The Magdalene Voices

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The Magdalene Voices, Tash Mitch, Divine Embodiment, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentoring

Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Tash Mitch.

When Tash and I joined for our Sacred Conversation I had no clue as to why I’d been called to invite her in, only that I’d been nudged for a while, so I followed guidance.

What transpired was the most beautiful and soulfully deep transmission on divine embodiment…

There were time during the time we spent together when I would look at Tash and see the Goddess radiating through her and I hope this episode of The Magdalene Voices will serve you well.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you will hear Tash and I talk about:

  • Divine embodiment, what it means and is.
  • Separation of human and divine.
  • Tash’s deepening into her own divinity.
  • Praying to something “up in the sky”.
  • The Big Divide.
  • How the divine essence is rooted within us as a seed.
  • how to meet the divinity all around us.
  • How you activate your divine seed.
  • Why you need to shut up and quiet your mind.
  • Revelations.
  • Why surrendering to the unknown is key.
  • The 6 point star.
  • The lack vibration Tash sees.
  • The 5 portals and their inner aspect.
  • How divinity expresses itself in many forms.
  • Why it’s important for us to cultivate the different aspects of ourselves in order for divinity to meet us.
  • Opening yourself up to the dissolution of boundaries.
  • How the work we do becomes foundational for those who come after.
  • Offering our ancestors a different story.
  • Healing our ancestral lines and those around us.
  • How embodiment of a frequency becomes cellular.
  • The undoing, unveiling and relearning.
  • The mirroring, reflection and triggering – opportunities for healing and learning.
  • Embracing yourself as a healer and holder of a frequency.
  • The fear of being ostracised for being who you are.
  • – and much, much more…

Mentioned in this episode

The 6 point star
The 6 point star, The Magdalene Voices, Tash Mitch, Divine Embodiment, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor

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More about Tash Mitch

Tash is an Energy Alchemist, mixing life and business coaching together with energy medicine in order to help her clients gain crystal clarity around what they stand for, the gifts they offer in the world, what they value most, and what they want to create and manifest.

She holds space for people to discover and recover who they are on a very deep level and gain the confidence to stand fully in their unique power and blueprint.

Tash also works with people to bring this grounded and empowered aspect of themselves into the world through their business, their message and the service they offer in the world.

She is a writer, speaker and intuitive and uses these skills to unearth the treasures hidden deep within the core of you, bringing you home to yourself as a Sacred and Divine being.

Find Tash here:


The Magdalene Voices, Divine Embodiment, Tash Mitch, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentoring

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