Make Time For Your Dreams

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Make Time For Your Dreams – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and welcome to today’s episode in which I want to talk about something that is so very, very important and this goes whether you are just starting out as a soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur or whether you have been in business for a very long while.

The necessity of you making time for your dreams, making time for that which your heart calls you toward.

When I say that, I mean that, for example, let’s say that you’re just starting out in business. You know what area you want to work in and now you’ve started your business and you’ve begun doing the work.

It won’t happen on it’s own

Well, if you have a podcast you’re wanting to start or a book you’re wanting to write or an interview series you’re wanting to do or a launch or campaign or something that you’re being called toward – well, it won’t happen by itself.

There seems to be this notion that if we’re a spiritual soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur, then things are just supposed to happen because we’re connected to God or source or the universe.

So things are supposed to happen.


Well, the thing is, things happen through you. It is through you that things are made manifest.

It is through you that the book comes to life or the program comes to life or the deck of oracle cards or tarot cards comes to life.

It is through you that the book is written. It is through you that, your spoken words, that the podcast is broadcasted.

So it is through you that the world will change and it is also through you and if you choose not to do and if you choose not to make space or time for your dreams to happen, then they simply won’t.

Interconnected, Interwoven, Energetic World

We live in a world where everything is interconnected and interwoven. Everything is energy and you know this. So that means that whatever idea it is that you’ve got, it won’t be lost.

It will be “given” to someone else or someone else may have something similar but there is no one – there is no one who is just like you with the experiences you have had, with the challenges you’ve faced, the obstacles you’ve overcome, the issues you’ve cleared, the healing you’ve done. There’s no one just like you so there’s no one with just your voice.

Choose to make time for your dreams

But if you do not choose to make time for that, then it won’t happen.

I started out by saying that – like if you’re in the beginning of your business, that may be true but it’s also true if you’ve been in business for a while. Maybe you have everything settled. Maybe you have your education, your trainer trainings. You have your programs in place. You have your services in place.

But there’s something that’s calling you.

Something that’s nudging you and what I see is that it can be equally difficult.

If you are someone who’s built a brand or a certain persona or a certain way, then what’s calling you may not look exactly like that. Or maybe it does. Maybe it’s in tune but it won’t happen unless you actually make time for it.

Like I said, that goes whatever it is, whether it be a book or a deck or a new program. Maybe it’s a line of products that you’re wanting to bring forth.

Born through your willingness

There are so many things that can be born through your willingness to inquire, your willingness to listen, and your willingness to “do the work” because that is required as well.

The whole idea that is should be easy – it’s so interesting because me personally, this is where I was at many moons ago.

Meant to serve

I knew that I wanted to be a coach. I knew that I was here to serve people and I also actually from the beginning knew that I wanted to support spiritual business entrepreneurs, people with businesses that perhaps did not lie within the – I don’t want to say “normal” because to me it’s normal – but don’t lie within that which the world deems as normal, don’t lie within the realms of physicality where you can actually feel and touch and sense it with your physical senses but where you have to go within.

I knew that from the beginning but I was hit with so much “shit” that I had to clear and heal and that is how I actually view our purposes. Your soul’s divine purpose, what you came here to do, I see as the most beautiful path of healing, of awakening, of unveiling most of all because everything that you’re looking for is what you already are. You just right now don’t have the eyes to see it or the ears to hear it. That’s my take on things. My belief is that love is the way.

New Year Fast Approaching

So we’re getting closer and closer to the new year and for some reason, that is a time where people take stock and begin to assess their year and what has been going on, where am I at?

Unfortunately, very often, it also happens to be a time of shaming and gaming, shaming and blaming yourself and guilting yourself for not being what you thought you were supposed to be and not having not done what you were supposed to do.

I like to flip it, as always, and use those perhaps painful experiences or whatever’s come up for you as an opportunity for you to reassess, realign, and really go for what you want to create in your life.

Divine Clarity & Inspired Action

If you’re someone who hasn’t already downloaded my Divine Clarity and Inspired Action Guide, I want to encourage you to do that.

It’s a 7-step process that you can do in about an hour or so that will help you first of all clear the downloads that you’ve been getting to ensure that you have everything out in the world and then you can order it and structure it and then you’ll know what next step to take.

Also, I just want to say that whether you and I meet or not ever, whether it be in 1:1, mastermind or group work, I want you to know that you’re here for a purpose.

I know that you know your purpose and I want to encourage you to embrace yourself, shower yourself with love, and just take one step after the next.

You don’t necessarily have to know the full journey or where it leads or ends. Your soul or God knows.

What you need to do is just take the next step and then the next step and then the next step.

If you’re someone who wants to make your dreams a reality, you can.

Pull out your calendar

I encourage you right now to pull out your calendar, block out some time, whether it be 15 minutes a day.

I’ve had clients who when they’re writing a book they committed to writing just an hour a day for the next 40 days.

It can 15 minutes or it can be 10 minutes or it can be a full hour. But commit yourself to actually blocking out the time to making your dreams a reality because it is possible.

I see it in my work every day with those I’m honored to hold space for.

So if you are someone who comes from the space of, “Oh, it should be easy” – like I said, I was. I thought, “Now I know what I’m supposed to do. I know what I’m here for.”

I expected the heavens to open, angels to ascend, rose petals to be strewn, and that was not really my experience. It may be yours. If it is, good for you. It wasn’t for me.

Dark night and rude awakenings

I had to go through some dark nights of my soul and some rough, rude awakenings to get to the space where I am today which is I would say 80/20 percent – 80 percent satisfied, content, fulfilled and 20 percent irritated and annoyed and wanting things to move faster. I am after all an Aries (sun) so patience is probably not ever going to be my fortitude although I have worked on that.

Let me hear from you

So I want to hear from you. Will you carve out time for your dream?

If you feel called to, also share your dream so that we as a community, as a collective can hold space and I can hold space for your dream.

I love you. Take care.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach

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