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The Magdalene Voices, Sound Healing & Vibration, Nicole Casteel, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor

Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Nicole Casteel

Vibrational Healer Nicole Casteel was pushed into my lap by the Magdalenes via Instagram.

As it usually is when the mysteries are at play, I didn’t, at first, know why – only that I felt called and responded to the resonance I felt.

Later it became obvious that she was meant to join me in Sacred Conversation on The Magdalene Voices and was equal parts thrilled and surprised, as I am with all of my beautiful guests, when she said yes.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices Nicole shares her awakening journey, how she lives with the Order of the Magdalenes, how they work through her and finally she shares the most beautiful sound healing with us.

This episode is a walk into the dark depths of soul and I pray that it may serve you.

In this episode you will hear Nicole and I talk about:

  • How Magdalene showed up for Nicole.
  • Unlearning and re-initiation.
  • Why only fully surrendering will do.
  • The necessity of coming to own your power from a place of source not ego.
  • Nicole experience of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and their daughter Sar’a.
  • The channelling of Mary Magdalene and the Magdalenes
  • The Order of the Magdalene and The Magdalene Council.
  • What the path of a Priestess is.
  • The Sacred Marriage and Divine Union.
  • The importance of compassion.
  • The rise of the Divine Feminine is at the same time a call for the Divine Masculine.
  • How vibration and sound is the medicine of the future.
  • Why the idea of “low vibe” is off and what our functions are.
  • – and much, much more…

PLUS! Nicole graces us with the most beautiful healing using her singing bowls and voice to awaken the root, heart and third eye.

Mentioned in this episode

  • Soul Adventure w. Lisa Fabrega
  • Violetta Pleshakova – you can find her episode on The Magdalene Voices here and visit her on her website here.

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More about Nicole Casteel

Nicole is a Vibrational Healer, Facilitator of Soul Medicine, and a Channel for Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Sound.

She has been re-membering herself, and gathering many medicines for some time (and many lifetimes). Her work includes shamanic medicine, sound and vibrational healing, energy work, womb wisdom, plant medicine and integrative coaching. She guides women to remember, embody, and channel their own soul medicine, empowering them to bring that to meet the world.

Nicole walks with her clients on a mystical journey of healing. That journey is a deep walk with the Goddess, an unraveling of past pain, an awakening of the heart, and an uncovering of the soul’s song.

Her work is deeply rooted in healing ancestral wounds, grief, trauma around activating the voice, using the voice as a tool for healing, getting back to our wild nature and uniting separation between the inner Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

She believes in the medicine of Wholeness, and journeying into integration of all that we are. She stands for those that are here to bring a new Way; The Way of Divine Love. She is an advocate for their voice, for their journey to wholeness, and for them to BEcome who they truly are. She stands for awakening magic, bringing Heaven to Earth, and she knows that it is our own healing and “Wholing” that allows us to become the walking medicine we came here to be.

Find Nicole here:

The Magdalene Voices, Sound Healing & Vibration, Nicole Casteel, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor
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