’re conditioning to believe we need in order to be happy.

Yet every night, coming home from work I would find myself on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out in misery and longing for something I didn’t know what was. Feeling completely empty.

Until one night when in an instant I had the realization; that while I, the human being, was lying on the floor crying and in complete misery, another part of me, seemingly outside of myself, was completely at peace, observing without judgment and deep love what was happening. 

Everything seemed to stop for a moment. I was jolted into awareness and KNEW unequivocally I wanted to embody that part of myself that felt outside of myself. Fully integrated and have that deep peace reverberating throughout my entire body and being at all times.

Having absolutely no clue how, I followed the nudge that same night to go to bed with Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love” playing on my iPod (I’m that old) in my ears as I fell asleep.

The idea; to reach and strengthen whatever conscious or unconscious part of me that peace I’d felt came from.

I did this for many many nights.

Unknowing as to what I was setting in motion I’d unconsciously made my first choice for Love as my way. 

A choice that soon became conscious when I decided to set a gentle alarm on my phone to go off 5 times a day, saying “I choose Love” whenever it went off.

Perhaps very naively I assumed that me having chosen love meant the heavens would open, angels descend, my path be cleared and rose petals be strewn… because IIIIII (very altruistically and magnanimously) had chosen love LOL. 

She lived happily till the end of her days…

Uh. Nope. You KNOW that’s NOT what happened.

Instead ALLLLLL of that which was out of resonance with love, within as well as without, has been presented to me, giving me the opportunity and choice to continuously bring it into alignment with my truth – and continues till this day.

NOT a path for those faint-of-heart yet if you’ve found your way here Radiant One I’ll wager that it’s one you probably know well – whether you’re just about to embark on it, are well on your way or have been at it for years.

There’s something calling you…

The Call, About Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

There’s times I wish I could say I wish I’d never begun.
Times when I wish I could wish it’d been different.

Yet the truth is I don’t.

Despite this journey having brought me to my knees more times than I care to remember, each time thinking THIS was the end of me, that I couldn’t continue, each and every time I’ve risen deeper in love, stronger in peace, clearer, more confident and unwavering in the recognition of my truth…

Love IS The Way.

Which is what I am here to teach, preach, holla and demonstrate through my being and doing till I am ready to shed this vessel and continue my soul’s divine mission in whatever form comes next.

It’s got absolutely nothing to do with anything outside of myself and everything to do with who and what I am in truth.


(You are too Radiant One in case that’s not obvious)

Because what I’ve “lost”, shed and released in the almost 2 decades since a fist to my face from my then boyfriend ignited my personal development journey in this lifetime has brought me home in a way nothing else can. 

To that which I’ve always been, always will be, am. Helped me lift the veils that hindered my experience of love’s presence in my life.

That is why I am here…

Through being a leader myself I have learned that while I was born to lead, leading ultimately means being of service.

You know that you were born strong, to pave a path and lead. Years have taught you that true leadership means taking care of your people and being of service (not exploiting them.)

About Spiritual Business Coach Maria Saraphina

Like others before you, you might be conflicted or even feel ashamed because your natural skills of strength and leadership has been seen as manipulative or dominating.

However you know that this strength in you is meant, not only for you but for the whole. You were given these gifts to be on the forefront, to break the waves, to clear the path, to rebel against injustices, to stand for what is right and true, to speak for those without a voice, to lead with love.

You were given these gifts to empower people, to uplift them, to teach them, to guide them, to let them test their wings over and over again while you keep them safe, until the moment they themselves are ready to lead with love from within, until the moment they are ready to soar, to fly away far and wide and to build nests of their own. 

Seeing a true leader it is easy to believe that they never feel anything or have everything put together, but in reality true leaders are the ones who cares the most. 

They are the ones who watches over you when you are down, the ones who empower others and builds strong foundations, the ones who lead from the front and the ones who serves the whole.

Through our work together I help you step fully into your role as a leader. Embrace it with every ounce of your being, reclaiming your full Self so you might be the leader you came to be, be of service to those you’re here to serve, do what you came to do.

Spiritual Business Coach, Radical Love Rebel, Maria Saraphina


You won’t find 3 easy steps to anything, no quick fixes, overnight success schemes or short cuts in my world. Nor will you find methods of fear, old paradigm, patriarchy, force, coercion or persuasion.


I will not ask you to “blindly trust” me or anyone else, but instead insist that you rise in all of your radiant glory – called from within.

Love is The Way.

and in my world you will find…


–  and brilliant, empowering suggestions based on experience gained through my corporate career and more than a decade of working with brilliant souls like you, many of whom choose to return again and again with each expansion and upgrade they are ready to initiate, finding that work we do together amplifies and elevates their own.

"Maria Saraphina operates from a place of love but her antennae are fine-tuned to detect resistance, which she then works to (gently) dismantle. There is absolutely no bullshitting yourself in her presence!"
Client Love, Kristi Amdahl, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Kristi Amdahl
“Maria Saraphina is amazing at what she does. She has positively impacted my life both personally and professionally with her teachings, mentorship, love, wisdom, and knowledge.”
Kimberly Galloway Gordon, Spiritual Business Coach, Maria
Kimberly Galloway Gordon
Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Teacher
“Maria Saraphina sees into your soul… If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny.”
Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Sophia Noelle Aaland
Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor
"There is no hiding the stuff we drag around, unseen to most as Maria will see it and call it out, then lovingly support and guide you through the next uplevel in your journey."
Client Love, Ruthy Doolittle, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method®, Maria Saraphina
Ruthy Doolittle
Animal Communicator
"Maria goes above and beyond as a coach and straight up amazing human. Her ability to merge business and spirituality is a blessing and I feel truly lucky to have found her when I did."
Spiritual Business Coaching, The Alignment, Kayma Englund, Spiritual Business Coach, Energy Alignment Method® Mentor, EAM® Mentor, Maria Saraphina
Kayma Englund
The Kamali Temple Owner, Healer & Creator

A little bit about me and my journey.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. A tiny Queendom in the cold north. Surrounded by water, Denmark is probably best known for often being voted the happiest nation in the world for several years and also for being a mighty giant when it comes to standing for truth, justice and love for all.

Reflected in our social structures with free health care, free access to education (plus getting paid for it when you turn 18), 37-hour work week, 5 weeks of annual paid vacation plus 10 paid public holidays.

This together with the fact that Denmark has always been on the forefort of social change being among the first nations to:

  • Abolish the enslavement of human beings and the transportation of enslaved people in 1792, though not taking full effect till 1803 and 1848 in the colonized areas*.
    *Denmark has not yet apologized nor paid reparations despite having benefitted greatly from colonization and enslaving people and is yet to truly recognize the unconscious biases and systematic racism within ourselves and our systems.
  • Give women the full right to vote in 1915.
  • Access to abortion in 1973.
  • Permit LTBTQIA+ Civil Unions in 1989 and  church marriages** in 2012.
    **Individual priests, however, are still permitted to refuse performing the ceremony if they so choose, forcing the couple to seek out someone else.

has given me not only a holistic, healthy view of the world, but fuelled the innate knowing that I am my siblings’ keeper and to stand for equal rights for all, no matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, color, status, faith or belief – and for social structures where we take care of each other and our world.

Up until 2012 I was a city girl through and through however a 3 month stay in Temecula, California flipped that on its head. Today I live in a place, close to water, where I can easily dig my bare feet into moist soil and meditate under an open sky.

Other things you may want to know about me...

I Stand for Love

For as long as I can remember I’ve stood for love. For finding a way of doing things that didn’t necessarily benefit just me, but the whole.

For being kind, caring and compassionate in a world where those traits have not always been glorified.

For doing things differently even if seemed like the road less travelled.

However for a while I got caught up in the world, as we all do, before finding my way home.


Perhaps it was getting the honor and blessing of being a big sister (and later auntie) that set me on my path of taking care of those who come after.

Or maybe it was my near death experience at the age of 11, reminding me of my Star Seed nature, instantly seeing that we’re all One.

All connected.

That there is no space nor time. Though you might read this many hours, days, months or even years after me writing it, it’s still now and though we may physically be thousands of miles apart, which is often the case with my clients, we’re all still connected.

Such is energy.

Strong Internal Guidance System

Having always had a strong internal guidance system I’ve never understood why disagreeing meant having to be mortal enemies.

A gift and skill that served me greatly while negotiating million dollar contracts as a Business Development Manager and Key Account Manager in my corporate career where big money flew across the table on a daily basis.

While I’ve always had a way of intuitively knowing without being able to justify it in this world of ours/worldly terms, growing up that intuitive knowing got entangled in the physical world.

I began to question myself and what I knew to be true, because how do you live intuitively in a world that values cold hard facts, measurable and tangible evidence rather than what you see with your inner eye, hear with your inner ear, feel with your heart?

With Mastery Through Love.

That is what I am here to demonstrate and thus teach.

That there is another way.

A Way of Love.

The Way of Love is nothing new.

In fact it’s ancient and has been taught for centuries by those who’s chosen to come back again and again.

I Choose Love

What I know, with every fiber of my being, is that we came from love, are love and always will be. Connected in our Oneness of Love.

When you choose love as you way everything and all things not of love will be brought up.

This is rarely pretty.

In choosing love I thought the heavens would open, angels descend, rose petals be strewn and the path be cleared because Iiii had chosen love!

Instead - all of that, out of resonance with love, will be illuminated, highlighted and brought to the surface so that you, as I, might heal it.

When you choose to not only shine a light on the things that does not serve you or feels out of sync, but actively work through them, you dissolve the fear and darkness within as without.

- It starts with just one person...

You, Radiant One.

A Course in Miracles

I would not be where I am today without the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles.

The Course found me during a time where I was filled with everything the world had to offer on the material plane, yet completely undernourished spiritually and thus utterly miserable.

As it often is, it is during the darkest nights of our souls that we become the most willing to listen. When we’re cracked open. Listen, I did, and continue to do. It has taken me on a journey that reaches far deeper and far wider than the collection of teachings that forms A Course in Miracles.

For me, as for so many others, it has been the gateway and portal to the eternal, infinite ancient wisdom accessible to all of us when you go within and join with your inner teacher.

“You cannot sell your soul, but you can sell your awareness of it.”

- A Course in Miracles

Magdalene Rising

During the summer of 2016 a veil was lifted and a series of mystical events began occurring over the next year.

Invoked by the Ascended Master Yeshua Ben-Joseph also known as Jesus and continued by his partner Mary Magdalene - The Magdalene.

When she presented herself to me in an inner journey, taking me completely by surprise she laughed hard at me because with everything I’d been experiencing how could I not know how closely she was following me and at least have had an inkling that she might appear some day - lol.

When The Magdalene shows up, things fall apart. Not to tear you down but to build you up. This is an initiation through fire where she will not let you cower nor hide, but ask you instead to rise, be what you have always been and reclaim your title as a Magdalene Rising.

My journey with Her led me to start The Magdalene Voices; a show & podcast designed to explore the stories we've been told for centuries.

Everything is Energy

September 29th. is a day I celebrate almost as hard as my solar return in March, if not more.

That day energy work went from being a lofty, spiritual concept I sorta understood to practical, down-to-earth hands-on, physical experience.

Having been invited to a 2-day conference I chose to go, despite the program not really interesting me, because a) I’d been invited, and b) I didn’t have anything else to do.

I’m sure my guides are still laughing at my stubbornness.

I was meant to be in that room - and what I experienced then and in the years since, personally, professionally and with my clients continues to amaze me.

Today energy work is completely incorporated into sessions as it elevates, amplifies and aligns the coaching, healing and strategic work I facilitate to the umpteenth degree.

Strategy and snot as I jokingly told a potential client.

Some sessions we’re completely focussed on strategies, product development, systems and structures. Others you’ll be all snot and tears as we heal, release and align.

The Moment I Knew...

Do you remember the exact moment when you unequivocally knew that you were destined to do what you now do?

I do.

Goddess Day - Friday the 13th. 2010.

On a small beach on the isle of Crete.

On that beach, in that moment -frustrated from the week ending without having had my answer - following a simple suggestion, time stood still and everything in my life up until that point clicked into place and I knew with the kind of knowing that comes from being one with all that is, that I was to be a coach, mentor, catalyst and facilitator.

To be of service and supporting magnificent, radiant souls like you with the expansion and growth of yourself and your business. Bringing your dreams to life, one step after the next.

The truth of that moment is still very vivid to me. It lives within my being and permeates my entire field. Like a core of green and golden energy always vibrating within me.

It's with me every day and all days. Whether it be in sacred sessions, shooting episodes for my podcasts, creating content for my blog or social media, or creating powerful programs. It's truly magnificent - and even through the rough days I've had since, it's been with me.

For The Nerds Like Me

I see you Radiant One - I’d wanna know too so here you go, I'm...

🐉 a Fire Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac.

🐏☀️Aries Sun/ / 🐳🌕 Aquarius Moon/ / ♍︎🌅 Virgo Rising.

✨ Procyon Starseed born and raised in a country with 6-7 months of fall, winter and darkness?!

❼ Numerological 7 - yup, constant contact to the upstairs.

∞ 𝟠 Enneagram 8 - I really wanted to be a 2, but there’s no way around it. 8 all the way.

🌳 2/4 Sacral Generator w. 3 open centers (Head, Heart, Solar Plexus)

👩🏻‍🎓 INFJ-A… | always and forever the advocate, growing up with a mentally unstable father will fuel that.

And I prefer Telegram over WhatsApp because of all its amazing emoji's 🤣

Enough About Me

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