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7 Myths About Having A Spiritual Business w. Maria Saraphina



Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome in to today’s episode of The Spiritual Business Show and Podcast in which we are going to be talking about myths about having a spiritual business. This is something that’s been on my heart for a while and I am super excited to dive into it.

However, before I dive into this, I already have the sense that there’s going to be some sort of follow-up to this episode because I am sure that I have only scratched the surface and so as you watch this or as you listen to this, I would really, really love for you to keep an eye out or an ear out for the ones that I have missed.

Please do share them with me or us in the comments below because I want to blow these out of the water and doing so to really empower you, to empower those who’ll listen and support you in understanding that these myths are ridiculous and out of proportion and some of them mostly probably fear-based. Let’s just get rid of them, okay?
The ones I have gathered are in no particular order. There’s not like, “This is number one and this is number two.” It’s just like what came to me. Like I said, I would love to hear what you have to share as well.

Having a Spiritual Business Cannot be serious

The first one is that having a spiritual business can’t be serious or you’re not serious if you have a spiritual business which is, I’m probably going to say the word “ridiculous” a few times in this episode. So bear with me.
First of all, having a spiritual business – and when I say spiritual, it can really be like any – it can be holistic or alternative or any kind of I guess considered soft because that’s another one, like soft is another one of those myths, that having a spiritual business is like soft.
But let’s start with “not serious.” So to me – and also given that I work with heart-driven, soul-based, spiritual entrepreneurs. I work with Magdalene’s rising and Magdalene Rising so I see the dedication, the commitment, the passion that goes into their businesses.
And I know what I put into my business as well – the dedication, the passion, the commitment that is to showing up. I also know that in terms of seriousness, I know how many of you – both you, myself, and my clients – how many modalities, like how much you pour into training.
And I’m not talking about training service, trainings and services and offerings or workshops that you’re putting out into the world. I’m talking about your continued dedication to your craft and so your continued dedication to your training, to your expansion, to your body, soul, and mind, to your everything.
So I know that you have modalities that you add on to your training. You have extra training, extra workshops, extra whatever it is that you want to add. So having a spiritual business being called “not serious” to me is, like I said, ridiculous.
Because there is so many people who are very, very dedicated and very, very serious about it. And let’s be honest: Having a spiritual business, a holistic business, an alternative business – we deal a lot of times in the healing of people and healing is serious.
When I say that, I don’t mean – because I also want to emphasize the joy and the satisfaction and the happiness and the vibrancy and the laughter and the love and the caring and all of that as well.
When I say that we’re serious, it’s more that we are as healers, as coaches, as therapists, as counselors, as graphic designers, as yoga teachers, as dance instructors, as priestesses – whatever it is, if it’s accountants – whatever it is, you are very serious and very dedicated to your craft. So having it be called “not serious” is, like I said, ridiculous.

Having a Spiritual Business is Soft

Now I already mentioned soft which again is funny because I do not know of any other – or maybe that’s not true. I consider having a spiritual business as one of the most powerful, transformational tools that you have, both for yourself and for your clients.
Because it will literally bring up anything and everything that is not of love. When you have committed yourself to following your heart, to having a love-based business in a paradigm that has shifted and is shifting into the new paradigm.
But where a lot of people are still living in that fear-based mindset, doing so requires boundaries. It requires strengthening your resolve. It requires stamina. It requires commitment and so to have our businesses be called “soft” is ridiculous.
Also, I don’t mind someone calling my business “soft” because soft means flexible. It means loving. It means kind, caring, and compassionate and it means setting boundaries. It means showing up. It means having discipline. It means having courage.
There is so many things that are in having that spiritual, alternative, holistic, whatever you want to call it business. So soft is another one of those myths that we can check off the list.

Money – Two Fold

Now into the next one which is, “Oh, you can’t make money having a spiritual business.” Or the other one which is even worse: “You shouldn’t be making money having a spiritual business. You should just be giving it away for free.”

You can’t make money Having a Spiritual Business

The first one first: So you can’t make money. I have a spiritual business. I have The Spiritual Business Podcast that you’re listening to. I also have Sacred Conversations with very successful spiritual entrepreneurs. I have chosen to share that and to invite them into sacred conversations because I want to show you and the world what is possible when you choose to follow your heart, when you choose to have that business that your heart is calling you to have, when having that spiritual, love-based, soul-driven business is what your – that’s the expression of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
And there are, at this very moment, thousands if not millions of people who are living a very good life based off of a spiritual business, whether it be doing tarot readings or yoga or Ayurveda or having – again, I return to accountant because I have a spiritual accountant that I love and adore. She is very accountant-y and at the same time she’s hyperspiritual. So she gets it. So it is very possible to have a spiritual business and make money.

You shouldn’t charge or be making money Having a Spiritual Business

Now onto the second half of that which is the one that you shouldn’t be making money when you have a spiritual business. I am trying to center myself so I don’t just like go off on a rant. I probably will anyway.
However, in the world that we live in today, you have to pay your rent. We have to pay for the system. So right now I have a full set-up. I have lights, I have a microphone, I have a camera, I have a computer, I have an iPad that’s doing my time, I have a platform that I’m going to send this out through. I am going to be hosting this on a service that is going to charge me money.
And it is again to me ridiculous the notion of us not allowing to be well-fed, well-clothed, well-anything, well-nourished on every level is really to me a remnant or like a hook of the old paradigm. It’s the hook of ego that’s like, “Oh, you should not be doing this.”
The things is and this is something that I share with my clients over and over and over again in sessions and I will say to anyone is that what I know to be true is that when you are a soul-driven, heart-based spiritual entrepreneur who is making money – any kind of money, a lot of money, any kind of money – what you do with that money is different from other people.
Because you choose to put that money back. You most likely are donating. You’re most likely – and donating can be both your money or your time, your sharing. I share so much free content to the world because I know that not everyone will want to work with me. Not everyone will be in a place to work with me but I want you to still have the wisdom and the knowledge.
The only reason that I can do that is because I’m taken care. If I wasn’t taken care of, I wouldn’t be able to share this with you and you wouldn’t be able to share that with the world.
So the notion that we as spiritual entrepreneurs should not be making money to me is utter B.S. Just I said that. I think I shared that’s what I said.

Having a Spiritual Business is fluffy or Woo Woo

Then there is the whole like you’re having – the myth – like having a spiritual business is too fluffy. I think I covered that in the soft but it’s also like you can’t be too woo-woo. You can’t be too purple-y or you can’t be too unicorn-y or you can’t be too glittery.
And again you living your truth is the most powerful thing there is. So if you living your truth means that you communicate with the elements and the fairies, if that is that you are visited by aliens or is that you are channeling some goddess or that you are like talking about 5th dimension, if you are doing light languages – whatever it may be.
Again, what I know to be true is that when your heart is calling you to something, you have to follow that nudge. And if it shows up in a rainbow color, do it because that will bring you joy and satisfaction and it is your like flaunt your feathers – I’m sitting here in a glittery jacket because I love glitter and it’s me.
I used to be a corporate key account manager wearing high heels and pencil skirts in full make-up and blond hair and acrylic nails. None of that – there’s nothing wrong if any of that if that’s what floats your boat go ahead and do it – but for me it was a uniform that I put on that I thought I was supposed to wear.
And now, because I love glitter, I’m most of the time wearing some sort of glitter. And I’m very, very serious about my business. I’m very, very good at what I do and what I look like has nothing to do with that.
Or maybe it does because it weaves the worlds of that. So the notion that having a spiritual, alternative, or holistic business is fluffy or woo-woo, I would say own it. Just own it because in order to do that – yeah, I would say own it.

Having a Spiritual Business is a joyride

Now the next thing is that “having a spiritual business is a joyride.” And I already kind of touched upon this when I said that I see having a spiritual business as one of the most powerful transformational personal development tools there is because anything that is not of love or based in love will literally come to the surface and you will be forced to look at it.
I have something that is brewing within me that’s called “The 7 Initiations of a Spiritual Entrepreneur.” I’m not really sure where it’s going to go but I see that there are these initiations that we as a spiritual entrepreneur have to go through and it deals with boundaries. It deals with money.
I’ve mentioned some of them. It is all to be strengthening who you are in truth. It’s all to be strengthening what you’re here to do and what you’re here to share with the world. So the notion that having a spiritual business is a joyride is ridiculous.

Having a Spiritual Business does not require discipline

Also the discipline that’s required. I think that discipline is one of the things that has really, really lost its purpose. It’s kind of like it’s lost its way in the world, that the discipline that somehow things are supposed to be easy, that because we have a dedication to our craft, now that we know what to do, that’s supposed to be easy. It’s not. It will bring up, like I said, everything that’s not of love and you will have to “deal with it” and resolve, dissolve it, heal it so that you may even expand further. So again, the notion that having a spiritual business is a joyride is just like out of this world.
The final one that I have on my list – and like I said I really, really hope that you will jump on in the comments and share other ones that I have missed because I feel like there’s going to be an updated version of this episode at some point.

Having a Spiritual Business means you will be ridiculed

So the last one that I have is that you will be ridiculed. This is one of those things that is really fear-based. My personal experience and the experience that I have with my clients is that when we step out into our truth, when we share that with the world, rarely have I – it may have happened behind my back and it may have happened when people have not said anything to me. They may have just unfollowed or unsubscribed or unfriended or anything which I have not noticed or seen.
But the notion that we will be ridiculed for what we believe in, for what is our truth, I have found to be completely off-mark and what I call a mind fuck from ego. It is designed by ego and again there’s nothing wrong with ego. I believe that ego serves its purpose and that purpose sometimes is just completely out of whack with what your heart is calling you to do.


However, it’s what I call a mind fuck from ego that is designed to keep you safe, to keep you comfortable, to keep you stuck in your ways. Because what will people think and what will people say and all of these things.
What I have found with me personally and with the clients that I serve is that most often those people who you believe will ridicule you for what you’re sharing are the ones that will literally be cheering you on the most.
I can’t tell you the amount of times where I’ve been like, “Oh, this person will probably and this person will probably” and then when I share, they’re the first one to like, the first one to love, the first one to comment, the first one to share.
So it’s like “oh!” and that just goes to show that the fear lives within us and ultimately the question is, “Do you want to live in that space of fear or do you want to expand through love.

Those were the myths that I had for you in this episode. As I have said repeatedly, I would love to hear from you. Which ones have I missed? Comment below. Let’s get them out there. Let’s share them so that we can dissolve them and be gone with them.


I love you. Take care..

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach | Energy Alignment Method® Mentor | Catalyst | Facilitator

One Response

  1. Dear, dear Maria Saraphina,
    I love this message! I can say yes to all of these points.
    I have thought them, or felt them, or have found them deep in my psyche, unwilling to budge.
    Now that you have identified them for the BS they are, I can work with them more consciously.

    I’m not sure if you covered this, but I feel that a strong part of devoting yourself to having
    a spiritual business, is that you also devote yourself to your own development. You take your own
    evolution serious as a part of being responsible for your gift.
    I spend a lot of time on keeping in balance. I might not have a strict routine, but I’m very in tune
    with my body and what it needs. So I meditate, do yoga, go for walks, cook meals, and use my sewing
    skills to create something physical since most of my “work” is all ephemeral ideas developed at a computer.
    I need my walks to smell the trees and listen to the birds to allow my ideas to evolve. I need to spend time
    doing “nothing” so my brain can organize what it’s working on.

    My work is even more on the fluff, woowoo, and fairies, angels and dragon side. I write.
    I have written historical novels, plays that are becoming musicals, and have other ideas for
    big productions that are just a scribble in a notebook. I write things that I hope will heal on a
    larger scale, like one audience at the time.

    My problem is that I feel that what I write are too big, too much, too wild, too out of this world.
    It carries too big concepts, too heavy of a message all wrapped in fluff and bubble wrap to make
    people accept it and take in the learning. And laugh. Hopefully.
    I don’t just need a massage client, I need a large theater, a producer, a director, a choreographer, a crew of actors and
    artists, marketing and finances. And I still feel that I need to get through a keyhole to get it all started
    And I’m scared of the magnitude of what I’m inviting into my life.

    So far I’ve been a safe hermit writer in the attic. Now I feel I’m called to step down, and step out. And I’m petrified.
    And ignorant. And that I don’t know even which door that keyhole is on that I’m supposed to crawl through. And now,
    with the epidemic, everything in Chicago is shut down, and nobody knows when anything will open up again.

    And I don’t know where to even start working on the fears.

    I’d love to sign up for a free session with you. I need your wisdom now.
    I feel we live in this in between time, set aside for working on inner issues.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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