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The Magdalene Voices, Ke'oni Hanalei, Fern Medicine, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator

Maria Saraphina in Sacred Conversation with Ke’oni Hanalei.

Fern medicine – up until the end of March/beginning of April I had no clue there was such a thing… that is until I found Ke’oni Hanalei from Pō

While I have long since realised that much bigger forces than I, am at play in this, our magnificent Universe, I am, none the less, still amazed when the threads are woven right before my very eyes.

When I was nudged (or rather heavily encouraged by my guides) to buy ferns and soon thereafter like following breadcrumbs discovered Ke’oni I had no idea the revelation it would become. A revelation you’ll hear all about in this episode.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you will hear Ke’oni share the ancient wisdom of Fern Medicine. Joining with him for this transmission was pure joy as you will see from our giggles and laughter. You will see Ke’oni’s incredible spirit shining through and I pray it may serve you.

In this episode you will hear Ke’oni share:

  • What ferns are.
  • What makes ferns so powerful.
  • How fern medicine can support you in your healing and awakening.
  • His personal story and journey..
  • – and much, much more…

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More about Ke’oni Hanalei

Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian alchemist, botanist, and cultural practitioner born and raised on the island of Maui. Upon birth he was hanai’d (adopted) by his grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, who was a well known and recognized kahuna, or Hawaiian spiritual healer.

Ke’oni became entrusted with ancient Hawaiian and Mu secrets from his grandmother who had a premonition that he would disclose those secrets to the world when the time was “hemolele,” or perfect.

Born under a full moon in Scorpio, this sun sign Aquarian has always leaned towards understanding the nature of things and the inner order of the human condition.

As an alchemist and botanist, he owns and operates Pōhala, a line of nourishing and enriching esoteric medicines, oils, teas and other products made from native Hawaiian botanicals.

His specialty is focused on endemic and indigenous Hawaiian Ferns which, as told by the ancient Hawaiian people, carry the pure codes to human emotions which he has termed “The Principles of Aloha.”

Find Ke’oni Hanalei and his powerful fern medicine here:
The Magdalene Voices, Ke'oni Hanalei, Fern Medicine, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator

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