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3 Ways Structure Can Propel Your Business Forward w. Maria Saraphina



Okay, Radiant One, I am super excited to be diving into today’s episode and the funny thing is that probably for most people, I think this is going to show just how much of a geek and a nerd that I am.

But I don’t care and that’s because I see how this works and I’m super excited to be sharing it with you because I know just how powerful this tool can be if you use it and if you find a way to use it that actually serves you. So I am just going to be jumping into it

In today’s episode I want to talk about how structure in your business can actually propel your business forward.

Structure is Magical

I see structure as being something that is or can be extremely mundane but if you know how to use it for you and for your business, I see it as being a deeply magical and spiritual tool that actually allows you to show up more, to serve deeper, and to reach more people that you are here to serve.
So that’s why I’m so giddy with excitement being allowed or given the opportunity, having taken the opportunity to share this with you. Because like I said, I see the effects it has on my own business but more so I see what happens when I work with my clients, my one-on-one clients, and we really get into place a structure that works for them, the magical and “miraculous” things that come from that.
So this is a beautiful example, like I said, of how you can take something that is seemingly mundane, very muggle, if we want to go into Harry Potter terms, and turn it into something that is deeply spiritual, deeply magical, miraculous, and powerful.

When it’s time to get organized and set up structure

Okay, so there comes a time in your business when you’ve been working, working, working. You’ve been getting your things off the ground. You have a website. You’re up and running. You have your services and products in place. You have your clients in place. Things are running. You’re making money and things are in place.
Then there comes a time when it is time for you to stop flying by the seat of your pants, when it’s time to become “more organized,” more structured in the way that you “present” yourself or the way that you serve.
The reason for that is yes, while your business – you’ve gotten your business off ground, you have a business that’s working, there also comes a time when doing what you did in order to get it off the ground is not what’s going to help it move forward.

Stop Working Yourself Into The Ground

In case that you want to either reach more people or if you want to free up more time – because let’s be honest. In the startup phase of your business, you were working a shit-ton of hours.
One of my nephews recently said that he wanted to be an entrepreneur because that meant that he didn’t have to work and I was like, “What?” I was seriously considering what kind of example have I been setting for him.
Because if he thinks that that’s what – and I get that that’s where you are going to eventually get to – but let’s be honest, like I said. As an entrepreneur in your startup phase, you’re going to be working way more hours than you probably ever did in your “corporate career” or normal job or whatever because you’re so passionate and so committed to getting this off ground.

Set up Structures That Allow You to Take Care Of Your Self

And that energy is good. It’s needed. However, there comes a time when you can’t keep fueling yourself with that energy. You’re going to burn out and run dry if you don’t make sure that you set up structures that allow you to take care of yourself and also to take care of your business and to take care of your clients and serve from that space, that deep, deep space.
So like I said, there comes a time when you can grow to a certain point and then it’s time for you to reevaluate or look at or implement new structures that are going to allow you to take yourself and your business to the next level and to the next step.
And this really goes – that doesn’t matter where you are in your business, whether you are in the first 1 to 3 years where you are in the startup. Again, you may not have a whole lot of structure.
You may just be flying by the seat of your pants and doing all these different things without really thinking about how to structure, organize, or automate any of that. Then, after that, once it’s settled, once it’s in place, that’s when you can begin to benefit deeply from new structures.

Expanding further, shifting into new markets, areas, products or services

But again, also, if you’re wanting to expand even further, if you’re wanting to shift into new areas, if you’re wanting to shift into new markets, if you’re wanting to shift into new products and services or different ways of providing that service that you have, having a solid, grounded structure that’s in place is going to – I don’t want to say it’s the number one thing but it’s a very, very important piece of the puzzle in order for you to be able to show up consistently serving your clients and those that you’re here to serve.
If you don’t – and this is what I see when a lot of my clients come to me – is that you’re actually instead being held back by it, by the lack of structure, by the lack of organization, by the lack of automation; you are actually held back.
When you’re being held back, or you allow yourself to be held back, guess what happens? Well, you don’t serve those that are standing at your doorsteps wanting to be served by you.

3 Ways Structure And Organization Can Propel Your Business Forward

You can either use structure and organization for something that propels you forward or you can not use it and then have it be something that actually drags you down. I want to share with you three ways that structure can really, really help your business or support you in propelling your business forward.

Creativity & Creation

The first way is creativity and creation. When you put in place structure – and I would say boundaries in included in this – but when you put in place structure, you allow for yourself, you free up time to be able to really get into, to allow your creativity to flourish and nourish and your creations to flourish and nourish.
Because everything is “created through you.”
Whether you have a business with 5, 10 employees, whether it’s just yourself and a couple of people that you virtually have, or whether it’s a business with 100 people, allowing for yourself to have some structure in place that allows for you and gives you time to be with your creativity and your creation, that is something that is going to be deeply nourishing.
It’s also something that is going to allow for you to give space to that which is to come through you and that is super important. That not only – and it goes with this as for the other two ways – it not only serves you but it also serves your clients, those that you’re here to serve.
That goes whether it’s products or services that you provide. So creativity and creation is one way where structure is a benefit of creating a structure that serves you.

Headspace & Connection

The second one is headspace and connection because if you’re someone who’s flying by the seat of your pants, if you’re someone where your business has grown to the point where you don’t have a lot of structure or organization in place, then your mind will be filled with – I don’t want to say worry or concern.
But there will be worry and concern but your mind will be filled with questions of, “I gotta’ remember to do this and then I gotta’ remember to do that and then I gotta’ remember …” and it’s very obvious that if you’re in that space, there’s a not a whole lot of room for heart.
There’s not a whole lot of room for connection with your source, with God, mama divine, or whatever you want to call that. I call it love. There’s not a whole lot of connection to that and so if that’s where you’re at, eventually showing up and being present with your clients is going to be very difficult because you’re always thinking ahead.
You’re always constantly thinking about the things that you need to do and create and make sure that it’s in place and check and so forth. So headspace and connection to your source is the second benefit of having a solid structure and creating solid structures in place.

Guilt-free & True Freedom

The third thing is being guilt-free and experiencing true freedom. When you allow a powerful structure to serve you, you basically liberate yourself. You give yourself permission to be free of guilt and of fear and of worry and all of the things I just mentioned.
In that place, you then experience deeper joy, deeper satisfaction, deeper fulfillment, deeper content. As again, with the other two as well, coming from that place is something that will, while it serves you tremendously, will ultimately also serve those that you are here to serve.

Find Your Own Way

Something that is really important is that the structures that you put in place, the boundaries you create, the way that you set it up is not someone else’s.
So to give you an example: I am single. I live by myself and I don’t have any children so if I were to give you let’s say, “Okay, you need to do this every Monday, you need to do this from this hour to this hour and from this hour to this hour, you need to do this,” I would be giving you the way that I work, the way that it works for me which ultimately would – and I’ve seen this – ultimately will actually “tear you down” because you’re not able to live up to those same.
Because let’s say if you’re single like me living by yourself, having no kids, fine. You can set it up the way that you want to but a lot of the clients that I work with, they’re mothers and they have kids ranging from teens into their toddlers or newborns. So it’s important to find a structure that works for you.
That’s not say don’t take inspiration from what other people do. But there is a difference between inspiration and guilt tripping, like looking out and seeing, “Oh, everyone else seems to be doing this.”
This is something I see very often when it comes to mothers is that you look out at Instagram or Facebook and you see all of these happy moms that are seemingly doing everything and it’s just like NO.
And then you become guilty and you shame yourself and you pull yourself back because you don’t feel like you’re showing up the way that you’re “supposed to.” Well, you’re a mother. Your most important job is to be a mother and so your business, I will say – I don’t want to say comes in second but it does.
I don’t want to say that the business comes in second but it’s about finding a structure where your business can be just as important so you’re able to show up equally in both spaces without guilt but instead coming from a space of love and of service and like I said, creating a structure that works for you.

Seek Inspiration

I’m not bashing systems or other structures. I think that you can go out and you can learn but again you can take inspiration from what other people are doing and you can look at different systems, but make sure that ultimately you mold it into something that works for you. That’s the number one thing.
When it comes to structures, there are different areas where structures are powerful. Basically, within every area of your business, having structures in place is going to be powerful.

No Rigid Structures Please

It’s also of course important to note that they don’t become rigid structures that can’t be changed if they’re not working or if they don’t serve you the way that you thought they would. So it’s about being flexible and able to work within that space of moving things around that don’t work for you.

Personal Example

For example, to give you some examples of structures that we’ve put in place – personally, I have structures in place in terms of my clients. I see one-on-one clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays and then Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are my creation days. It’s the days that I can “take a day off”. It’s the days that I put everything in place that goes out. It’s the day that I take time to go sit at a coffee shop, write in my journal, and drink a coffee.
Then on the Wednesdays and the Thursdays, those are the days where I’m all in. I’m all focused on my clients. I want to say I’m also focused on my clients in terms of they have WhatsApp access to me as well so during the week as well they can do that. So that’s a structure I have in place.

Finding Your Rhythm of Launching

In terms of your launches, finding out the rhythm and the structure that works for you when you’re launching something new. If you have a membership club that’s only opening up two or three times a year, you can find the structure that works for you in terms of that.
The same goes with your products and your services. If you have trainings or online workshops and all of that, making sure that there is a strategy and a structure behind in the way that you deliver it, that can really, really be powerful so you don’t have to come up with something.

Stop forcing yourself to manifest

Because I know that you are a powerful, magnificent manifester. You can probably create things on the fly but why rush when it’s not needed?
Why not give yourself the opportunity to really connect, deeply connect with it, and create it and put it into place and also that way giving your clients and those that you’re here to serve time and space to actually look at what you have and be drawn in rather than having it be like “it’s now” and you’re always behind or you always feel behind and not like you’re on top of things?

Honor Yourself

Again, I want to emphasize that in terms of creating a structure, that it’s important you create a structure that works for you. We “live in a world” where being – personally, I am someone who gets up in the morning and is ready to go once I’ve done my morning practice and so forth.
But other people work better at night or late at night so again it’s about honoring yourself and what works for you when you sit down to find a structure. With this episode, that’s really what I want you take away is that finding a structure that works for you can truly propel you and your business forward because it means that you show up more clearly and that ultimately serves those that you’re here to serve, your clients, and your customers who are here to buy from you.

Share with Me

I would love to hear from you. What is one area in which you think that your business could benefit from structure? Something that you’re struggling with – share it with me in the Comments and I’ll be happy to chime in.

Also, if you’re someone who you know you need more structure in your business and you want to work with someone like me one-on-one, you can go ahead and apply for a free discovery session at Mariasaraphina.com/apply.

That’s what I had for you today. I hope this serves you and I would love for you to share it with a friend who you think could use more structure in their business.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Maria Saraphina

Spiritual Business Coach & Radical Love Rebel

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