Ideas Without Direction

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Ideas Without Direction – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and a very big and a very warm welcome to today’s video.

Today’s video is inspired by something that I very often see in my practice with my clients whether it be in groups, masterminds, or one-on-one. It’s about the frustration that people tell me – and this was actually born out of a client who literally said this, that she felt she had ideas without direction. That is something so very, very common that I see, as I said.

I wanted to dive into that today because I wanted to share the reason behind it and also what you can do about it if that’s where you’re at and also give you some tools or some solutions as to how you can move through it really because there’s no way around it or out of it. It’s about going through it.

A Million Downloads – Divine Masculine not engaged

So if you are someone who is filled with ideas and who constantly gets new ideas but – I tend to call it like “have a million downloads” but don’t really have a direction or you feel a sense of frustration starting to build up because you get all these ideas but nothing really seems to be moving forward.

To me, that is a very, very clear symptom or signal that your divine masculine essence is not activated. He’s not engaged. And when I say divine masculine, as always it’s important to note that I’m not talking about gender. I’m talking about the masculine and the feminine essences that we all carry as well as their shadow aspects that we all carry within. So it’s not outside of yourself; it’s within.

When you have a ton of ideas, that is a signal first of all that you’re connected to your divine feminine essence of gnosis, of knowing, of intuition but that your divine masculine essence of action, of building, of foundation, of doing has not been engaged. Like I said, it’s very, very common and it’s actually very normal. I see it as the next step of your journey.

Heart Cracked Open

If you’re someone like me or the kinds that I see, chances are that at some point in your life you have had some kind of awakening and that has brought you probably to your knees at some point. You’ve gone through one or two or even more “dark nights of your soul.” What that has done is that has cracked you open. It has really opened your heart. It has brought you back into your center, back into your core, back into contact with your divine feminine essence and you’ve probably done a lot of work in healing that connection in getting aligned and being authentic and honest and real and really aligned with your truth.

Once you’ve done that, the ideas start to flow, the ideas of how you can be of service in this world whether it be through services or products or whatever it is that your business or your purpose is in this lifetime. They start to flow. They start to arrive which is a really good sign until it’s not – because you’re so frustrated that nothing seems to happen and nothing seems to be moving forward. But like I said, it’s a very normal step and it’s a matter of “moving through it” because it’s simply the next step.

Patriarchal and Shadow based conditioning

So we have been conditioned in our world to do in a certain way and that way of doing is the way of the patriarchal shadow of both masculine and feminine way. It’s rooted in abuse. It’s rooting in forcing, in pushing, in coercing. As you probably can feel, those are not very nice areas to be working from. As you have made the journey back, as you’ve connected with your divine feminine essence, doing from that space becomes unaligned. There is a discord. It’s out of resonance for you and so you cannot bring yourself to do in that way that you’ve been used to.

Furthermore, you don’t want to because you know from deep within that it’s not right to be doing it that way. You know instinctively and intuitively that there is another way and there is and that is the way of the divine masculine which is supporting you, which is taking inspired action, which is coming from a place of service, of wanting rather than needing.

Activating Your Divine Masculine Essence

So your journey or your work, if that’s where you’re at, is really about connecting with “him” and probably also abandoning a lot of the belief that you have about the way that things are supposed to be done. It’s also probably about abandoning how much you think you need to get done in a certain time because that’s not in the realm of divine feminine nor divine masculine. That can be really, really hard because the patriarchal, archaic, shadow-based society that we live in and the world that we live in, that’s not the norm. Stepping outside of that is not the norm so a lot of limiting beliefs and fears and worries and doubts can come up.

Rise of The Divine Masculine

The thing is, and that’s what I see – I’ve seen it both within my own journey and I see it within the journeys of my clients is that if you do not choose to go through the awakening or the rise of your divine masculine essence as well, the only thing it will lead to is frustration and irritation and most likely depression in some sort. It’s like in mild forms because you will be angry. You’ll get upset and frustrated really that you can’t seem to be bringing forth that which you’re here to birth.

Like I said, it’s very normal. It’s very common. It’s what I see. What I also see and what I also know is that there is another way and in the work that I do, I see what happens when we begin to take those gentle steps, when we begin to move forward perhaps “slower” than you’re used to. But if you take one step at a time, day by day by day, you will get to where you want to go. You don’t have to rush it or force it or coerce it as the shadow aspect of your masculine essence is perhaps pushing upon you.

Three Ways of Support

Now if this is where you’re at, I’ve got three ways I can help you…

Divine Clarity & Inspired Action

First of all, if you haven’t already, I have my Divine Clarity and Inspired Action Guide. It’s a guide that takes you through a process of making sure that all of the downloads that you’re receiving, you’ll go through them. You’ll use post-it notes. You’ll sort through them and then you’ll be engaging your divine masculine essence as well, setting yourself up to – I don’t want to call it success. But you are going to be making action steps you can actually take as you do this process that – the Divine Clarity Inspired Action (DCIA) Guide, I call it. It’s free. You can get it on my website. It’s probably underneath this video or there’s a link to it underneath this video.

minimize stress maximize joy

The thing I will say about this: If you’re doing the Divine Clarity and if you’re doing this on your own, then I will encourage you to cut down your to do lists to like a maximum of three things per day. Because whether or not you and I have met, I know that you’re a smart cookie and I know that if you put three things on your list, chances are that those three things can actually be expanded to about a hundred things.

So I would like for you when you start to really cut it back, like maybe even just say, “I’m going to do one thing a day” because again, like I said, chances are that that one thing doesn’t just include like writing one post or creating one page or one image. Chances are there’s a lot of different tasks involved in that. So what I want you to do is I want you to give yourself the opportunity to feel accomplished and successful and celebrate what you have done and I’m not saying that you’re only going to be doing three things every day for the rest of your life.

But I am saying start by cutting it back, feel your success, accomplishments, and let the love within you expand. That’s what I call expanding from a space of love and thus dissolving your fears. So that’s totally free. It’s one my website, like I said probably underneath this video or you will find a link.


The second thing I want to encourage you to do is consider joining a mastermind. My own mastermind, The Magdalene Rising Mastermind, starts in mid-January and our focus is basically on taking and healing and activating and engaging your divine masculine essence as well as your divine feminine so that those two are united in sacred marriage. Again, there will be a link beneath this video. If you want to join the waitlist for that, you can go ahead and do that.

Join me in Sacred Sessions

The final thing that you can do is of course to work one-on-one with someone like me or someone else. It doesn’t really matter. You can’t underscore the importance or the value of working one-on-one with someone because you can get personalized, direct, specific attention to your things as they come up. I offer free discovery calls for those who apply and I invite you to apply. I want to say that my discovery calls are not sales calls. I think it’s sad that it needs to be said because apparently within our industry, there is a lot of forced sales within those.

Not a Sales Call

So my discovery calls are not sales calls. They are real sessions. You come into the session. You experience what it is to be working with someone like me or with me actually and you get notes and the recording and everything just as if it was a “real” session. I fully trust that whether or not we’re supposed to work together, that will be made very, very clear to both of us within the space of that session.

When we’ve done the session, again there’s no forced sale. You will leave. I will actually encourage you to take your time to sit with what has happened so that you can make a heart-based, soul-driven, informed decision as to whether or not you want to continue our collaboration.

So those are the three ways that you can start by engaging and activating your divine masculine essence. I will also be including some links to other podcast episodes I’ve done and some articles as well. You can find them in the show notes and the article accompanying this video.

Finally, I would love to hear from you. How have you experienced – how do you experience the situation of ideas without direction? What does it bring up for you? What are your frustrations? How can I serve? If you would leave me a comment below, I am more than happy to reply and see if I can support you in some way.

So that is what I have for you today.

I love you and take care.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach

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