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7 Ways Choosing Love Has Transformed My Business

7 Ways Choosing Love Has Transformed My Business – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s episode about how choosing love changed my business.

I am for some reason super excited and super thrilled about this episode. This episode is funnily enough one of the – I have 7 things that I want to share with you and actually one of the 7 things is actually apparent in the way that I’ve shot this or done this video but I will get to that when we get there.

These are not in order so it’s not like this is the number 1. It’s just 7 ways and I’m sure that there are many more ways that love has changed my business because it’s basically transformed everything from a space of a fear into a space of love.

Not prioritized

So they’re not prioritized and they’re not in order so they’re just 7 ways that I’ve seen currently at least that my business has been transformed by choosing love.

More on choosing or returning to love

I want to say that in choosing or returning to love, last week I did an episode on the Magdalene Voices where I shared deeper about the returning to love. I also shared another episode on Spiritual Business again about returning to love. I’m going to link to both of those so that you can dive deeper into that if that’s something that calls you.

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1. Discovery Calls

Now, number 1: So one of the ways that choosing love in my business has changed has to do with my – I call them discovery sessions.

It’s a session where I invite – if you’re someone who’s interested in working with me, then you have an opportunity to come in and do a discovery call. But I’m wanting to rephrase that word because it’s not really a discovery call.

Real Sessions

To me, it is a real session and in those sessions it’s not a 15-minute call or a 30-minute call. It’s actually a full session in which we work on whatever you want to bring into the session and I help support you through that.

I know that in the industry there is a lot of fear, first of all, but there is a lot of coming to a session, I’ll tell you what I can do for you, and then give me your credit card and then, you know, out the door.

That’s not how I work.

The way that I show up in those sessions is whether or not you choose to work with me after, I know that that is going to be made clear to us during that session.

However, when I do a session, the thing that I do is like I said we do a real session. Then at the end of the session, I will let you know if I would love to continue working with you or not and then I will let you sit with that for a few days. Because I believe that in the coaching industry, it’s gotten such a bad rep. “Give me your credit card” and then you’re out the door.

Love is not rushed

I believe that love is not rushed. It’s not forceful. It’s not pushy or coercing so I have had clients who sign up with me and don’t want to start before in a month or 2 months and if you look at how the industry that you’re not “supposed to” do that. You’re supposed to have people come in, sign up, start straight away because that’s when they’re most motivated and engaged and so forth.

When you know you know

But I call “bull” on that because I’ve seen my clients come in.

Some know within the first 15 minutes of our session that they want to work with me.

Other people know after having sat with it that they want to work with me.

Also, there are people that it’s not for and that’s totally fine.

I Trust

I trust that we’re being brought together at the right time for the right reasons and whether or not that is to be working and continually working together. That’s where I lean in and where I trust.

So that’s one of the ways that choosing love for me has changed my business. It’s in the way that I “on board” if you can say that, clients.

Clients returning over and over again

That’s also why I believe that I have clients that return to me over and over again. They understand they can leave and then come back when they find that it’s necessary or needed for them again because we’re continually expanding and at times it’s my services that they need and at times it’s other people’s services.

So that’s one way that my business has completely changed.

Again, I call “bull” on the motivation, the “get them while they’re hot,” whatever bull you’ve probably heard and I get so mad because it’s like to me, love is – yes, love can be exciting and thrilling and so forth but it’s never pushy, forcing, or coercing or, you know, I don’t want to take your money just in a kind of way. To me at least, that’s one of the ways that my business has been transformed or changed by me choosing love.

2. Love-based Marketing

The second way that my business has been changed is by the decision not to have fear-based marketing in my material or on my website or in my promotion or anywhere really.

If you’re not aware of what fear-based marketing it’s that there are these I can’t remember if it’s 7 or 11 psychological triggers that will trigger the human mind into believing and a lot of that is fear-based.

No forceful marketing

So it’s like “you only have 24 hours to sign up’ or “if you don’t get this, then you won’t (insert scary option here).” It’s enforcing the pain points of your marketing. Like “are you down?” and I rarely look at that or I don’t want to say rarely use it because it’s not that I don’t.

When I tell you that there’s 24 hours left to sign up it’s because there is 24 hours left to sign up.

It’s not to push you or force you or coerce you. It’s to inform you so that you may know and I also know and I think I include this in most of my material is also that whether or not this is right for you.

Always check within

I always, always, always encourage people to sit with it, to know that whether or not you sign up with a program.

For example, I have Mastery Through Love coming up soon. That may or may not come back but that’s not say that you should rush and sign up because I want to invite you to make a love-based decision for yourself.

In my marketing or in my promotion, that’s what I try to do my best at and I kind of by now have like a filter. It’s like whenever I see it in the world, it’s like “no, I don’t want to do that.”

Marianne Williamson – Beautiful Example

One of the best examples I’ve actually seen is Marianne Williamson.

I think that she kind of walks a beautiful line in terms of her promotion without using fear-based triggers and she’s kind of the only one.

I don’t follow her any longer so it’s something that I remember from when I saw her promotions. There is a being of service which is also part of my changes.

You’re a smart cookie

Because I trust.

The thing is, I trust you.

I think you’re a smart cookie.

I think you’ve gone through shit.

I think you’ve cleared and you’re on your path and you know whether or not something is right for you.

Sure, there’s probably people who will tell me completely different in terms of persuasion and convincing people and so forth but ultimately I believe or trust and know that what you know in your heart is true for you is true and whether or not that is to sign up, I’m not going to enforce that.

I Won’t take away your own will

Even if I think what I have will serve you and I know that it will. I know that what I have can serve a shit-ton of people, taking away your own ability to decide for yourself by using fear-based marketing is just a no-go for me. So that’s another way that choosing love has changed my business.

3. Refusing to Stress

A third way that my business has been changed by choosing love is I don’t stress.

I refuse to stress.

This can maybe sound really strange but if I find myself to be stressed or worked up about something, I drop it. Whether there is a deadline, whether I think I have a deadline, whether it is when I am trying my hardest to make something happen and just wanting to push it through.

I play from a space of love

Once I realize that, I’m like, “No, no, no, no, no. That’s not the way I play.” I play from a space of love. I believe that love is the heartbeat of the universe and when I am in sync and flow aligned with that, my message is spread, clients are showing up, people are commenting and liking; that’s the place that I have to be.

Things solve themselves

So I refuse to stress and I’ve probably shared this before but I can’t begin to count the amount of times where I have chosen to – I’ve been stressing out and then I’ve chosen No. And then I’m going to go work out, and I go work out and I come back and the thing that I was stressing about solves itself almost immediately. It’s I guess beyond me. It’s not beyond but it is beyond me that that happens and that is what I trust. It’s not only what I trust, it’s what I know.

Miracles Happen

When I give up my stress, when I refuse to stress, then things clear and things begin to happen and they happen “miraculously” or magically and that is again because my perception has shifted from fear to love and that’s the space of miracles.

So the third way that choosing love has changed my business is by choosing not to stress and refusing basically to stress, even if there’s a deadline, because things will always work themselves out.

4. Truly Being of Service Without Trying to Sell or Promote

The fourth way is showing up and truly being of service so that when I come from a space of listening and being of service and not trying to sell or promote, then I am able to hear and I’m able to be of service to people. I do that in sessions. I do that when I show up on my Instagram or my Facebook or in groups that I’m in. I’m always there to be of service – unless I am promoting something and I will be very clear. I don’t like the sneaky way of putting things in people or like commenting and it’s like this is a clear way that you’re trying to promote your services.

I’m not condemning that because truth be told, I’ve been there. I was there when I was based in fear and that is how choosing love has changed my business. It’s coming from that space of service and understanding that things arrive at the right time. There’s divine timing in everything and I’ve had people come back to me and say, “Oh, I’m curious because I saw you commenting on this” and it’s like, oh, okay.

So you don’t understand that being of service is to me at least, it can be way more powerful than actually directly promoting yourself of sneakily promoting yourself because that’s icky and people will feel the ickyness, whether they know it or not. But on an energetic level, they’ll know the ickyness. So being of service, showing up, truly being of service and understanding that I am amazing, beautiful, powerful no matter what, then that’s a fourth way that my business has changed because of choosing love.

5. How I Promote Myself, my programs and services

Now the 5th way is the way that I promote myself. In the beginning, I would have – because I do have a very organized, structured brain, a nerdy brain, so I see patterns. I see how things are connected. When you come to me and tell me your vision, I can see the mapping out of it. I can see the steps but I’ve also learned and understand that we’re not supposed to know every single step of the way.

So for example with Mastery Through Love that I’m promoting right now, I do have an idea of how I would like to promote it, where, and when but I’m also leaning into the energy of it. I’m also leaning in to what feels right to me, what feels best, what feels most loving, kind, and caring. So whereas before I would have a strict – I would be rigid in it, today I’m more flexible in the promotion.

Surrendering and trusting

That is about surrendering and trusting that things are working out the way that they’re supposed to rather than coming from a fear-based perspective of wanting to control everything because as you may know I am a recovering control freak, like fully on so that’s again another way that love or choosing love has changed my business.

6. Acknowledgement and recognition

The sixth way is the recognition and the acknowledgement I give myself on a daily basis for being who I am, for showing up the way that I do, and I’m not gonna’ lie. At first that was really difficult for me because you probably know this: There is no one who will tear us down or bring ourselves down as much as we do ourselves. Our internal voice says, “If you began saying those things out loud, you would never say them to a friend or a child or anyone” because we can be so ruthless with ourselves.

Implement a daily practice

So by me implementing a practice of recognizing and acknowledging myself – you know, in the beginning for the tiniest things because that was all I was able to. But then that expands because when you expand, when you choose to focus on the love and you choose to expand that from that space, it expands into all the areas of your life that it is needed and also your business.

So recognizing and acknowledging myself and I want to say that my clients actually had a huge part of that because I had clients who would force me to. Whenever they would acknowledge me or thank me, I would be like, “Oh yeah, well, that’s all you. Blah, blah, blah.” And then be like, “No. No, this is you. I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. I wouldn’t have seen this myself. This is you.” So I’m very fortunate that I had clients who were “forcing me” to acknowledge myself, my worth, and what I did and do for them. That was the sixth way that choosing love has changed my business.


The seventh way which is probably the “best thing” about the whole thing is the level of satisfaction, the depth of satisfaction, the depth of pleasure and joy, fulfillment that I have in my work and personal life. Being able to be of service to the most magnificent, amazing beings is deeply rewarding and satisfying in a way that I never, ever dreamt was possible.

Being a Leader means being of service

Twenty to twenty-five years ago, I thought I wanted to be the CEO, the director, you know, people were supposed to do what I told them to and blah, blah, blah. In those years of experience, I learned that being a leader is being of service. It’s truly being of service to those that you’re here to serve and to me that is the most satisfying thing and it’s not something that I take for granted.

It’s something that I am grateful for each and every day. I love my Wednesdays and my Thursdays when I wake up and I know that I have days filled with sessions. I also love shooting these episodes because I hear from you and I know how they serve you so that’s just so deeply nourishing and satisfying.

Let Me Guide You to a Deeper Love

As you may have heard in the intro, I am currently promoting Mastery Through Love which is my 6-week healing journey and in those 6 weeks, we basically go through 6 areas in which we expand love to dissolve the fear so that you may also get to the place of deep, deep, deep satisfaction and nourishment from what you do.

If that is something that calls you, I invite you to check it out. Click here to learn more about Mastery Through Love and if it calls you, then come play with us.

We begin on March 1st and the last signup is on Wednesday the 27th of February. If you have a question about that or about anything that I’ve said in this episode, please either shoot me an e-mail by clicking here or commenting below.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Energy Alignment Method® Mentor


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