What is met by Love can be seen

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What is Met by Love can be seen – Transcript

Hello, Radiant One and welcome to today’s video or inspiration.

The inspiration for today’s video came from the stillness within. As I sat this morning and I was asking within requiring what to bring forth, the quote, “What is met by love can be seen” arose and at first I wasn’t sure what it was for. I knew it was profound because it is.

There is such a deep resonance and such a deep truth in those words. But as I sat with it and really let it seep through my pores, I realized that that is what I wanted to bring into your space and our space today…

Blind Rage?

I’m sure that you’ve heard the phrase or the quote “blind fury” or “blind rage” but have you ever really realized that that is actually what happens?

When we – we can get so triggered and so affected by external circumstances that we’re propelled or fueled into this blind fury and blind rage where we are not only seeing but our vision is being “removed” or taken away, even though it’s ourselves that are doing it.

Seeing with love

So there is this deep source, this deep connection, this deep knowing that you have within you always. For me and for others, that point is called love or that is what I call love and when you are able to meet whatever comes up for you, whether it be internally or externally in your life, whether it be personally or professionally, with love, then you’re actually able to see deeper.

In my experience what happens as you expand and continually choose to be willing to see things through the eyes of “love” your seeing expands from being seen with your physical eyes into a vision into an ability to see with your inner eye instead.

What that means is that you’re able to – I don’t want to say detect but you’re able to connect with people on a completely different level knowing that they will be seen and heard and met.

There is such a deep resonance and such a deep satisfaction in being able to see beyond the external appearances. Again, like I said, that goes whether it be in personal life or it be in your professional life.

One example in a professional life if you have a business is that in terms of negotiations where you can very easily make it into being a trigger for you that you are negotiating and it can actually become very personal.

However, if you’re able to see from the space of love within and expand your vision and come into the space where this is not about me taking something from you or you taking something from me but it’s actually a dance, then you raise it to a higher level.

Don’t suppress nor ignore feelings or emotions

Now as always what I mean by – what is meant by “love can be seen” is not an excuse to suppress or ignore any emotions of frustration or anger.

Quite the contrary.

Anger can be a very, very powerful tool or fuel for boundaries, for saying no, for sticking up for yourself, for saying yes to the right things, and so forth.

So it’s not about if you have those emotions that are rising.

I call it “holy anger” because I see it as a powerful tool really in clearing yourself of that which is out of resonance and which is not in accord with your truth, with your values, with your real beliefs, with your core really.

Acknowledge and meet it and yourself with love

So what I would invite you to do if that’s the case – because there are times when we find ourselves in those moments of anger and heated argument and so forth.

However, I want to encourage you and inspire you to perhaps look at that with love and rather than bash yourself for being angry, acknowledge yourself for feeling your feelings and maybe yes, maybe there are times when it’s out of place and maybe you’ll have to go back and apologize and I know that I’ve had to.

But it’s important to start by acknowledging yourself for being willing to see and then meet yourself with love, even meeting that anger with love.

Lifting the “veils”

So know “that things are met with love can be seen” also means when you say that or if you say that you are willing to see, that means that you are able to lift the veils. There are times when I feel and others do but feel blinded, not by rage or anger but simply unable – sensing that there is something deeper but unable to see.

One of the things that I like to do in that case is simply ask. Say, if you believe in God or whatever deity you believe in, you can say, “Please open my eyes so that I might see” or “Dear God, I am willing to see. Please open my eyes.”

There are different ways of doing that, and then letting it go and what will happen is that eventually it can be in a day or an hour or later, a realization will happen or an epiphany will happen or a revelation will happen where what you were unable to see before, you will now be able to see and that is because you chose to come from a space of love, of being willing to see.

That is what I have for you today.

Let me hear from you…

I would love to hear from you how love has strengthened your vision and your seeing. I would love to hear if you have any experiences of how it had served you in either your personal life or your professional life in your business.

Thank you. I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach

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