The 7 Initiations

How To Create Flow In Every Area Of Your Business As A Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur.


    Want To Create Flow In Every Area Of Your Business?

    In this 3-part Immersion I share with your the 7 Initiations I see happening for every Souldriven, Heartbased, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising and I give you the powerful tools to expand through them with love and set in motion the powerful aligned force that is flow.

    The more of us who’s doing the powerful work we came to do, the better our world ultimately becomes, for you and All.

    If you’re ready I invite you to join me.

    Hello Radiant One

    I’m Maria Saraphina,
    Spiritual Business Coach, EAM® Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator.

    I am here to help facilitate and catalyze the expression of your soul‘s purpose in your life and business.

    So that you may experience the liberation of what binds you, heal what holds you, transform what tears at you, reclaiming what was never lost and expanding purposefully into your true self.

    I’ve created this 3-part Immersion knowing the tremendous outcomes that happens when we create flow – within ourselves, and our businesses.

    I pray it serve the highest for All.

    xo, Maria Saraphina