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Mariaestela – The Divine Essences and Their Shadow Aspects.

Understanding your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Essence as a Souldriven, heart based entrepreneur and Magdalene Rising as well as their Shadow Aspects can lead to deep revelation, healing and transformation.

Across our globe the essence of the Divine Feminine is rising and I believe that the call of that rise is also a call for the Divine Masculine to rise in union with her.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you will hear me share:

  • The 4 polarities aka the Divine Feminine Essence, the Divine Masculine Essence and their Shadow Aspects.
  • My own personal revelations.
  • Why activating both your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essence is crucial.
  • How the Shadow Aspects are not bad and how working with them can be deeply healing and transformative.
  • – and much, much more…

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More about Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator for Soulful Entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising.

I am here to help facilitate and catalyze the expression of your soul‘s purpose in your life and business.

As a mentor for soulful entrepreneurs I hold a sacred space for truth, honesty, love and expansion from within. So that you may experience the liberation of what binds you, heal what holds you, transform what tears at you, reclaiming what was never lost and expanding purposefully into your true self.

Find out more about me here.

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