The Illusion of Overnight Success.

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Being deep in the depths of a patriarchal society dominated by the Shadow Masculine and Shadow Feminine Aspects we seem to live in a world that thrives on get rich quick schemes, 5 easy steps to anything and the illusion of overnight success.

Yes, illusion.

The idea of overnight success is an illusion designed to keep you stuck in your seat, never taking action, nor breaking out of your mold or expanding and stretching yourself beyond the confines of your current being and doing.

Holding you back from what your heart is calling forth.

We’ve been conditioned to seeing the apparent success of someone and immediately make the conclusion that it somehow has happened overnight, in the blink of an eye, with total ease and grace and now their lives have been made. 4eva!

But here’s the truth…

Obstacles and Challenges are part of the journey

I do not know of a single entrepreneur however big or small, who will not tell you that getting to where they are, have been a long and winding journey filled with obstacles and challenges, uncertainties and worries, perhaps even fear and doubt.

Their journey has required of them to expand themselves beyond what they most likely ever thought possible all but for one reason…

Within themselves they’ve had an undeniable, unwavering calling beckoning, leading and demanding of them to bring to it life.

Whether that calling leads them to build a multi-million or billion dollar company with loads of employees, a one woman show with hired help or something in between.

They, as you, carry the seeds of magnificent ideas, that, when brought to life, will support the world in its awakening, healing and transformation. Whether they be spiritual or not.

Because as human beings we are the embodiment of Spirit. Spirit in form.

As a souldriven, heart based entrepreneur myself as well as a Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator holding space for the anchoring and birthing of these magnificent seeds for my clients in 1:1 sessions, I not only see but experience the hard work that’s required.

Hour and hours and hours of work. Hours of writing, putting together programs and services, creating products, testing formulas, holding space for clients, teaching and speaking. Hours of researching, investigating. Hours of learning, gaining experience, continuously perfecting your craft and skills. Hours of marketing, selling and delivering.

Hours of sometimes grueling work.

I am not trying to deter you

It may sound like I am trying to deter you from continuing doing what you love.

I am not.

Let go of the guilt

Instead I want to give you the truth so that you may move forward with an open heart and mind and support you in letting go of the guilt, shame, frustration, jealousy and anger, that may arise when you see in the world, what appears to be an overnight success.

So you can let love lead and allow yourself to create, do and be from a heart centred, souldriven, uplifting space rather than constantly dragging yourself through the mud and into a space where creativity and source cannot breathe, nor live.

  • Allow yourself to be free of feeling like a failure because you haven’t made it “yet”.
  • Allow yourself to be free of thinking that your particular idea is too small or too simple.
  • Allow yourself to be free of the idea that what your heart is calling you to is somehow not valid nor worthy.

Do not ignore

If you know me, you know that I do not ascribe to suppressing nor ignoring glaringly obvious issues. If somethings off or wrong, you work to heal and clear it.

That is not what this is about. It’s about asking yourself what will serve you the most. Because you have that choice.

You can choose connecting deeply with your idea, adding action and allowing yourself to be fuelled by love, desire and fulfilment, or be pulled down or back by thoughts of inadequacy, not enough’ness or never making it.

What you see in an “overnight success” is usually I repeat, the result of many, many hours spent working, learning, researching, gaining experience, trying, failing and re-trying over and over again.

Of beautiful souls pouring the blood, sweat and tears into their calling.

Commitment and dedication

I have the ultimate blessing of many of my clients returning to me again and again when they are ready to be held through yet another expansion of their businesses and themselves. What that means, is that I, get to follow them for years. Both when we work together, and when we don’t. At times I get to watch from the inner chambers of their businesses, at other times from the sidelines.

What I see are beautiful, radiant souls, deeply committed to their work. Committed to both the magical, miraculous as well as mundane work it takes bringing that to life, which you are here to birth.

The work of weaving the world of Spirit and Matter. Downloading the Gnosis of your Divine Feminine Essence and letting your Divine Masculine anchor it in, adding action and build it. Dance with the two in Sacred Union.

I also get to see and hold space for when the Shadow Aspects show up, ready to be seen, heard and met. Healed and transformed so that you once again can expand further, reach wider and embrace more.

I get to watch them grow and expand into the reality that they are calling forth. I get to watch them build it from within.

Building from within

Build from within being the key point.

Because everything starts within and expands from that space.

You have a calling, a nudge, an idea that simply won’t go away.

It may scare you.
May frighten you.

But more-so it fills you with elated excitement and deep desire making your heart pound, stomach flutter and blood rushing throughout your veins. It may shorten your breath with overwhelm but most of all, you feel it vibrating within every fibre of your being, beckoning you to bring it to life.

If this is you, I can help – check out what Spiritual Business Coaching can do for you.

Labour of love

The funny thing is that, as soon as you experience that success, you quickly forget about all of the hard work. I imagine it must be the same as when you, after hours of labour, see your newborn baby. All of the pain, fear and trouble evaporates like dew under a rising sun.

I, see this over and over again with my clients.

  • Once your book has been published you forget all of the hours spent you worrying whether you’d ever get it finished and published.
  • Once your program is launched and people start signing up you forget all of the time you spent scared that no-one would ever sign up.
  • Once your app is in the app store you forget all of the hesitations and considerations, all of the gruelling decisions that felt like life and death.
  • Once your studio is open and you hold your first classes your forget your body aching from having worked and worked to get it ready.
  • Once your new service has been announced all of the challenges of writing it, creating it, designing it seem to just disappear.

New reality

Instead something new arises. As it is bound to in an ever expanding Universe.

You have entered a new reality.

A reality that you have created and built from within based upon the sacred contracts you entered eons ago. The Calling that became your dreams and then goals.

But even then, it’s easy to get lulled into the egos idea of “overnight success”.

Birth of a signature program

Just recently I held space for the birth of the signature program for one of my dear clients. A program pulling together everything that she’d learned and lived over the past many years. She sweated over the sales page and text. Worried that no one would sign up. Poured her heart and soul into it, and opened the doors…

Within the span of 24 hours, 11 people had signed up for a 400$ program and when we joined in session she was euphoric and thrilled (as was I) to the point of me having to remind her, that this was not an “overnight success” nor had this happened “by chance” or been easy.

She brought this to life.

By way of her following her inner calling and adding action to it.

By taking one step after the next while sometimes taking deep breaths and staying connected with her gnosis. She also, and to me, this is crucial, allowed herself to be supported throughout by me. By showing up in sessions with honesty, vulnerability and all of her worries, fears and frustrations – allowing me to support her in the healing and transformation of them. Making her stronger, more empowered and clear.

I hope I with this article have given you the same relief that my clients experience in our sessions.

Relief knowing that you are a magnificent being, doing all of what you can. You are not behind, too late or failing.

You are learning.
You are growing.
You are expanding.

Want powerful transformation and an expansion of your business?

Apply for your free discovery session here.

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

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