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The 5 Requirements of a Soul driven, Heart Based Entrepreneur.

The 5 Requirements of a Soul Driven, Heart Based Entrepreneur – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and welcome to today’s episode in which I am going to be sharing what I consider to be five requirements if you’re wanting to grow and expand yourself and your business as a spiritual, soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur.

I’m going to go through them just step by step by step and then I hope to inspire you, empower you, and enable you to see just how powerful and magnificent you really are.

Love based mindset

The first one – if you’ve been with me for a while, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise but the first one is really to have a mindset that is based in love instead of fear.

So many of us go around and make decisions that are based in fear and really unconscious decisions based in fear whether it be like I have purchasing products or services because I thought I needed them and if I didn’t, then x, y, and z would happen rather than come from a space of knowing who I am, what I am, and what I do is “enough” and knowing that, “Okay, when I want to have a service or product or something, it should come for a space of want rather than a need” and from a space of love.

With a love-based mindset, what you’re also able to do is you’re able to consistently flip the narrative so that when that little voice, that little limiting beliefs or negative self-talk or all that comes up for you, you’re able to start by saying, “Hmm, at first …” You know, it’s a journey because at first it’s like, “Hmm, is this true?” and then you can actually go into it and the further, the more work you do, the more you lift the veils hindering your sight, the more easily you’re able to say, “Uh-uh, that’s not for me. That’s not the route I’m going to take. That is not love-based. That is fear-based.”

To me, really having a love-based perspective mindset, whether it be in your business – because let’s be honest, this is not just for your business.

It’s for everything.

It’s for your whole life, whether it be personal or professional.

Soulnourishing Satisfaction

Having a love-based mindset is really to me at least key in terms of joy, in terms of satisfaction, in terms of fulfillment, in terms of bliss, in terms of soul-nourishing satisfaction.

You may have heard me say before that I don’t tend to use the word “happiness” because to me happiness can be – I don’t mind being happy but happiness can be a fleeting thing and can become very easily dependent on other things.

So to me there is a depth to satisfaction that comes from me serving from my heart and from being based in love and doing anything and all things in my business from a space of love.

That is whether it be my finances, doing my taxes – that comes from a space of love. Hiring my accountant or CPA comes from a space of love.

Whether it be the agreements that I make with people, whether it be my discovery sessions – when I have discovery sessions, I come from a space of love.

I don’t drive people by fear.

Hopefully, you’ve seen that my marketing is not driven by fear.

It’s driven by love because I don’t want to drive you – because there are all these psychological triggers of fear and scarcity and “oh, rush rush rush!” and I just don’t.

To me, that is what makes me thrive in my business and personal life to have a love-based mindset, to have cleared out that. So that’s absolutely number one for me when it comes to – it’s the foundation for everything else.

Strengthening your connection to Source

Now, the second requirement as I see it is your ability to make decisions. To me, that comes from a strengthening of your intuitive muscle and when I say strengthening of your intuitive muscle, I mean strengthening of your intuitive muscle because I see your intuition, your connection to source or to God or divine or universe – whatever you want to call it. I see that as a muscle and as with any muscle, if you don’t work it, it atrophies.

A lot of us, especially when I think that that newer souls that are coming in have it “easier.” Not to say – they have their own journeys. Not to say that it won’t be going through dark nights of the soul.

That’s not it.

They probably will in their own way, shape, or form but I believe that you and me, us having cleared all the shit that we’ve cleared, we’ve actually cleared the space and we’re able to hold space for the new souls that come in.

We’re able to hold space for the new souls that come in so that they don’t have to feel as though they have to hide their gifts or their visions or their seeing or what they are connected to.

I think that that’s what we’ve done with the work that we’ve done.

However, for you right now, I believe that your ability to make decisions has to come from a space of strength of source within you and that is a muscle. Just as you – like, if you’re going to run a marathon or you want to compete in a CrossFit competition or you want to swim, you’re not going to just sign up for the competition, jump in the pool, and let’s see what happens.

You’re going to make an effort and strengthen that.

How to make Love-based decisions

So, to me, your ability to make decisions, to make love-based decisions, comes from strengthening your intuition and your core and how do you do that? Well, you start by taking small steps.

Start by listening and start by using it in small things, things that not necessarily – it can be something as simple as if you’re in the grocery store and you’re going for two different fruits, you can say, “Which one is it?” and then go with your intuition. That’s a part of strengthening.

It doesn’t have to be big things like “do I want to purchase this $5,000 thing or this $10,000 thing?” It doesn’t have to be like that or a $100,000 thing.

Whatever it is, you can start small.

You’re allowed.

To me, that is based in love because when you’re in a space of love and you have a love-based mindset for driving your life and your business, there really is no rush. There really is no need or necessity. It’s simply love. So that’s number two: Your ability to make decisions.

Clear Agreements & Solid Boundaries

Number three is being able to set very strong, clear, and solid boundaries and that again goes within everything, whether it be in the agreements you have with your clients, whether it be in the structure that you set up for your business.

For example, my business is set up the way that I see one-on-one clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then I run masterminds Monday through Friday or group work as well Monday through Friday.

My weekends are my sacred time.

It’s when I sleep in. It’s when I binge read my Kindle. It’s when I see my friends. It’s when I do my sewing. It’s when I do – so to me, my weekends – and that may not be the case for you.

Maybe you love working on the weekends so that’s up to you.

But it’s about being able to set strong boundaries and that also goes in the terms of, for example, your systems. Like what kind of payment systems do you have in place? What kind of agreements do you have in place in terms of payment? Also, in terms of flow, whether it be on your emails, like how do you set up?

So boundaries or foundation is probably another word but you’re able to be very clear and solid and strong and something that supports you so that you can show up being the best that you can be.

Liberating and strengthening your voice

Number four is the strengthening of your voice which was, whoo! That’s a journey. That was a journey for me.

Even – the thing is, I’ve always been considered to be outspoken.

I’ve always been considered to be strong.

I’ve always been considered to be someone who stood for the weak. But when I got my own business and when my business became spiritual and I became a spiritual business coach, starting to voice things was so difficult for me.

And, again, just like with your intuition, the only to work, you know – the only way to find your voice is to use it because you need to strengthen it.

If you can see – if you’re looking at this via video, you can see behind me and if this is on podcast, you can go see the video.

Behind me is right now a treasure map of Post It notes which is basically the content that I’ll be sharing throughout the next, I don’t know, however many weeks and months.

I looked at this and I was so, so proud because coming from someone who just a few years ago didn’t think she had anything to say or anything to share – that right there is just proof to me that really anyone has a voice and if you want to use it.

If you’re here listening to this, you have a voice and it’s about strengthening it.

So it’s also about of course letting go and supporting in the healing of your voice because you and I probably have – I know at least I have had – past lifetimes where you’ve most likely been killed and maimed and crucified and burned and all of these things for your voice, the soul that you are has come into this world in many lifetimes, in many different forms, and you have had over and over again, you’ve been using your voice.

So if you feel as though your voice is dampened or held back or blocked, that’s very normal and like I said, the way to strengthen it is to start using it. So start using your voice.

Discipline and consistency

The fifth thing that I see as a requirement is – and I didn’t want to add a sixth thing so the fifth thing is really two things.

It’s consistency and it’s discipline so consistency in the way that you show up whether it be as I do in weekly newsletters. I suck currently at showing up consistently on social media. That’s something that I’m working on.

I show up consistently – I made a commitment to show up consistently in your inbox. If you’re not part of my newsletter, remember to subscribe or go ahead and sign up.

I also – I don’t want to say challenge myself because I don’t necessarily like the word “challenge” but one of the ways I chose to strengthen my ability to show up consistently is a couple of years back, I had a daily divine love note going out every day.

So that really “forced” me to – because I knew that there were people who were dependent – not dependent but really was inspired by the notes that I shared.

So I chose to do that and that really, really supported me and also that within consistency is also discipline but that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. But also the discipline of showing up, of doing the work – that’s really incorporated in the word consistency.

With all of these things, I just want to remind you that no one can really say how that looks for you.

Like I said, to me it’s writing weekly newsletters. If to you it’s writing three posts on social media or Instagram or whatever you want to do or doing Lives or however it looks to you. We’re all different and so you’re the one who can know what is right for you.

Let me hear from you

I want to hear from you in the comments below…

What is one area that you would like to work with? Make a commitment. Let me know what it is you’d like to work with and if you have a question, I’m more than happy to support you. You can just go ahead and leave it in the comments and I’ll be back to check that out.

Finally, if you want to work with all of these five things incorporated into one, I do that in my one-on-ones but also currently my mastermind is open for enrollment.

It starts in January but the early bird closes on December 21st. Go ahead and check out Mariaestela.com/mastermind for that.

That is what I had for you today: Five requirements that I believe is imperative for a soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach


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