Spirituality in Business

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Spirituality in Business – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video in which I am going to be talking about spirituality in business and how to integrate spirituality into business and why you should be integrating spirituality into business.

Let’s dive in…

This video was inspired by a live healing circle that I had with my group currently through “Mastery Through Love” which is a 6-week healing journey for spiritual entrepreneurs – soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneurs. It came up because we apparently have a tendency to think of our spirituality as something that is private or personal and business being something completely different.

Separation between business and spirituality

So when you are in your “spirituality,” it’s apparently – I say “apparently” because it’s not what I do anymore and I don’t think that it’s something that I’ve ever done. It’s like there’s this box. This is where you keep your spirituality and all of your practices and all of your rituals and then you have this other box where it’s your business and that’s where I go to business. That’s where I get up early in the morning and I go to work and I sit down and I work.

What’s interesting to me is how many soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneurs don’t really seem to be merging the two. So that is of course what I’m a very strong proponent for that you – to me, that is what we’re here for.

If you are a soul-driven, heart-based entrepreneur, your job whether you are a yoga teacher or selling crystals or a graphic designer or whatever it is you do as your work, merging the worlds of spirit and matter, merging the worlds of heart and mind and bringing those two together – that is what I see you as. That’s what you came for.

I believe that you are the true or we are the true alchemical transformers. That is how we bring light into the darkness. We dissolve the darkness by bringing in the light.

Remove the boxes, merge the worlds

If you choose to think of your business as a box where “this is when I go to work, this is what I do, this is what the experts tell me” and your spirituality is something different, then I think you’re missing out on a huge step and a huge part and a huge potential I would say. I’m not sure if it’s a potential or a possibility for deep, deep satisfaction and joy.

Because it is when we merge those two that we form the whole. That’s when you merge the realm of the divine feminine with the realm of the divine masculine. That’s when you’re bringing the sacred marriage and that’s when you have the “Hallelujah!” That’s when your inner truth becomes aligned with your outer world and when you live, be, and do what you are.

Merging those two – I understand that in our world the way that it’s set up right now can perhaps be difficult because in many places we don’t live in a world that ascribes a lot of value to the spiritual practices quite simply because many have lost their way. It is only to me that when you bring in the core of who you are, whether you believe in God or Source or Divine Mama. Whatever you want to call that source, it is only when you take that source and merge what you are with what you do – like I said, that’s when the miracles occur. That’s when sacred marriage, divine union, that’s when, again, deep satisfaction ensues.

Internal GPS

You carry this source within you always. Whether you are aware of it at the moment, whether you have a current experience of it at the moment or not, you carry that within you always. So using your – I call it the internal GPS. You have an intuitive GPS. You have a connection to source and as you begin to implement that into your business, as you begin to use that in your business, then the options or the possibilities of “what is miracles?” – those are the ones that they seem to come out of the blue.

Things seem to begin to happen, a flow or just occurred. Things don’t just occur. They happen because you have met with your source and you’ve begun taking action. Those two are the ones that “makes things happen” and it also sends out a message not only to the universe or to the world that you’re ready for these things. So when you begin to merge those two then, again like I said, to me that’s when miracles occur and when miracles happen.

How to merge your spirituality with business?

So how do you do that? For me, for example, I am a spiritual business coach. That means I love business in the sense that I love expanding and growing businesses. I love product development. My connection to source is something that’s very strong because I have worked with it. I have given it place.

For example, within my sessions, I remember the first time that I began to allow the messages that I heard or the visions that I saw to come through in session. It was shit scary because I was like, “What are my clients going to think? They’re going to think that I am bat shit crazy.” Pardon my French. They’re going to think I am bat shit crazy and it was vulnerable and it was scary but the reactions that I got from it were so confirming because it made things way better. So now I use my “clair”senses, all of them that I have. Whenever they show up in sessions, that’s how I use them.

You may be doing it differently.

For you, like I said – if you use essential oils or an external tool, use that in your business. You may be a Facebook Ads person. That may be your thing and that may seem very square cut. But if you want to use an essential oil as you sit down and work to connect or if you want to carry a certain crystal – I have crystals in my bra and in my pockets all the time. I often also before going into a session pull a card. So you begin to use that in your business. So the practices that you perhaps right now consider to be personal, start using them in whatever it is that you do in your business.

You’re needed

I want to say this: We need you. I need you. As you expand – to give you an example, me personally, I wouldn’t want to hire someone who is not already using spiritual practices in their business.

By that, what I’m saying is that when I hire someone to do something for me, that is why my graphic designer is someone who is spiritually open and connected. That is why my CPA – yes, my CPA – my accountant, she is someone who is spiritually open and very connected. So when I hire someone for my marketing or for my promotions – anything that I will want to hire for my business, I will want to hire someone who is spiritually connected and open because that’s just the way I vibe.

So if you think that you’re in a profession where, “Oh, I can’t be spiritual” – I’m not saying that you necessarily have to tell the world if you’re not ready for it. I’m just saying if you do and when you do, there will be people who will want that exact service and they will want exactly you because of you standing in your truth, standing in what you believe in, who you are, and showing that clearly to the world so that someone like me can say, “That’s the person that I want.”

With this video, I hope that I have shown you or inspired you to begin to implement whatever practices that it is that you use in your daily rituals to begin to implement them in your business.

It’s not to say that don’t listen to experts, don’t buy programs, don’t buy books and so forth but when you do, make sure that they’re aligned with you. Make sure that you check in.

As I always say, elevate the teachings not the teacher.

Check in with yourself.

I would love to hear from you…

How do you incorporate your spirituality in business whether it be “open” or not?

You may be simply doing it behind the scenes and that’s okay.

I would love to hear from you. Share with me in the Comments below and tell me so that not only I but others can be inspired by you and how you do it and that way we can share it into the world and make sure that the drops that we drop into the water is going to spread across our globe.

Finally, I would love for you to share it with a friend because I believe that this is supposed to go out to as many people as possible. Merge Spirituality and Business.

That is what I have for you today. I love you. Take care.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach

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